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In Topic: Still Not Taken Seriously?

21 April 2014 - 02:25 AM

Just because a restaurant has no gluten free menu, does not mean they cannot accommodate you. Many can and will do just that.  I don't know where you all live but my experience has been the total opposite, especially with high end restaurants.....and they manage to get it right all of the time.  The only places I have had less than stellar experiences with are those with a chef who has no formal culinary training and waitstaff who have no nutrition or food knowledge.  They are used to serving people who will eat anything, without giving a thought to ingredients....which is a large percentage of the population.  I am not excusing the behavior outlined here but restaurants are not obligated to offer us anything so I am usually very appreciative when they do and get it right.


This is also a reminder that the more you eat out, the bigger the chance you will sustain repeated gluten hits.  Whether you like it or not, Celiac's have to limit their eating out experiences or suffer the consequences. Even on vacation, I limit my restaurant visits more than most people do and save it for the places I know will do it right. I don't ever go to chains or fast food places, either. You just cannot blame people for their lack of food knowledge....apparently, this is not taught in school anymore.  Just like the people who cannot make change at the register, they know a whole lot of nothing.  :(

I agree with this! We have found some reliable restaurants near home, some with gluten free menus and some without (but thoughtful and careful, know what gluten is). Away from home, its a complete unknown. Getting to the point of knowing the trusted places near home took a lot of glutenings (at places we won't eat at anymore) to find the good ones. It took time. Out and about, reviews can help some, but I am not usually in a position that being glutened would work out so well (does it ever?) in the travel so now try to avoid it as I can. In the end, near home or away, restaurant visits are now much more limited, always more risky than homemade. 

In Topic: Duck Eggs

21 April 2014 - 02:11 AM

We used to have ducks and chickens. The ducks were much more consistent egg layers. I didn't care for the eggs straight up. As mentioned, the whites have a rubbery texture compared to chicken eggs. But I thought they were wonderful in baking. Back in those days I baked with wheat flour still. I have never used duck eggs with gluten free baking. I am confident they would be as good if not better!

In Topic: For All Nesquik Lovers. . .

30 November 2013 - 02:32 AM

I know this is an old post, but I'm glad I found it!  Had a few sips of my husbands Nesquik last night, woke up feeling awful with joint pain and have spent most of the day in the bathroom.  That explains it!  I'm always very careful because both my son and I are extremely sensitive to any gluten content. 


Thanks for the info!

I see many people here use or would use this. However, I will avoid it. Blenderly, you saw possible reaction to this, others say they have not. It seems some people may react even when others do not. I would be cautious about waiting for a noticeable reaction. That is, many don't exhibit a noticeable reaction to gluten. But what is happening really in your body? I am very sensitive myself. While many things can have a risk of cross contamination, when I see that something is made on equipment shared with wheat especially - not worth the risk! A reaction for me is a horrible experience! I tend to avoid processed foods as much as possible except where specifically gluten free (I prefer the companies that focus on this). I know this is a challenge for parents. I would be particularly careful if my child was sensitive though. 

I apologize if that sounded preachy. I was just surprised at the posts. Usually in this forum I see everyone being extremely cautious of any risk, even when obvious symptoms are not present. I love chocolate, but will avoid Nequick.

In Topic: Finding It Hard To Eat Healthily During The School Year

15 October 2013 - 12:53 AM

Cook in massive batches on the weekend and then individually portion them for the week. I do that so it makes grab n go very easy. I don't have to fall of track on my diet and i have all that I need. I typically do a protein and veggie with maybe a starch (rice or potatoes). Then I hardboil eggs and make hummus and take a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit. 

I second this. Big batches to use during the week. Eggs, nuts and fruit are also staples, quick and easy, portable. For variety we have a few fall back meals for busy nights - Gluten-free Hamburger Helper-like meals, spaghetti, Gluten-free pizza (who'd have guessed at dx that there are som many Gluten-free pizza options?) and fruit and veggie night with meat, cheese and crackers for when we are really feeling like we don't have much time. 

In Topic: Nervous About Being Out Of Town For Turkey Dayi

10 October 2013 - 02:16 AM

I know Thanksgiving is only a month a way, but I'm already becoming anxious. I have gluten-free since my celiac diagnosis in January. I have never had meals at other family/friends home since becoming gluten-free. That is mainly because my immediate family on my side just refuses to get it. Only my husband and teenage daughter get how serious it is and have seen how sick contamination makes me.


This year we were invited to my husbands brother's home for Thanksgiving. My husband immediately volunteered to cook the turkey so he knows it will be gluten-free. His niece graduated from culinary school in NYC last year and took a semester in gluten-free baking, cross contaminiation, and all other aspects. Her bff was diagnosed Celiac while they were in culinary class together. So, in a sense I do feel safer with them as I feel they will take my condition seriously and not treat me as if I'm doing this on purpose like my side of the family does.


My question, do any gluten-free vets out there have any suggestions of how to enjoy the holiday without making myself sick?

For eating away from home with family, it sounds like you are in a good position with supportive and aware people. This past summer my family visited my husbands parents, away from home for a week. I was scared to death of cross contamination. They put so much effort in to avoiding cross contamination and they were successful. That is better than when my own parents visit us. 


I agree with the poster that said take a part in the prep if you can. That may help take some of the anxiety out at the table as you will know what happened in the prep and ingredients. 

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