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In Topic: Newly Diagnosed, Malnourished, Weight Loss, Anyone Else? When Does It Get Bet...

09 February 2014 - 04:40 AM

Gemini, thanks so much, I am gonna head tomorrow to get the digestive enzymes. Are these ok even though I am already having loose bowels. I tried to come off of the cholestyramine, but I only last 2 days and then I have diarrhea again. And how do I take these. Is it before each meal? Or with the meal? I am so frustrated, I am nothing like myself. In 3 months it's like I went from super healthy to severely malnourished!, my scalp itches, my skin is dry and itchy, my eyes, my joints, my muscle is gov, just everything changed! I feel like I will never be the same person again....and of course no one around me really understands that celiac can cause any of these symptoms.

I am 8 months past diagnois.  Had everything you talk about.  I am still struggling to gain weight even now.  Clarifying shampoo will help your hair.  I did Suave clarifying shampoo...nice n cheap too.  Arm and Hammer makes a Parabem and aluminum free deodorant.  Most of the upper end Olay products are great on the skin.  If you figure out how to get the muscle back let me know :(


If you are like most of us, just knowing what it is helps so much.  It will get better :)

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