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In Topic: Am I Super Sensitive Or Just Recovering?

29 June 2013 - 07:17 PM

wow! its like you've read my mind lol. I eat almost all of what you listed. The soup, rice, potatoes, chex, walmart gluten-free pasta, etc. Thanks for ur support and I am really lucky I have such great parents.


:D :D :D no prob, support should always be free :) hugs for mom and dad too! haha


I am such a creature of habit so thankfully it's not the end of the world!

In Topic: Cross Contamination - The Bane Of My Life!

29 June 2013 - 12:54 PM

I thought this might be a good place to ask instead of starting a new thread. I figured my choices were following everyone around the kitchen with a bottle of bleach spray lol...or replacing some items that would be more likely to CC, also my 14 year old's chore is dishes so I just assume it's not perfect.


I was assuming glass plates/cups were least likely to hold gluten and we don't go through a lot of pots and pans so I asked my daughter to use hot water and ample soap and scrubbing time on pots because we are on a tight budget and replacing pots and pans seems like a lot


the things I did replace and bought in bright green and red colors to make it easy for the kids, toaster, cutting board, plastic or wooden tools, rolling pin, spatulas, pasta drainer as stuff always seems to get missed when she washes a starchy drainer lol, mixing bowls, the tuperware in a bright color(cheap so it gets funky after a while with much texture and ridges), a set of three bright colored knives for food prep, even bag clips used for crackers and chips and never get washed in between bags so I got my own set in a different color for my gluten-free chips or snacks. I found flexible cutting mats to put down on the counter when prepping a gluten-free meal because we have horrible counter tops i don't even trust when we clean them. I got a bright colored butter dish for only gluten-free use, and red handled cheap silver ware. 


I thought this was a good plan to reduce CC but I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on the pots and pans??? My daughter is a sweetie and takes the gluten-free thing seriously and doesn't want to get me sick. She's seen me the last 2 years first hand, in the bathroom all day, pulling over the car to wait out extreme stomach cramping so while I know she will do her best and I need help because of my physical spine disability, I guess my thinking is she isn't perfect she's young and crap happens and I wasn't sure if pots and pans, esp when oils are used, are likely to hang onto gluten in between uses. I rarely use dishes and opt for plastic cups and paper plates so the dishes seem silly but I am worried about the pans?


I couldn't afford to replace everything in one pop so i started with the plastic and wooden things and a toaster and also some bread baking pans. But in a week or so I will have the $$ if I need to replace the pots and pans and I found a nice set for 50$ with everything I would need... any thoughts on anything I might have missed???

In Topic: Newbie Need Help Please!

29 June 2013 - 12:06 PM

regarding labeling, I too was confused with modified food starch. My gluten free scanner told me it was bad because of this but then upon closer inspection I found it was FDA regulated labeling and wheat must be before or after "modified food starch" or in parenthesis.









In Topic: Is Wine gluten-free?

29 June 2013 - 11:58 AM

I used to always drink arbor mist strawberry wine. After cutting out gluten I found I felt like I was hit by a truck the morning following arbor mist, my stomach hurt and I was in the bathroom often. I switched to "real" wine at the advice of the owner of the liquor store and I have felt much better. That being said some of the white wines still made me feel  really foggy the next day, others don't. I don't know if this lend credence to the how they are stored theory? but i would stick with pure wines (beware "wine drinks" coolers etc), and keep track of any brand that caused you to feel glutened. I'm not an expert on liquor I barely know what half the things are in the store but the owner seemed to have a lot of gluten-free customers and said many report getting sick with certain wines or "wine like drinks" (he said anything made in a day and not aged isn't wine haha referring to my arbor mist question) and he saw some consistency in the complaints of real wines making him wonder if some have contamination issues.  

In Topic: Am I Super Sensitive Or Just Recovering?

29 June 2013 - 11:39 AM

My parents do help me a lot but making alot of that food and or buying it is a challenge for my mom and with my dad at work almost all day and barely sleeping. There are 3 other kids besides me. One who is disabled with a undiagnosed neurological disease and me and my younger brother both with type 1 diabetes. So my mom is always busy but she helps me alot with food but basically half my diet has dairy and alot of stuff you listed has little or no carbs and my problem is trying to find gluten free food with carbs that it quick to make.

Just wanted offer HUGS! that can't be an easy situation. I grew up with preoccupied parents for different reasons, but either way it's difficult and a lot of burden. I think that's incredible they still try to offer support with all they have going on, and kudos to you for recognizing all they are handling even though I'm sure it's tough for you. I'm not a huge fan of cooking for the sake of cooking so the idea of spending half my day in the kitchen is not my idea of a good time. I have found some fairly simple things I enjoy that don't take forever. I love rice and potatoes and once ehy are boiling on stove there is little intervention needed. Sometimes I take a big pacakge of hamburger and just mix it with the big pot of rice and spinach and I have so many leftovers it's ridiculous :) I do all natural lunch meat (gluten-free) they have some prepackaged ones that keep for a long time so i stock up once a month and do turkey/roastbeef and a slice of tomato, roll it up and enjoy. not glamorous but gluten-free bread is rather a pain and I prefer simple to spending so much per loaf. chiicken tenderloins can be thrown in the oven and pretty much ignored till they are done. rolled oats gluten-free are sold at walmart. Chex cereal is awesome just to munch on for a snack (cinnamon flavor). nuts are awesome to snack on, gluten-free, brown rice pasta I got from walmart was good and a gluten-free pasta sauce, or I mix the brown rice pasta with a veggie(walmart has some cheap frozen veggies I microwave and they are ready). Alot of the above is no more difficult that doing a boxed meal and it's so much easy to do gluten-free with pure ingredients as opposed to the label reading and searching involved required for some of these boxed things. I know for me I hate the label reading and laborous searching and have settle for fresh ingredients I know are naturally gluten-free. If you have a smart phone there is a decent gluten-free scanner. It doesn't have everything but it has a lot and when I'm shopping it tells me if something is gluten-free or not, also GFoverflow.com have a good list of things. Progresso also has some gluten-free soups that are quick to make obviously.


Good luck to you and to your family!

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