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In Topic: What Causes Neuro Issues?

07 July 2013 - 07:33 PM

Hi - I've been gluten-free (dx with Celiac) about 5 months I'm feeling much, much better.  I did have what I can now see were 2 neuro episodes - one before dx and one about a week after I started gluten-free.  


One thing I haven't been able to suss out of everything I've read -- what causes the neuro issues:  Is it malabsorption of vitamins?  Or it inflammation interfering with neural pathways?  Or something else?  Do they know?  I'd really like to never, ever have that again and it would help me to understand.



My 15-yr-old daughter has been on gluten-free diet (Celiac) for 4 years.  This spring she began having anxiety & migraines.  Following a lot of internet research, I decided it could be due to casein intolerance.  She added cf to her gluten-free diet and within days her migraines went away.  She stayed on the cf diet through the end of school when she added dairy back into her diet.  No migraines.  Two weeks ago, she developed peripheral neuropathy.  She has had blood work done & there is no reason for the neuropathy, so I'm thinking it is the casein since she adheres to a pretty strict gluten-free diet.   I wish someone could tell me if this even makes sense.  We have appt with gastro at the end of July, but will he even be able to address neuro issues?  I spend days searching the internet for answers.   

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