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In Topic: A Follow Up On My Situation

20 October 2013 - 02:56 PM

I agree. It sounds like your gut is inflammed and can react to anything. Eat what was working for 2-3 weeks and wait for your gastro appt.

Cant recall if you are taking probiotics and/or digestive enzumes - if not give think about starting and do give it more than a couple weeks to help.

Once you get your system to settle...wait another month then introduce new foods...but never more frequently than one food item at a time with at least three days between trials.

I been taking probiotic for 2 weeks and was wondering if I should stop, I did start taking my digestive enzymes again as of the last 2 days and I wondered if I should stop as who knows what else could cause a reaction? I feel digestive enzymes they help with gas though.

In Topic: A Follow Up On My Situation

20 October 2013 - 02:41 PM

*sigh" well, I did read your whole post and my answer is the same.


It's only been two weeks, but you were smoking and eating gluten until that time, so why wouldn't your gut be irritated still?


My point is, it may not be a particular food, but your gut.


See what the Gi doctor says.


If you need to eliminate grains, check out the Paleo websites. They provide good info on getting started diets.. 

Well I was getting a lot better throughout these 2-3weeks until I tried quinoa teff and amaranth in the last 3 days. And I thought since ALL grains or grainlike seems to give problems I was wondering what was you guys thought on buckwheat, and also how likely you guys think it is that I could have an intolerance to literally almost everything but veggies seeds and some nuts? It seems as if some nuts agree with me and some don't as well as veggies, I find all this extremely limiting and rather then being able to reintroduce foods it seems that for some foods the more I eat it the more I become intolerant, Just like I could have rice, fish, beef,chicken sweet potatoes back then, no more.


I'm just hoping that I don't become intolerant to everything out there as I eat the same thing every day.


I guess I was looking for a 2nd opinion since googling nuts/meat/grain intolerance(not allergy) seems to not even be a thing and I seem to have both and more.

In Topic: A Follow Up On My Situation

20 October 2013 - 02:18 PM

okay, here's a radical thought. Instead of trying to figure out what FOOD is the problem, consider that you keep irritating your GI tract with

things you are smoking?



Yeah, I know how much it costs and it's not as cheap as it was when I was your age so unless

you are growing superior buds in a hydroponic garden you are spending enough to have seen a doctor by now.

(don't argue--- you know I speak the truth!) 


Why are you surprised that hash can give you brain fog? that's the point of smoking it. At least it was in 1980.


Also, those things can irritate the gut just like anything else.


The fundamental thing here is: if your gut is inflamed, ANYTHING can seem like it's "intolerable".


Also, I hate to say this again, but if you suspect you are a celiac and wish to be properly tested, you need to be consuming gluten.


*sigh* at the risk of repeating the same thing here and making everyone irritated I will ask, did you not read my thread? I was eating gluten to get tested and I did, I also stopped smoking. No I do not suspect gluten, I suspect grains though.

In Topic: Apparently You Guys Were Right, It's All In My Head!

26 August 2013 - 10:07 AM

If it says may then dont have it like!! Your just going to continue down this road forever like. I know you did not say wheat, i meant nut soy wheat oats gluten barely or whatever just dont have it. Were the same age mate so ive basically been where you are but really your attitude doesnt help like. So good luck to you i wouldnt wish anyone to be sick but your not helping yourself at all.


It's all cool, any food is making me sick so I'll just be eating eggs for the next week and see if it gets worse or bad, if that doesn't work I'll try eating mangoes for a whole week and so on, because I have no idea what is good or bad for me, remember any food gives me a reaction , water as well so since i don't wanna die of starvation I'll still ingest one thing at a time for days hoping it is safe.

In Topic: Apparently You Guys Were Right, It's All In My Head!

26 August 2013 - 09:11 AM

I cant believe your eating cereal that may contain nuts soy wheat what ever that needs to be removed. I used to drink 4-5 nights a week among other things and now i dont do any of that if i go out on a social occasion i have water. Your body is telling you it cant be treated the same way and you still have to live life but shit must change, be resilient and very stubborn with your self.


With the weed like whatever you think its doing you good but doctors are SO much more likly to take your symptoms less seriously why would they when you have all shit in your system. Harsh but fair i think.

Those are the cereal I eat, http://us.naturespat...-flakes-raisins


They are not supposed to contain nut,soy or wheat, it's certified gluten free, it say it MAY contain nuts and soy, please read my posts carefully, I never said it may contain wheat.

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