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Member Since 18 Jul 2013
Offline Last Active May 14 2014 07:20 PM

Blog Entries

Lexi's Blog > I'm Back!:)

Posted 14 May 2014

Well, I guess I haven't been on since around last Fall or sometime around there. Either way, it's been a while! I just finished my Sophomore year of college with a 4.0 :rolleyes: and am finally back home for the summer! Some of you may have heard about us on the news recently actually... we had quite a lot of rain a few weeks ago that basically destroyed...

Lexi's Blog > I Need To Vent.

Posted 18 August 2013

I think it's really sad, and I'm sure a lot of you would agree, that I am so elated to go back to college because I know people understand my needs there. This summer has been such a struggle being at home because my family just doesn't get it. I'm not sure they ever will. After being relatively gluten-free for over a year now I realize how much I was t...

Lexi's Blog > Birthdays Are A Pain

Posted 17 August 2013

So my brother turns 8 this month and I was pretty excited. Until I realized I'd be expected to bake his cake like I always have. It's not really a problem, but it's just depressing. Obviously mom doesn't want it to be gluten free because she thinks people will notice. No offense to my mother but I have mastered the gluten free baking technique. They would...

Lexi's Blog > I Just Feel So Successful Right Now!:)

Posted 11 August 2013

So I am back from my vacation and I feel great! I feel so good that I've finally realized that all the food I wish I could have, but can't, really isn't worth it at all. I know everyone on here has been telling me this, but as a newbie it was very hard to come to terms with. This site has done a ton of good for me:)
I stayed away from gluten entirely, ate...

Lexi's Blog > Feeling Better:)

Posted 31 July 2013

Through my experience of totally messing my digestive system up this past weekend I have learned my lesson about messing around with gluten. I knew things were getting worse and that I was becoming more sensitive, but I think I just really didn't want to believe it. I've been going through this phase where I just can't stop thinking about how unfair all...

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