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Best Tortilla?

17 July 2014 - 11:51 AM

I am at a loss. I have tired a number of gluten-free tortillas but they all fall short. They either dry up and are brittle when warmed or they are very chewy.


I DO love corn tortillas and will eat those as well but sometimes, well, a good "flour" tortilla is the best fit for a dish. 


Suggestions? Oh, and I am in Canada so we don't have some products that they have in the states.

Grain Brain

15 July 2014 - 01:57 PM

I am curious if anyone here has read this book by David Perlmutter. I am wondering what your opinion is of what he has written and the conclusions he has drawn. 



Ontario - Bill 75

02 January 2014 - 05:34 AM

I might be late to the party with this post.  ;)  I was on the Ontario legislature site looking for another bill when I noticed Bill 75, the Act to amend the Health Insurance Act with respect to celiac disease screening. It seems it passed its first reading in the spring. 


Here is a link:




In short, from what I can tell, if the bill is passed it will have the celiac screening panel and testing as a paid portion of OHIP and other insurance plans. 


Not sure what is currently happening with this bill. My guess is, because it is the government, that it will be a while before it moves to any other reading. Legislature reconvenes in February. 



Just wanted to share. 




Enterolab Or Alternative Lab?

20 November 2013 - 10:57 AM

First off, thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and reply.  :P


Anyway, I am thinking of getting some sort of "diagnoses". I really do NOT want to get out there and eat a whack load of gluten as I have been gluten-free since April. Hence the reason I don't want a standard blood test.  I already KNOW that I am, at the very least, NCGS. I don't really need the dx to tell myself that I shouldn't eat gluten. However, I DO feel it would be nice to have at least something solid so I can say to others, "hey, I am NCGS" as per dx. You know? I just feel that some of the eyerollers might finally get it. You know? I mean, hey, if I had diabetes no one would doubt me (or any of us) but for some reason gluten sensitivities or celiac is perceived, by NON-gluten sensitive people, as a 'popular' thing to have.  :rolleyes:  It's utterly ridiculous that we have to "prove" something like this. 


I hope I am making sense with my line of reasoning. I am typically not someone who particularly cares what others think but food affects soooo much in life. EVERY social gathering is food-related. Every family dinner is food-related. Every time you pass the sample table at Costco and someone says to you, "oh, it's just a sample" is food-related. And it all gets to a point where you want to shake the other people who do not "get it". I guess I just want something that I can point to as proof of my suspicions. 


Anyway, does anyone have a recommended lab outside of Enterolab? Or does everyone still have faith in Enterolab and their testing? Also, what test would you chose to get? There are many. 



Increased Sensitivity As Time Passes

23 July 2013 - 01:34 PM

Just wondering if this is normal (if there can be any "normal" with NCGS or Celiac  ;) ). Did your sensitivity to gluten increase with time?


I have been on a GFjourney  since April 1st with an increasing of cutting out all wheat and gluten from my diet. I found that in the beginning I was fine if I just didn't eat actual bread products. So, for example, a wee bit of soy sauce was fine. I could even handle a small tortilla. Then the tortillas were out as I reacted to them. And now the soy sauce.


Is this normal?


It's been almost four months now since I started this journey.