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Gluten-Free For 20 Years With Rash From Hell

22 July 2013 - 06:18 AM

I have suffered the horrible affects of celiac disease my entire life.  I was misdiagnosed until I was forty.  I had the severe intestinal issues and subsequent secondary autoimmune connective tissue disease.  A strict gluten-free diet has been a blessing.  Here is my question: is it possible to develop DH having been so strictly gluten free for so many years?  I have no other symptoms except a horrible, itchy-beyond-belief rash which travels around my body and waxes and wanes.  This began in mid-May of this year.  I have been taking Allegra 180, Tagamet and using topical steroid cream along with Benedryl.  The rash began on my scalp and back.  It has shown up on my thigh, ankle and left shoulder and breast.  As I said, it cycles.  It begins with a kind of tingling and then a small reddish mark which then turns into small pustules which have a wicked, evil itch! This last about 5 days and then scabs over.  I have one or two days of relief until the cycle begins again in another part of my body.


The first dermatologist misdiagnosed me with folliculitis.  I reacted with huge hives from the Septra.  The next dermatologist gave me a shot of cortisol which did nothing.  I have had a skin biopsy.  The path report is negative for DH but says "severe skin reaction and hypersensitive skin".  The doctor said that given my history of celiac, he wants me to take Dapsone. 50mg.  I am wary of this having reacted to the Septra and I don't understand how I could have this rash from hell lasting this long as I am truly very strictly gluten free. Even if I had an accidental ingestion I would think that after 2+ months I would improve.  


I have researched all of my hair and body products and removed anything that could have gluten in them.  Still the rash prevails. Should I try the Dapsone?  The doc said it is a good diagnostic tool for DH. Any advice and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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