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uncle russ

Member Since 20 Jun 2013
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In Topic: Sodium Nitrates

20 June 2013 - 01:47 PM

I am currently being tested for Celiacs due to some major Gi diseases and ran across this on Tyramine...It gives me blinding Migrains to the point I end up in the ER getting shots just to stop the pain...I have to keep track of what I eat because the migrain happens with 24 to 48 hrs of me eating what ever triggered it.....This last bout couldnt for the life of me figure out what I had eatin ....Come to find out I started eating Yogurt....I cannot eat Hotdogs any kind of processed lunch meats cheeses Dark choclate ( milk choc is ok ) chinese foods anything in the cereals with Cocoa...Its a pain in the butt so this thing with celiacs really doesnt surprise me due to how sick I get when I eat the things listed above I am almst thankful that may be what it is just so I can possibly get relief with my stomach issues I have Barretts and and Severe IBD with intestinal bleeding...I am having my second endo and colonoscopy done this Monday to see if it has gotten worse....its been 3 years since my diagnosis of Barretts and IBD and not once have they ever said hey you may be affected by what your eating...I cut out all spicy foods and things that might set off the pain and issues and no getting better.....I just hope this is the answer becuase eating shouldnt be a burden...Anyway that is my little story with what tyramine does and a little more info If it makes your head hurt and feel horrible keep track of what it is and avoid it Hopefully if it is celiacs which they say most likely it is then I can learn to eat food that doesnt make me double over in pain and live in the bathrooms

You can eat all the meats , potaotos  vegies,  you can hold.  read labels,  for wheat . malt, barley rye, and probably oats.

In Topic: Don't Know What To Do. Negative Testing But Still Have Problems!

20 June 2013 - 01:40 PM

I have had stomach issues since I was 10. (I'm 19 now) Nausea, vomiting ocassionally, diarreah, constipation, my whole gut is sore to the touch, etc.

Dr. originally said it was stress. Then acid reflux. Nothing helped meds wise.

Well, these symptoms recently (last few months) got very bad, and I also found out my grandma's sister and all her children had celiacs.

I had an allergy testing, and I am allergic to virtually nothing. Just trees.

I got an endoscopy and colonoscopy last week, and they are saying everything is perfect. Blood work, biopsies, all of it. No problems.

Now here is my problem. I cannot eat much of anything without getting sick, so I went ahead and tried gluten free cereal and pasta. No problems. I ate Cheerios yesterday, and had terrible stomach cramps and gas within 5 minutes. Had a cheese danish the day before and was nauseated all day. I have also been getting headaches and migranes almost every day to some degree. Sometimes after eating something with gluten.

The GI insisits that it cannot be gluten. It's IBS. Is it possible to have negative testing and still have celiacs or a gluten issue?

your cherios may have  malt in them,  which is from barley and has gluten.  A small amount may be all it takes. watch for maltonese or something like that also.

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