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In Topic: Want Muscle Without Losing Weight

29 June 2013 - 07:46 AM

One of the keys to building mass is nutrition - you need to consume enough calories in the correct form.  Lots of protein and veggies with just enough carbs thrown in for energy.  I've been lifting for about a year and my progress stalled...did some research and realized I wasn't consuming nearly enough calories.  The more muscle to gain, the more calories (even at rest) you burn.  Also, if your goal is mass, you're going to have to cut back on the amount of cardio you're doing.  Definitely keep doing some (especially if you significantly increase your calorie intake), but if you run 30 miles a week, you won't see the bulk you want.  As far as gaining a lot of muscle without the gym, that's a tough one.  You could start with a standard set of dumbbells or resistance bands, but you won't make much progress if you keep lifting the same weight over time.  Since you mentioned having access to your college gym, I would take full advantage of that.  I recently began using workouts from bodybuilding.com and they have really helped (great nutritional advice on there as well - of course, make your gluten-free adjustments).  A year ago I was a tall, super skinny woman with no muscle tone.  In the last 5 months, I've gained a ton of muscle and can now almost legpress my body weight (5'9" 135lbs).  I try to increase weight every third workout on a particular muscle group, but go up weight slowly and only if I can keep proper form.  If you can tolerate whey, it's the best protein to buy (and usually tastes the best).  Make sure you find one that's gluten free - you can drink it straight, in a smoothie or even make protein bars with it.  Hope this helps!


~Strong is the new skinny!

Thanks so much!

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