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Newies Story So Far!

27 June 2013 - 03:05 AM

Hello All,

I have been suffering over the last cough 6 years with bloating...I know I should have gone to the doctors then, but hey.   So 2 years ago, I cut out bread, and that stopped the migraines and diarrhea. But I replaced the bread with Weet-a-bix and milk for lunch at work. 


Ok, I know this was silly, knowing that cough cough years ago my doctor then, told me to cut out wheat and milk...but hey back in the 80's there was not much to eat (that is my excuse and I'm sticking to it). So I ate Rye bread; funny it didn't get better!  If only the internet was around.

So constipation and I have been great friends over the years. We've stuck together like glue, you could say.


Anyway, finally I could take no more!  So I started keeping a food diary for a week.  Cutting out gluten...or what I knew was gluten.  I would love to say it has been easy sailing with no hiccups.  But the Tesco Cottage Pie defeated me for 2 days, by exposing my ignorance at reading the back of the packet and the lack of  gluten-free food in the small Tesco’s Express, I grubbed at it. Then, there was the MayonnaiseL.  I am now wiser with a happier tummy, only because I have been accosting people at the gluten-free shelves in Sainsburys and Tescos. And bombarding them with questions.


Last Tuesday, I arrive at the doctors with my food diary, sick record from work and list of symptoms to show the doctor.  Ready to do battle to get him to read my food diary or fall at his feet and beg him not to ask me to eat gluten so he can run blood tests. 


He just looked at me and asked why I had left it so long. And started writing a list of foods I could eat.  I was a bit shocked with the milk and oats (yeah I know I should not have been, but I was), didn’t really understand about potatoes and white rice being taken out of my diet. But by the power of Google it’s something to do with the body seeing it as gluten sometimes.


The real reason I have joined you fair folk is to stop feeling so isolated and confused.  I have had a really bad time since I have given up gluten.  Tummy is great, but I have a bad head, feel totally weak, hands are swelling up in the night, a bit dizzy and yawning my head off. Same foggy head, so no change there. I am so tired I am not been going to work. Is these symptoms normal?


I revisited my doctor this week who sent me for blood tests (Thyroid, Ferritin, Liver and Kidney and few other things), I am now waiting for the results.  He has suggested we speak about me returning to gluten for 5 weeks, so I can be tested for Coeliac. I am still unsure what to do.




Thank you for reading my story.


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