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#882628 Seriously, That Doesn't Make Sense

Posted by on 02 August 2013 - 06:54 PM

But I have all the symptoms of celiac, I feel bad when eating gluten product and I get some other intolerance but they dont affect me as incredible as gluten, I also felt all that better feeling rush from cutting gluten and now its up and down. I've cut all grains and it got worse from there, when I was eating rice, rice noodle , honey, corn bread, corn cereal, going all out on nightshade, i was WAY better, mind you, I was crappy as hell, but comparing it to now...crappy is not enough of a meaningful word.


I had no reaction to those food NONE AT ALL but I cut them because everyone told me how fad my diet was so I added a ton of veggies, BOOM bloated,fatigue, can't digest crap and breathing got worse. I could do coffee fine on my gluten-free corn,bread,rice no veggie diet.


I was happy when I learned It could be gluten, because back when I learned it, I could do everything I mentioned so I thought it would only improve fast, everything went downhill after I cut Gluten.

Veggies make me bloat like crazy.  I learned that I can't eat them raw at all.  Baking my veggies usually helps with the bloating and washing them down with some juice.  Like you, I also changed my diet because people told me how unhealthy it was and then started to feel worse.  Try "drinking" your veggies instead.  It's easier on the system.

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