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Member Since 20 Aug 2013
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Seeing The Gi Tomorrow

28 August 2013 - 10:15 AM

Finally, my appt is almost here!!!  Not exactly sure what to expect tomorrow but glad it’s almost here.  Made this appt at the request of my doctor after my blood tests came back negative but genetic tests were positive.  Low carbed for 6 weeks prior to blood tests and felt great.  Ate “normal” for 2 weeks before giving up and having the blood tests.  I know I should have eating gluten longer than 2 weeks.  After several late night episodes, I hastily made the decision to have the test done then.  Now, I’m just ready for a diagnosis (good or bad) so I can move on.  I have felt so bad for the last 4 weeks.  Tired of being tired and feeling puny all the time.  Tired of the many gastro issues.  Tired of the all it.  Uuuggghhh!!!!!


Sorry…I know I’m whining.  L I’m beginning to feel like Debbie Downer.

Blood Tests Came Back Negative

20 August 2013 - 12:04 PM

I had blood tests done last week and the results were made available to me Monday.  Doc said the tests were negative but genes were present and referred me to a GI for follow-up. 


Here's a little background.  I was diagnosed with IBS years ago and told to stay away from leafy green veggies, chocolate, carbonated drinks, and so on.  I didn't listen just dealt with the usual side effects.  A year ago, I had a cousin diagnosed with Celiac and began researching to help her mom.  I was shocked to see the similarities between to two.  All of my symptoms were the same as celiac symptoms.  I've joked ever since about being tested but never have.  After a month of low carb eating with no symptoms, I decided to return to eating what I had previously considered normally to have the tests done.  Everywhere I read stated to not change your eating habits before being tested.  I informed the doctor that I had been eating low carb and asked how long I should eat normal before being tested.  He said because I didn't completely eliminate gluten that I would be fine to have the tests now.  I waited a week be the effects became almost too bearable.


For years, I have lived with:

     Bloating, flatulence, stomach cramps (sometimes very severe), diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, brain fog, noises from my abdomen after eating (embarrassingly loud), insomnia


Symptoms I wrote down after returning to eating “normal”:

     Mouth sores, acne, restless leg syndrome, joint achy, irritability


Here are the tests results:






Reference Range


Gliadin(Deamidated) IgA




<20.0 (Negative) unit(s)

Gliadin(Deamidated) IgG




<20.0 (Negative) unit(s)





<4.0 (Negative) U/mL





<6.0 (Negative) U/mL

Celiac DQ Alpha 1




Not Applicable

Celiac DQ Beta 1




Not Applicable

Celiac Gene Pairs?





Not sure exactly what this means other than, I see negative by most of the results.  His comments were "The blood tests were negative but genes were present.  Would see a GI for further advice".

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