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In Topic: Vitamins And Supplements

21 September 2013 - 07:58 AM

Dr. Mercola whole food vitamins are NOT gluten-free!! I found that out when IH pointed it out to me after I had been taking them for quite a while. :lol: They have "sprouted barley juice (whole plant)" and "wheat grass juice (whole plant)". The writing is so tiny I never even noticed.


Wow you are right, I see it now!!!  DARN... I've been taking them. No wonder my stomach is still all screwed up. (Plus I haven't been able to scrub out my cabinets yet, or go through all my lotions and toothpastes and whatnot. I have a whole large box of supplements I'm going to have to probably throw out.)

In Topic: Vitamins And Supplements

21 September 2013 - 07:34 AM

I have a bottle of Dr. Mercola Complete Probiotics and it says it is gluten free, also free from dairy, corn, soy, yeast and eggs.


Dr. Mercola's Whole Food Multivitamin Plus is a wonderful, complete vitamin, but does NOT say gluten free on my bottle. However, I thought I read somewhere on his website that it is gluten free, it just doesn't have the official label yet, but I am not sure.


I am having a lot of frustration with supplements too. At first, I read a book that said the preservative magnesium stearate is bad for you, and it seems to be in every supplement. That's why I went to the Mercola brand, he doesn't use magnesium stearate.


Also his Digestive Enzymes list only gelatin, cellulose and silica as ingredients besides the enzymes, but the bottle doesn't say gluten free so I don't know. I am taking all these though and they seem to be helping.


I have a bottle of Nature's Way multivitamin, and it says that it contains no "wheat grain" but does not say no gluten. Also, it does contain wheat grass but I have read that the grass is not the part with gluten. So is there cross contamination there? I don't know.


I just bought a Rainbow Light brand calcium supplement. It says it contains no gluten, but it does have magnesium stearate.


I am so completely lost with the supplements, and so frustrated. I can't keep much of anything on my stomach and I just got my bone scan results, not good. I gotta do something.


Oh.... here is something to investigate.... http://lifelinefoods.com/pdaily.htm


Again, I can't find on that page where it says gluten free, but one of their other ones does. That liquid, if gluten free, might be the best choice, it may be easier to absorb and not have the preservatives.

In Topic: Need Some Advice

17 September 2013 - 01:04 PM

I don't know if OP is still reading this thread. There are a lot of good responses.


You are correct, if you go gluten free with him, and you marry, things will be a lot easier. But he has an emotional issue with this and I think it has something to do with boundaries. If you go gluten free "for him", this is not a position he can trust. He wants you to be you. If you make this major life change he needs to know it is real and will be permanent. The only way that will happen is if you want to be gluten free for your own selfish reasons.  (EDIT: this sounded bad when I reread it, I don't mean bad selfish, I mean good selfish, as in reasons that are genuinely for your own benefit, not his.)


As far as I am concerned, your potential future children are selfish reasons enough. I am not of the belief that it's okay to eat gluten "until" you get Celiac Disease. From my own life, I suspect gluten has been making me sick since I was a small child, but very insidiously. Not necessarily ways that will be caught in your child. It made my own children sick in ways that were never caught as Celiac or gluten related but in retrospect, clearly were.


Man was not really meant to eat grains, and you could do worse than having a low-grain, gluten free lifestyle to give your children the best nutritional start. Do some researching on these matters and come to this conclusion on your own, completely aside from him. Disconnect your gluten free diet from him. Make it so even if you broke up, you will remain gluten free for the sake of your future children whomever you have them with. And of course if you stay with him, your kids automatically have a good chance of getting his celiac gene. YES, it certainly does benefit someone with that genetic tendency to be gluten free from birth!


If you eating gluten free along with him makes him feel "weak", he needs to get over that. He feels he is rare and sick but he needs to learn up a little on gluten and the human race. He is only the tip of the iceberg.  All the obesity around him in young people, the early onset diabetes, it's all connected to wheat and carbs. It makes him feel like you are treating him like a "sick" person, and catering to him, when he does not want to be treated that way. I can understand that. You need to quit doing it "for him" altogether. And he needs to quit viewing himself as sick or inferior as a man. He is actually quite normal. It is the last 10,000 years of us eating grains that is abnormal.

In Topic: Husband - Grrrrrrr

12 September 2013 - 06:39 AM

He probably thinks he has been heroically good and it's like the movie when the air traffic controller says, "Millions of safe flights and nobody says a thing but one little plane crash and they're all over you about it."


People don't get the 100% OCD requirement. And that Celiac Disease is a FAMILY disease. If you have the genetic tendency, then you could at any time come down with frank digestive symptoms, but more insidiously, decades of untypical damage. Destroyed thyroid, TYPE 1 DIABETES for the love of God. That alone is reason enough to take no chances and keep your kids completely gluten free.


Maybe that will get his attention. Silent Celiac disease can cause a child's pancreas to quit, dead in its tracks, we're talking giving insulin shots to a 5 year old, pricking his finger several times a day. I've seen a family go through this. You do not want to go there.


Thyroid failure, bone fractures, intestinal cancer, all of it linked to Celiac. It's not about tummy aches and the trots. You are saving your children from hellish results. The negative blood test is completely meaningless. It is one point in time. A snapshot. All it means is the person might not have active villi destruction at this point in time.


I don't know, maybe summarize this in a 30 second statement and give it to him, with apologies for not appreciating the extent to which he already complies, then let him stew in it awhile.


To be clear, I'm not saying you don't appreciate what he already does, I'm saying if you say that to him, at the same time you give him the nasty facts, it'll be like a conduit to open his brain to hearing you. At least my husband seems to respond to that. He needs to hear the actual words, "I notice what you do and appreciate it." After that he seems open to listening to new information and my point of view, for about 30 seconds. LOL.

In Topic: Questioning Celiac Diagnosis..?

12 September 2013 - 04:37 AM


 I am pretty positive it is not cross contamination as I check everything before I eat. I won't even touch food that has fallen on my counter because other people in my house eat bread and leave bread crumbs everywhere, but I try and make 100% sure nothing I eat touches any surface in my kitchen, even forks and spoons and whatever else.


Do you have a separate toaster? Are you SURE nobody sneakily uses it? How about microwave, wooden spoons? Pots that have small pits or scratches, that even washed could hide gluten? Separate cabinets? Have you considered airborne particles? Crumbs dropping in your silverware drawer? Cosmetics, shampoos, lotions, hair dye, etc?


I agree about the antibiotics also, it may have messed up your gut bacteria. I also agree cuts taking a long time to heal is not normal. Also the tingling and other symptoms you mention could be signs of certain nutrient deficiencies that may be continuing to affect you even if your villi are healing. But I worry that you still have diarrhea once a week. It is not really normal at all, unless you can account for it by eating a ton of watermelon at once or something.