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A Follow Up On My Situation

20 October 2013 - 11:30 AM

Hello here, I figured I should post an update on my situation for those still interested, I know I must have annoyed more then one here so, feel free to skip this thread if you were one of those I might have annoyed.


Well it turns out I am not celiac but I still need to avoid gluten, I been asking myself questions on and on for months now and tried so, so many diets and analyzing everything that goes inside my mouth since no one yet and no doctor were able to tell me what was causing my symptoms, to this day it is still all hypothesis yet those hypothesis have worked to a degree at least.


Back in early August was the bottom line of the worst, I had so many spasms of all kinds and literally thought my intestine would explode from just a slip of water, at the time I knew celiac was officially not my symptom, I got tested. so I was eating chicken, rice, oats,barley, wheat(for celiac diagnosis) for the most part. This clearly was doing no good as I was in a state of crisis, I had to do something NOW or I would not live up for my next exam. Btw the reaction I was getting from eating wheat was no more harmful then any other grain, it gave me spasms and inflammation, no puking or anything a celiac gets.


This is when I changed my diet drastically. eating the same soup full of veggies made of barley and fondu sauce that contain soy, I started to feel SO much better, my constipation was gone and I had regular bowel movements, I been having bowel movements ever since and most of my spasms were gone, I was still in much pain but it was SUCH a relief.


So I started to build myself a diet plan that I would follow, I came to think back and realize that ANY meat gave me symptoms ALL different symptoms, chicken made my stomach feel inflamed for 4hours, beef made my intestine cry in pain, egg just made me feel bad overall sort of bloated. But then I discover fish, sole fish and I had no problems with it. I also discovered sunflower nuts and pumpkin seed with dried raisins and I was eating buckwheat too as it is not a grain but a fruit supposedly, anyway it was working great.


So for a a whole 2 weeks I was eating nuts for breakfast, fish and soup with buckwheat and I was getting better and better and btw at that time I wasn't smoking hash (weed) either. Then I decided to buy some hash again and boom, brain fogs, MASSIVE cramps and I felt so sick instantly so I thought maybe it was the hash all along. I would get FIVE second brain fogs after smoking hash and cramps lasting 5 to 6 hours way after the effects of the drug were out I could still feel the pain. That was back at the end of August so I thought it might have been the hash that damaged by whole body, I took a picture, I looked SO dang sick, my veins , my belly I looked PREGNANT and still do, pregnant from my intestine being SO INFLAMED, not from fat, remember. I lost weight.


So I quit the hash I threw it away swearing to never smoke that ever again but then I tried weed the next day and i felt good so I thought hash was the cause of all of this so I started to eat normal(grains,chocolate,etc) again and I felt good, no brain fogs and I had energy, I felt sorta normal. Only a day later my intestines would hurt again, not from the weed but from the food, So I went back to my strict diet of nuts,soup and fish and was getting back there while still smoking weed, but it gave me cramps back and I felt sick the same sickness that I had on hash only 5 times lesser yet bad enough to annoy me. Tells you how bad the hash would make me feel.


So fast forward 2 weeks of no weed and strict diet, I get better but then ANY time I try to eat anything else that is either a grain a meat substitute I feel bad, meat is instant and grain takes a few hours. Throughout that time I also found I couldn't have fish anymore, it was fine at first but it made me feel worse and worse, now I have again a bunch of frozen food I can't eat.


I also tried to eat soy in it's pure form (tofu) to see if I react and felt bad just like when I eat eggs just way worse so now I am cutting soy too.

I was doing very good 3 days ago until I try new grains amaranth, teff, quinoa and god fo I feel bad again. I also wonder if buckwheat wouldnt be bad too as it's the only (grain) that has yet to give me symptoms, I wasn't able to reintroduce any food, I can't have meat, or grain so I am stuck with veggies and nuts and wondering if I should cut buckwheat too.


So here I am not knowing what to eat anymore. I was doing very good yet I am intolerant to just about everything out there. I have to be on a meat-free/gluten-free/grain free diet/soy-free/dairy-free/ diet, so what's left? Celery and nuts?


I posting this to give you guys an update and ask if this is even possible? I tried to google all those intolerance and really is it possible to be intolerant to ALL meat and their substitute as well as ALL grains and soy, will I just be left eating veggies for the rest of my life?


What is your thought on buckwheat , do you think it should be okay, could it be the only grain like that I can have?


I have 3 weeks left before I can see a gastroenterologist for free but since the last 3 doctors I saw were all clueless I am expecting the same response from the specialist. Seems like those are the things you always gotta figure out on your own.


I could add a lot more info but it would be way too long thanks for your inputs.


Edit: To make this easier "Weed Free/Grain Free(Consume Buckwheat) Meat Free / Dairy Free"

Apparently You Guys Were Right, It's All In My Head!

21 August 2013 - 05:55 AM

So I went to the clinic, didn't wait for the weekend, skipped 12 hours of work, unpaid of course and told the doctor about all my symptoms, to my impression she actually listened and requested to have a full check of my issue via blood test and stomach as well as colon/intestine exam.


The next day I got my blood test done,got tested for a list of all stuff like thyroid,vitamin B12, Biochemistry (urine test) and just a handful of other stuff I can't remember because I don't have the paper anymore, they took 5 ingestion, 2 for other test and 3 for lactose. I will be getting the stomach and colon exams in September.


Well so apparently all I have is a lactose intolerance and everything else is fine.


So i guess my symptoms such as:


-Neck Pain

-Extreme fatigue

-Cutting out ,exercise and ton of other foods

-Digestive issue

-Stomach pain when eating almost anything


-Shortness of breathe

-Feeling of throat inflammation

-Brain fogs

-Eye pain to the point I had to rest 12 hours yesterday not cause of fatigue but simply because having my eyes open hurt too much.

and just so many more


Those are probably all in my heads, most likely has to be related by my pathetic panic attacks right? As this is what you guys been suggesting.


I'll be getting a copy of my results tonight so maybe you experts can have a look and confirm it's indeed all in my mind.


Guess I must also not been gluten intolerant or celiac, might wanna go back to eating it again as it only got worse since i quit.

Well I'm Officially A Mess

10 August 2013 - 01:52 PM

1 month and 2 weeks gluten free.


Symptoms before:






Disgestion difficulty

Shortness of breathe


Symptoms After:


Fatigure - Worse

Cramps - Even

Bloating - Even

Constipation - Well I can't get anything out AT ALL before it would go every now and then, been starving myself with ginger,lemons,raw honey,probotics,vitamins,watermelon,avocado, nothing came out, nada. My guts just forgot how to processs feca. Yep, even laxative stopped working.

Disgestion difficulty - Just as bad

Neck Pain - Comes and goes, sometime I go a day without it sometime it start early

Shortness of breathe - By far the worse symptoms of them all, basically feeling like I've been breathing in a plastic bag for the last month.

Food intolerance - Oat,peanut butter,almonds,milk, coffee to a point.


Yea, this is going fairy smoothly.

How Fast This Celiac Hit You?

04 August 2013 - 07:17 AM

From my other thread I made asking if this was normal to get strike by Celiac so fast, I am now making this thread.


I am asking how fast Celiac hit you? Did you get symptoms that went undiagnosed for a long period what is it more gradual or did it just all happen so fast?


In my case it went like this, I was completely fine then one day I started feeling bloated, so I tried to look into what was the cause, I had constipation too and so I tried to eat multiple stuff,yogurt,avocado and honey, I pretty much tried all the food that pretend to help your constipation and intestines. I also decided to cut all the heavy food, so I cut bread,noodles,rice and kept the cereal, cereal were from wheat, but cutting all that heavy food for a week and eating less helped quite a bit.


So I proceed to reintroduce all that slowly in smaller portions, 3 slice of bread instead of 4, adding peanut butter, noodle and boom, bloated hit me again, then I started getting my heart rate going low, felt like I was gonna get an heart attack. I would get nauseous if I wouldn't eat every 3 hours, never got to puke as I always kept eating.


Proceed with this misery for about a month went to my chiropractor who did nothing to help and then later that month I went to see my family doctor who said I could be gluten intolerance and recommended quitting, no test, no more then a piece of paper telling me to abstain from wheat,barley,rye and oats.


Then went into a 1 month gluten free diet and at first it didn't change much but 2 weeks into it I was good, no more cramps,constipation, then I started feeling severely tired so I went for no grain except rice,no bread and veggies diet, been at this for 4 weeks and it only went downhill from there.


I had to cut exercise,neck pain,difficulty to walk and cut oatmeal.honey,peanut butter,milk,weed,coffee and breathing became extremely difficult, exhausted all the time. I am still new to this and going to see the doctor and see what I can do to get this checked, it could always be something else as other as pointed out, so what about you how did it go for you?

Seriously, That Doesn't Make Sense

02 August 2013 - 02:44 PM

I was fine my whole life, I didn't go throw any misdiagnostic except for some constipation that faded off but I wasn't bloated, I wasn't unable to walk, I had no reason to seek a doctor, then 3months ago I started job hunting as I was under unemployment and it is when it all came to crap. I was doing good, I could smoke weed, I could drink coffee, I could exercise, for Christ shake I could BREATHE AND WALK, I was getting smarter, I had desires, goals, I could enjoy a freaking quiet time by myself and I would feel great, I could digest anything.


Then 1 month passed, in May, bloating,cramps, fatigue but nothing unbearable to this point, I could still enjoy all I was doing, notice I am not giving the slightest crap about giving up wheat or bread, I find the gluten-free alternatives better.


Then goes second month July, Everything mentioned but worsen and with nausea and incredible hunger, I would be extremely hungry and extremely bloated at the same time, so my doctor suggested I try cutting Gluten.


Third month,now I have been 1 month gluten-free and I can't digest anything without feeling bloated, there are just some stuff that are tolerable and pass easier but I get bloated C, I never get D. Which I'm terribly bloated with cramps right now like if I had been glutened, I DID NOT, or maybe it was the clean spoon I used in my own apartment that got me this bad, you know cross-contamination that can't even been seen by your eye.


How the hell can some of you still be alive at 50r old going undiagnosed for YEARS?! Shouldn't gluten have made you unable to function and give you bleeding all over your digestive track and permanent physical damage?


I am 23, I was fine all my life and in 2 MONTHS , 1 GLUTEN FREE, I am at the worst I ever felt, I feel like I am 80, I am not getting better, I thought I was, yeah because 2 weeks ago I slept 14hours and was beyond exhausted got glutened on that even same day and I felt like crap,

Then 5 days later I had a burst of energy and felt I could be my normal self again,nope, got worse, got better, worse and better and now that's just shit.


All I ever did was take care of my HEALTH, I can't imagine how worse this would be had I neglect it, I just don't even wanna think about how worse this could be.


All I am good for is sit there and feel bloated now, I take probiotics,vitamins I'll get enzymes when I can afford the cash. I couldn't careless if I can't go to a restaurant, eat out, and get excluded to every events from being gluten intolerance, my health is my only concern.


I was thinking, surely if 3 months ago I could do everything I wanted, then 3 months gluten free and I should get SOMEWHAT okay? Well 1 month gluten-free and it just get worse is this how nature intended healing to be? How the hell would it ever be possible to heal without supplements,probiotics,enzymes in a world where you can't even use your body. Surely nature would kill you.


My question is, how in the matter of 2 MONTHS did I screw my entire life up? I cannot do anything but be a zombie, 2 MONTHS and you guys go like this undiagnosed for 30years? I am so getting pissed with this.

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