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Member Since 12 Jul 2013
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Topics I've Started

Two Interesting Things (Wheat Germ And Low Weight)

03 September 2013 - 10:53 AM

I guess I'll continue to post in this pre-diagnosis forum, since I probably will never have an official diagnosis.  


I thought I'd ask the group about a couple of things.  The first is wheat germ.  I used to love this stuff, but even back in the day I discovered that, when I'd eat it, I'd get terrible indigestion and stomach pain.  I never had this with other wheat products, just wheat germ.  So I stopped eating it entirely and probably haven't had any in 30 years.  Anyone else experience that with wheat germ before you realized you were GI/celiac?  


The second thing is kind of odd.  I was always very, very thin in my younger years.  We're talking 5'7" and 95lbs kind of thin.  No matter what I'd do, I could not put weight on, and I stayed this way into my late 30's or early 40's, at which point I finally began to gain (I quit smoking and went on an ice cream binge which, I swear, changed my metabolism).  Now, in my 50's, I struggle with weight gain like anyone else my age.  


I know that being very thin and unable to gain weight can be a sign of celiac, but why would it change all on its own without stopping gluten?  Any thoughts?  

Gluten Intolerant But Not Celiac

31 August 2013 - 08:01 AM

I was here a few weeks ago with a strong suspicion that celiac is my problem.  Since then, I got copies of my antibody test results and decided that they were pretty strong indicators that I do not have celiac.  Before anyone asks, I am sufficient in IgA, so it's not that.  I also discovered that my gastroenterologist did suspect celiac as one possible diagnosis before going in for the endoscopy I had, so it's clear that he would have looked at that region of my intestines.  I had thought that he had not done that before.  Since there's no report of anything amiss from that part of my body, I think I can safely conclude that I do not have celiac disease.  I do have a genetic test out there which will tell me if I have any genetic predisposition to celiac, but I don't expect that to be abnormal, since none of the other stuff was.  


I was borderline low in vitamin D on other testing done around the same time, and decided that was probably the whole of my problem, especially since the improvements I felt on the gluten free diet also correlated with beginning vitamin D supplementation for the osteoporosis.  


So, I decided to chuck the gluten-free diet.  I didn't get intestinally sick after eating gluteny food, but after several weeks I have noticed that the increased energy and mental clarity I had regained after beginning the diet / supplementation has really receded and I'm back to being the slightly stupid slug I had become prior to the diet.  


I guess this means that I have some sort of gluten intolerance which is not celiac disease, so I've decided to adopt the gluten free diet again and just stay with it as though celiac were my problem.  Fatigue and brain-fog are huge things I battle through each day, and if this diet fixes that, for whatever reason, I'm in.  


I didn't really see an appropriate place here for people who aren't true celiacs to participate in discussion about symptoms, etc.  Not sure if I should continue posting on celiac.com as a certified non-celiac, but I will certainly continue to participate here to find information about foods and diet, etc.  Thanks for being here and being such a great resource!  

Gastritis Far Worse Since Going Gluten Free

12 August 2013 - 08:51 PM

Does anyone have an explanation for this?  I have a diagnosis of gastritis made through endoscopy, but I've never really had much stomach pain-- only occasional, intermittent problems.  I also have GERD which is severe enough to cause cellular changes in my esophagus, and I never had a lot of pain with that, either.    The gastroenterologist gave me a prescription for Prilosec, which I take in the mornings.  


Since going gluten-free approximately three weeks ago, my gastritis has become extremely noticeable and painful.  I have only been on the prilosec for less than a month, as well, and missed one dose about a week ago.  Since then I've been in a lot of discomfort and have been living on Pepto Bismol, which is about the only thing that will calm the pain.  


I know there can be a rebound effect with the PPI's, but I haven't been on them for very long, and I only missed one dose.  The only other explanation I can think of is that there's something going on due to the gluten-free diet and this is somehow part of healing?  Seems strange that my stomach would become so sensitive as a part of healing, but there's a lot that doesn't make sense about these problems I've had.  Anyone have any thoughts about this. or similar experiences?  

Third Week On Gluten Free Diet

07 August 2013 - 01:06 PM

I'm heading into the third week of eating gluten-free, despite the normal test results on the celiac panel.  My doctor wants me to stay on for at least eight weeks anyway, to see if I notice a change.  


Observations so far: I am starting to feel less bloated, and I *seem* to have regained some of the mental agility that had gone missing in recent years. I am less error prone, and I feel more effective and efficient at work. 

More notably, I feel less irritable and more mellow. I am able to relax. I'm also noticing that my time at home in the evenings is slightly more productive. Instead of just getting home and shutting down, I'm beginning to putter around a bit at night, do small loads of laundry and other small tasks that I never had energy for in the evening. 

I have had many years of fatigue and trying various things that I thought would be "the answer," so at this point I'm quite cynical about the odds that this diet will prove a long-term fix for anything.  The jury is out; in the past I've had "placebo effect" improvements that seemed real, but didn't last.  


Maybe it's all coincidental, but I really do hope it lasts and continues in this vein. We shall see. I like the "more mellow" bit, quite a lot. It reminds me of the me I used to be.

Three Days In And First Accidental Glutening

28 July 2013 - 07:38 AM

I feel soooo stupid, after posting here about how to avoid cross contamination I managed to do it, anyway!  I live in a town that actually has a gluten free store.  My husband and I went there yesterday afternoon and bought some food then came home and he made dinner.  He made a pesto using basil from the farmer's market and we put that over the gluten free linguine that we bought there.  


Oh, it was so delicious, but within a couple of hours I was bloating and miserable, and I spent the rest of the evening running in and out of the bathroom.  I had been so happy that after only three days I was starting to feel better already.  


So, the cross contamination most likely happened in our kitchen.  Hubby used a plastic utensil to serve the noodles and had strained them in our stainless steel colander, so I figure these items were probably contaminated.  The colander, of course, is often used for pasta and the utensil he used was designed for that purpose.  So I'm groggy and foggy this morning and feel as though I am back to day one again.  


Today I am going to go out and buy a new colander and cutting board, so that we have something I can use that I know is not contaminated.  This diet is very frustrating.  

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