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Quest Diagnostics' Turnaround Time For Hla Typing For celiac disease Gene Test?

23 August 2013 - 03:46 AM

I have no patience and will drive myself insane waiting for the phone to ring with my results. Blood draw was on Wednesday at noon. Anyone have experience with Quest Diagnostics' (in the US) turnaround time for the HLA Typing for celiac disease gene testing? How long does it typically take to do the test? I wish my state allowed me to get the results directly, but no, only the doctor can release it :(.


By the way, I had my family doctor order the test for me since my insurance will cover it 100% and I would have had to wait until November to see a GI doctor.  My family doctor was not familiar with the HLA testing and was hesitant to order it, so I brought her Quest's explanation of the test and their test code ordering info.  ;)   Big help!  She agreed and wrote up the request form.


Why I chose to go with the HLA Typing for celiac disease test:  I've had the celiac panel done (in 2006 and then again recently) and biopsies taken (in 2006), but I have doubts with the accuracy and the doctors knowledge of celiac at the time. Rather than continuing a gluten challenge and repeating the celiac panel or EGD, I decided to just go with the HLA testing and let that be my determining factor with how I continue. I myself will be gluten-free indefinitely regardless of the results. I KNOW I am intolerant and Allergy IgG testing shows high “allergy”/intolerance to wheat, rye and gluten (among quite a few other foods).  This challenge has really taken a toll on me.  Besides my increased GI, skin, fatigue, brainfog and hair loss symptoms, I think it also caused an RA flare and my blood glucose has seemed a bit on the higher side lately. I had gestational diabetes 14 years ago with second child and prediabetes 3 years ago with third child.  My BG returned to normal after the pregnancy but given it has been three years and I’ve had some recent symptoms of what I used to get with high BG, I just had a recheck along with a recheck of my vitamin D (deficiency was found a year ago, brought back up with high dose tablet then switched to lower dose for maintenance for the past several months).  Both tests came back in normal range.  A1c was 5.3 so not in “prediabetes” range but still think it is a little higher than it needs to be. I don’t want to risk a prolonged gluten challenge pushing me over.  So, I am pretty confident that my only choice is to go 100% gluten-free.  BUT, I have 3 kids who are all on the small side. All of them have always been on the lowest (and sometimes fell off) the standard growth chart.  My older kids are on the later end of puberty and they all have occasional tummy troubles and other minor ailments. I have other family members who have GI problems too. I just need to know if I do carry the celiac disease genes then I know to keep a closer eye on my kids and have them screened from time to time and notify my family who may want to look into it for themselves.  If no genes, then maybe I can relax a little.


I hate waiting…..

What Constitutes An Iga "deficiency"?

13 August 2013 - 05:06 AM

My bloodwork showed my total IgA at 67 range is 81-463

Allergist said my IgA was low but clinically insignificant. I did not get to talk to him directly and don't plan on any further visits with him.

I just want to know what constitutes an IgA "deficiency"? My number is low but does it have to be low to a certain point to be considered a deficiency rather than just low? Or, is anything below range considered a deficiency?

Will a gluten-free or gluten-light diet affect the total IgA bloodwork?

celiac disease Panel Results

07 August 2013 - 11:48 AM

tTG IgA <1 value <4
IgA 67 range 81-463 (low)
tTG IgG 4 value <6

Prior to testing I was gluten light for several months to gluten-free for 3 wks to gluten light for 3wks to gluten heavy for 2 wks

Any thoughts?

What Kind Of Doctor/specialist To See For Leaky Gut?

07 August 2013 - 04:14 AM

I've only really heard of Leaky Gut Syndrom for about a year.  Before that I thought it was some kind of slang term used when someone had diarrhea.


I am seriously considering this as a possibility to all my suffering but I'm not sure where to find a doctor who is knowledgable with Leaky Gut.


I've dealth with GI problems most of my life. 7 years ago I had 1 blood test + the rest - for celiac disease but biopsies were negative.  During that same time I was DXed with rheumatoid arthritis (actual DX is pauciarticular juvenile rheumatoid arthritis - I had symptoms dating back to my early teens that all my Drs missed).  I've been back and forth between gluten-free and gluten-light over the years.  A few months ago I had a couple of back to back sinus infections and the walk-in med care center suggested I do allergy testing (which they just started doing in their office).  I have some environmental allergies I am getting weekly shots for (none are really too bad though) and my IgG food allergies came back with several foods I am "allergic" to.  Severe level: Flaxseed; High level: wheat, gluten (no surprise to me), rye, rice, soybean, carrots, cows milk, peanuts; and Moderate level: beef, scallops.  I had some in the mild range as well.  My GI problems include alternating D and C, severe cramping (near the point of passing out), narrow stool with frequent change in consistency and color, gas, bloating, gurgling, fluttering, burping, flatulence, acid reflux, indigestion and burning in the stomach, inability to wipe clean, fecal incontinence, a LOT of mucus and sometimes bile (or that thick dark yellow liquidy stuff), hemorrhoids.  Other problems: nail fungus on both big toes, brittle/thin nails, yellowish teeth, hair loss, itchy scalp and skin all over (but no rash), foggy brain, terrible memory, can't focus, fatigue, anxiety, depression, headaches, occasional migranes, joint stiffness and pain.


I just recently went on a heavy gluten challenge to do another celiac disease panel. But I was gluten-light for a long time and then gluten-free for about 3 weeks, gluten-light for about another 3 weeks and then went gluten-heavy for 2 weeks before doing bloodwork.  BW came back negative, but with a low IgA ("minimally low, no clinical significance"). 


I'm not sure if I want to bother with another GI doctor to go foward with more celiac disease testing or find someone who specializes in Leaky Gut.  I did a quick search in my area on leaky gut and pulled up a few chiropracters/wellness practitioners that test/treat for it.   What kind of "doctor" should I be looking for?



Question About Doing Blookwork After Limited Gluten Diet

02 August 2013 - 07:11 AM

I'll try to keep it brief -  I was tested for celiac disease several years ago. IgG titer (can't remember specific name) came back positive, but biopsies appeared to be normal.  No celiac disease diagnosed, just a sensitivity. Since then, I've been back and forth between full gluten and limited gluten diets.  By limited, I mean that I chose gluten-free when I could but I did not worry about cross contamination or trace amounts and I allowed myself a cheat here and there. I would have a few bites of pasta, a slice of pizza or a couple of cookies every few days or so. I went gluten-free for 3 weeks because I had IgG allergy testing that showed a wheat/gluten allergy, but then I just ended up going back to a gluten limited diet. I saw a allergy/immunology specialist to find out more about the wheat/gluten (and other various food) "allergies".  His opinion was that the type of allergy testing that was done (by a different provider) was more indicative of an intollerance rather than a true allergy. He recommended that since I do already have RA and every GI symptom (besides bleeding) there is, that I should go ahead and repeat the celiac panel. He recommended I go full gluten for 2 weeks before doing the bloodwork.  It has been a little over 2 weeks now,  I have had a LOT of gluten filled meals.  I have something with gluten in it several times a day. Digestively, I have been paying for it dearly. 


I'm just curious to hear opinions about going forward with the blood test after going full gluten for just 2 weeks?   I've done a little reasearch and know that some recommend at least 6wks and some say 6mos, but those recommendations are for after being strict gluten-free, whereas I was just limited.  



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