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Member Since 23 Jun 2013
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Topics I've Started

Question About Ttg Iga

01 March 2014 - 07:42 AM

My daughter, 16, was having some extreme fatigue and the doc ran some tests and found her ferritin level to be only 3. I talked him into some tests for celiac since I am suspicious of celiac in myself. Her tTG IGA was 8.6. According to the lab value less than 20 is negative. I have seen other labs say less than 4 is negative and that 8.6 would be a weak positive. Can anyone shed some light on the difference in lab interpretations? We just don't have any explanation for such a low ferritin level in her. Thanks for your help!

Thoughts On These?

03 February 2014 - 11:26 AM

I posted several months back about myself and concern over possible celiac. I still don't have any definitive answers from a doctor but I DO know for certain that gluten is my enemy :)

Now I have some concerns about a rash that my daughter has. It is different than the rash I have but it's widespread and terribly itchy for her. Wondering if y'all could give me your thoughts on some pics :)




This rash in the pics is her back and just above her rear end. She also has this rash on her stomach, around the underarms on the back side, and on her forearms and elbows. She has an appointment with a dermatologist in 10 days but thought I would ask you real experts first! I don't want to mention the possibility of DH if the doc is gonna think I'm nuts. I just have this gut feeling about her. She is one of my children who threw about after going back on gluten after a gluten free trial. Thanks for any help y'all can offer :)

Question About Break Outs...

10 August 2013 - 02:46 PM

Hello!  Quick question, hopefully ;)  I have not been diagnosed with DH, but am very suspicious of it.  Started with a strange rash, went gluten free and rash went away.  Went back to eating gluten and it came back and I have had new bumps each day since going back to eating gluten.  I had one cluster that I recently posted pics of which was far more severe than any others have been.  I am still eating gluten but over the last few days really haven't noticed anything new.  Does this happen with DH?  Can you break out with new bumps every day for over a month and then stop for a few days, weeks, etc?

Dh? What Do You Guys Think?

06 August 2013 - 05:47 AM

Here are three photos of my rash. This is worse than what I usually get. This is the progression over a couple of days. The first pic is what it looked like when I woke up Saturday morning. The second pic is from Sunday afternoon and the last is from this morning. This particular area has been far more itchy than what I usually deal with. Usually I just have a few small bumps in clusters and random single ones that go away rather quickly. Just looking for opinions. My GI doc has ordered blood tests but I haven't had them done yet as I don't have insurance.




New Here! The Short Version Of My Story :)

19 July 2013 - 05:48 AM

Hello everyone!  I have been reading over this wonderful forum and have been so blessed by the information and support here!  I'm a 40 year old mama of 10....no that is not a typo :) My 10th child was born almost 8 weeks early when surgery for a perforated colon left me waking up to full blown labor (which they initially thought before surgery was a ruptured appendix...couldn't really tell what was going on because of my big pregnant uterus)!!  They removed about a foot of my intestines and told me it looked like Crohn's disease.  I had been suspicious of something like Crohn's for about four years but had ignored my symptoms, which had come on very suddenly after the birth of my 7th child.  I started having problems with loose stools.


Fast forward to a couple of months after my perforated colon and I started suspecting some gluten intolerance in some of my children.  I have one autistic child, one who is kinda quirky, one who has overdramatic anger outburts, one who has fallen way off his growth curve, a 15 year old who has an unexplained ferritin level of 3, a few with terrible eczema etc etc.  I also started developing this new rash of my own on my elbows and forearms.  The rash is somewhat itchy but not terrible...looks almost like bites.  We went gluten free for about two weeks.  My rash cleared up right away and I really got suspicious for celiac.  So back to eating gluten we went so that we could pursue some testing especially since during this time my 15 year old was found to have the low ferritin level.  The morning after we had our first meal with gluten, I woke up with the rash.  Two of my kids threw up.  Those same two have not really felt like themselves since going back on gluten...headaches, dizziness etc.


I guess my questions are 1) Could this rash be DH if it isn't intensely itchy? 2) Am I imagining that my kids throwing up, the headaches, the dizziness etc are from gluten after only a two week break from gluten?  I'm getting ready to have a celiac panel done.  My GI agreed to order it no questions asked so I feel fortunate!!  I'm sure I will have more questions but figured I would start with this.  Sorry if this post sounds scatter brained...did I mention I have 10 kids? :D

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