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Confused About Casein

20 February 2011 - 09:31 PM

After being gluten free for nearly 6 years, it turns out that I'm still having problems absorbing vitamins and found out that I don't absorb zinc or folic acid, along with my malabsorption of B12. It caused a sluggish thyroid, among other problems. It might be that I have a problem with dairy. After a 3-month trip to China, my digestion improved ten-fold and I realized that I don't consume milk products there, aside from chocolate. So I cut most dairy from my diet and my digestion improved, though I'm not yet sure about the malabsorption. But I'm confused as to the root of the problem. My main symptom with dairy appears to be constipation- but I'm having severe fatigue issues as well (though that might be my battle with the thyroid.)

I suppose my main questions are:

1. Can casein cause a similar immunological reaction in the same way gluten would for Celiacs (meaning only needs to be absorbed into my bloodstream) or is it more like an intolerance and must go through my digestive tract?

2. My sublingual vitamins use lactose as a binder. Is it possible to separate lactose from casein?

I suppose I'm just confused about why Celiacs go on a casein-free diet to begin with if it doesn't cause a similar immune response. Is it merely an intolerance or is it something a little more sinister? I have several other food intolerances but they don't usually bother me unless I eat a lot of it. But I only need to lick an envelope with gluten on it to get sick.

I'm confused! Help!

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