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Member Since 28 Jun 2013
Offline Last Active Jan 25 2015 02:58 PM

#910122 Been Awhile

Posted by on 24 March 2014 - 02:35 PM

My electrophysiologist mentioned it. He said it would be ideal but not available here. I'm currently taking fludrocortisone to increase my blood volume and he's hoping in turn that will help with the IST I have a follow up in April
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#910116 Been Awhile

Posted by on 24 March 2014 - 02:04 PM

Lol opposite of me. I'm on a high salt diet, but I have hypotension. They had me on a calcium channel blocker but took me off because it dropped my blood pressure even lower
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#903280 Finally Some Good News!

Posted by on 20 January 2014 - 12:31 PM

I'm still having testing done on my heart and I go back to the cardiologist on Wed for an echocardiogram and holter montior. BUT, today I saw my pulmonary Dr. and my ashtma is completely 100% better! She took me off the steroid inhaler because I already have osteopenia and because it could be contributing to the arrythmyia of the heart. My chest Xray was completely normal (chest xray in 2012 showed acute adult onset ashtma with hyperinflated lungs and flattened diaphram). She, like my GP and GI dr's, agree that gluten was the trigger to my moderate persistent asthma.


So at least I'm seeing healing in some areas! Now to figure out my heart

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#898806 Floaters - And I'm Not Talking About Vision

Posted by on 09 December 2013 - 08:07 AM


still there?

sorry?. -_- we'll be good.

You scared the crap outta Coots hahahaha
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#895244 Confused About Labs...

Posted by on 08 November 2013 - 11:18 AM

well this is the place to be. you will find support and a wealth of information.


start by reading the Newbie 101 thread that is pinned at the top of the coping with board. It will be the most helpful thing you have ever read I promise :)

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#894107 Email From Ups My Care Package Is On Its Way!

Posted by on 01 November 2013 - 09:21 AM

it came yesterday! ok here's what it had:


box of rice chex

Betty Crocker brownie mix (I looooove these and they are addicting)


bag of Plentils in parmeasean and garlic

bag of pasta from Schar

Schar deli style bread

Enjoy Life soft baked cookies

can of Progresso cream of mushroom. lunch today!!!


Bakery on Main packet of oatmeal

sample bag of Crunchmaster crackers

3 issues of Gluten Free Living magazine




I could have just had the coupons and be happy lol. See told you guys I would post :D

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#892120 What Other "celiac Rash" Besides Dh?

Posted by on 15 October 2013 - 08:40 PM

If you look at my blog post, you will see a picture of my rash that I get every time I get glutened. Today I got glutened from some fried rice at Panda Express (my fault). I'm documenting my glutenings and every single time I break out with this rash on my belly. It's also bloated all around as you can see from the picture too! Any idea what this rash could be? My GI dr. said it's definately a celiac rash but he didn't say what kind and it doesn't itch insanely like DH is supposed to.


I can't figure out how to post it here so it's on the blog post I just wrote

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#890723 For Those Who Feel Like Cheating Or Have Cheated....

Posted by on 04 October 2013 - 07:03 AM

We have 3 restaurants in our little town that we go to. I've never gotten sick there. We got to know the staff at each one and they prepare my food special. They are family owned so maybe that's why. I'm thankful I can still have date night with my husband and not get sick! And for my hamburger fix its in n out protein style ;-)
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#890120 Do You Take Your Celiac Disease Seriously?

Posted by on 29 September 2013 - 08:17 AM

I surely take my celiac seriously. I think we would all agree one may have other intolerances, I believe they may not be distinguishable with reactions from celiac. I react to corn in a similar fashion, and can't eat rice for now. There could be something else in me that causes these struggles besides celiac. What difference does it make to me what besides celiac causes my problems, if for now I can't eat them?

Just now, I don't really care what I can't eat, just so long as I feel better. Something must be right!

Very true! The only other intolerance I've developed is dairy. Hoping it stays that way lol. I think I would be lost without rice :-)

Although I had cramping yesterday after eating eggs. This morning i have a little rash but not horrible. But my hubby made them and he used a Tupperware container to mix them that was used for storing gluten foods. Hoping it was a cc issue I don't want to give up eggs!
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#888654 3 Months

Posted by on 16 September 2013 - 03:54 PM

Lol so funny I did that the other day! I held my breath took a plastic bag and put it over the flour then threw it all out! Washed the canisters in hot hot water then ran them through the dishwasher (they are ceramic) I haven't refilled them yet with gluten-free flour though because I think it's better to keep gluten-free flour in the freezer? Can I keep it on the counter?
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#888503 Prednisone?

Posted by on 15 September 2013 - 03:35 PM

Yes it intereferes but I was on very large doses because I was in the hospital for asthma. I had prednisone in my iv and by mouth. the book "real life with celiac disease" written by 2 gi drs say that it will interfere with testing. Both blood and biopsy.

My bloodwork and biopsy were negative 3 weeks after stopping prednisone only to be diagnosed with celiac disease 2 months later
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#887466 Diagnosis Final Now

Posted by on 06 September 2013 - 03:46 PM

I know Irish, and you in particular have been so kind and helpful. I have been in a bit of denial and thinking oh it's just a coinincidence. But now having an official diagnosis I will tighten up the belt. My family is on board with being a gluten free home, my kids can get their snacks still as I don't have to handle those.


thanks for all the support, it's really been a tough road. :wub:

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#886722 Apparently You Guys Were Right, It's All In My Head!

Posted by on 31 August 2013 - 02:42 PM

right - *completely* different than any other reaction i/we have to other foods - when you stay/eat clean enough and are well for a good while, a glutening will be very easy to identify, am i right?  not D for a day, say, like when i eat something that irritates my guts or dairy which is gassy and uncomfortable.  it starts with a headache, bitchiness, tired tired tired for me and i'm all like o sh!t here it comes.  left side ribcage pain is a dead giveaway for me.  go directly to bed, do not pass the bathroom, do not collect 200 dollars.  see ya in 2 weeks :(


it'll make you smarten up in a hurry - eating out 'just anywhere' and most packaged foods are off limits for me.  mleh - it's cheaper and easier to just make your meals yourself from 'plain foods' anyway.  i am blessed to be home at this time in my life.  i don't know how i worked all those years - i must have been a zombie.  and we won awards in my office!  so, i was good at it!  (haha maybe because i was so cranky all the time and my profession is on the edge of 'cut-throat" hahahaa)  i was always late, though.  one time, for two months my boss had to pick me up and bring me to work because i had vertigo so bad i couldn't drive at all.  felt like i was falling off the road and i had panic attacks.  i'm saying extra prayers right now for y'all who are trying to work a job while dealing with this all.  God bless you!  



yes I really feel for the people that have to work. I couldn't even imagine trying to hold down a job feeling the way I have. I do homeschool and last year was bad. I barely made it through the day.

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#884429 Super- Sensitive Flour Bag Reaction

Posted by on 15 August 2013 - 07:36 AM

My IGE was also very low and was told I don't have allergies, however I would get full blown sinus infections, I have asthma, and allergic rhinitis. So my allergist performed interdermal allergy testing and tons of allergies showed up!

I think we can not only be IGA deficient but also IGE deficient as well. I suffered for a year with multiple sinus infections because my previous doctor said I don't have allergies based on my IGE blood tests. It finally took a specialist who performed the intradermal testing and told me I am highly atopic
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#883463 Third Week On Gluten Free Diet

Posted by on 07 August 2013 - 08:18 PM

I am on my 6th week and yesterday I cleaned out the bottom of my kitchen cupboard and today I cleaned and organized my spice cupboard! And I'm cooking again. I haven't had the energy to do anything for 2 years and I'm starting to see the old me!

I've also noticed that feeling of something is wrong like I could die from some cancer the doctors missed is gone. I can't explain it. I don't feel like that anymore though

Hope you continue to see improvements. Congrats on 3 weeks! I think that was the point where I started feeling better. Week 1 and 2 was bad withdrawal and I felt like crap
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