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Member Since 07 Jul 2013
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#881429 Tomato/tomato Sauce Alternative?

Posted by on 27 July 2013 - 11:15 AM

So I made a spaghetti sauce this time with beets and carrot and carrot juice, it taste so darn good and I didn't even bother adding spices or garlic just yet because I didn't want to make the risk to feel bad. I'll try this the whole week and if its good i'll add garlic next then spies and eventually I should get a very tasty sauce without tomatoes.

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#880443 Is It Normal To Constantly Be Starving?

Posted by on 21 July 2013 - 01:55 PM

I am constantly hungry, the only thing that really feels me up is rice,noodles and bread. I ate about 11 plum with 3 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil 2 hours ago and still feel intensely bloated and been starving this whole time. No matter how many fruits or veggies I eat I'll be hungry. i ate half a jar of peanut butter the other day and I could have finished the whole thing because I was still hungry, if only my body wouldn't feel bloated so easily. I used to be able to eat a ton of wheat pasta or bread but now I can't eat as much or I get bloated while being hungry.


I should add. while being on detoxification from gluten.


Before I used to eat 5 meal to 6 meal a day and bigger portions, now I had to reduce my portions by about 25% or 30%.

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#880260 Pretty Sure Im Slowing Dying. - Past Gluten Free

Posted by on 19 July 2013 - 03:42 PM

I haven't been tested for anything but today I can confirm that I am either celiac or gluten intolerant as I was glutened, yup I was brought to a restaurant and you know what they put on that food, gluten gluten and more gluten, felt bad for about 3 hours. I.m ok now. I hope this doesn't make it so much worse in the short term, i hear people feeling bad for 10 days from simple cross contamination.


I rested for 11hours last night probably slept a good 9 total and today when I woke up I was so extremely exhausted, the word is weak to explain how drained I was, I went again and took a multi vitamin pill, been over a month since I had one has last time I took one I wanted to vomit really bad. I've also been trying regular peanut butter again and it seems to give me gaz too but nothing as bad as the natural one. Guess that's one more think to cut off my diet. I only felt better when I had my coffee cup, which from there I was about to survive one more day.


It feels like all I should eat is veggies/fruits and meat for months as people mention a lot of dairy and corn intolerance. Not quite sure how one expect to have a varied diet with so limited choice and meat being very expensive while none of those thing really full me up.


Tomorrow I am going to the grocery store and I will buy about the same thing as usual but with more fruits, I get so hungry 24/7 I am literally always hungry yet I can't eat as much in one session as I once did because I'll feel bloated. It gets to the point where I'll eat before sleeping and even before my sleep cycle is over I'll be starving,


One more concern I been having is the daily intake of vitamin A, as too much vitamin A can cause all short of low energy and pain syndrome and being that there is a lot of those in sweet potatoes I'm wondering if I shouldn't eat too much.


-To answer tarnalberry, every single day I fight to lower my stress but it's hard when the system expect you to pay your bills and you gotta count every single pennies after each transaction because that is how short you get on money with a part time job all while you are so energy drained that all you can do is sleep plus having you ass hurt so bad that you can no longer enjoy relaxing on a chair while having to look for a job before you get kicked in the street. Yup life has its way of being a pain. I would dang love to know why I get numb arms, I cannot lay on my stomach or they get numb, in fact they get numb in just about any position and I had a sinus surgery about 7 years ago I'm thinking something changed over time.

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#880123 Pretty Sure Im Slowing Dying. - Past Gluten Free

Posted by on 18 July 2013 - 02:25 PM

So I have been 100% Gluten Free ever since July and have been trying to be 2 weeks before that with little gluten occurrence and I literally was getting an increase in my energy level. yet not I am beyond extremely exhausted like if I am actually dying.


At this point my energy is to its lowest it has ever been in my life, even walking has because difficult,requiring so much energy. Originally I was having a lot of cramps and intestinal pain along with bad constipation and after going Gluten-Free, most of my symptoms had been decreasing.


But now my energy is beyond low, I feel constant need to sleep, my attention can be there, I have less brain fogs then I used to have but any physical effort is just awfully difficult.


I been working out for 2 years and more now, believe me when I say I look healthy. My weight if between 145 and 150lbs and I am 5'10 male, yet my health has been worse then it ever has been and to be fair I don't see how its ever going to get better.


I don't see what I am doing wrong, I try to get my 9 hours of sleep and the last 2 days I slept about 5-6 and last night 6-7, it gets very difficult to fall asleep due to many external factors like my arms being extremely numb, nose's noise and simply not falling asleep because of high stress. Which btw, stress has also been the highest it has EVER been in my life.


From low energy to having to find a job because i was only working 2 days a week and since those last 2 days, I been working a new job that will be full time but I don't see how I'll be able to pull this through from feeling so energy deprived.


It doesn't help that I've been getting 2 pilonal cysts and what feels like but acne that doesn't go away, yup butt acne which should only get better but it seems to get worse. I also apply castor oil and apple cider vinegar to help all that go away.


I have been completely Gluten-Free (1 Month), more recently Dairy Free (2 weeks), I been combining a gluten-free diet and not absolute but severely based Blood type diet, to give myself the best chance of healing, yet it doesn't feel like I am healing at all but simply dying slowly.


My daily meals consider of the following.


Wake up-Spaghetti sauce: Beef,Tomato,tomato sauce,Mixed colored Peppers,Garlic, spices. (All nutritions that are Pro Blood Type diet, which btw I am O, not sure if + or - but both parents were +.

1H Later:Coffee with Coconut oil and milk, and organic honey.

2H Later-(Corn, Amaranth,flaxseed, buckwheat) cereal, Coconut milk, frozen berries(blueberries,strawberries,black cherry and mango) with cinnamon and almonds that make sure not to mentioned any presence of wheat.

Follow with

3H Later-1 Chicken breast with brown rice mashed with sweet potatoes and salad with butter and cumin.

3H Later- 2 Slice of Glutino Corn bread and others ingredients with 3 organic eggs.

Then if I have I have time I'll also have Rice Noodles 3hours later.


So that's it, I don't get how I feel so tired, I eat my proteins my fruits and avoid the bad stuff, yet here I am, like I am going to die.


So hopefully anyone can help me figure this out, thanks.

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