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10 September 2013 - 02:22 AM

Hi guys,


I'm new to this forum and still waiting for the results of my blood test. I'm not certain I've got celiac but I feel that my symptoms are similar to what I've read from other people on this forum.


Before I started feeling ill I was having a very active but also stressed lifestyle (doing two jobs in high demanding environments, playing competitive tennis with daily training sessions and living on my own in a foreign country). My diet was extremely carb loaded (I had big bowls of pasta 2 times a day and a big bowl of oatmeal in the morning). I always felt that pasta was the perfect sports / quick energy food so I've eaten it in abundance. 


Suddenly one day as I was walking with my colleagues for lunch (and after snacking on some oatmeal cookies) I collapsed with what felt like an episode of hypoglycemia. After some apple juice I slowly recovered but it took 2 weeks before I was able to make it out of bed again. I developed a dry mouth and an on / off sore throat during that period.


My first idea was that I developed diabetes but my bloodwork was all fine (I had two thorough tests but nothing showed up) the only thing that was noticeable (but not worrying according to the doctor) was increased liver functioning and a slightly underactive thyroid). Since I collapsed (about 2 months ago now) I've been feeling slightly better but I'm still far from my old self (I'm often dizzy, blurred vision, weak, tired, lost some weight, brain fog, hand tremors and I feel weird after eating). The interesting thing is that despite all these problems I'm still able to do intense sports (mainly cycling) but I'm just not feeling healthy in general. I'm suspecting that exercise releases certain hormones that just make me feel better. 


Last week as I was travelling to Italy I had to skip breakfast and I noticed I was feeling better (not dizzy, blurred vision) so I started thinking "maybe it's a food allergy". On holiday last week I had a very simple breakfast (yoghurt with dried fruit and two eggs) and that seemed to really hit the spot (I cycled 5 hours in the mountains without any problems). Since I'm back however I reverted back to my morning oatmeal and I spend most of my morning feeling bad. The oatmeal I'm eating is labelled gluten free but I read that a lot of celiac patients can't tolerate it. I went to the doctor yesterday to ask for a celiac test and I'm not waiting for results.


Doctors told me it's probably burnout / adrenal fatigue but I sense a strong connection with the things I eat and the way I feel. They put me on anti-depressants but that just made me feel worse (so I stopped taking those). 


I read that celiac is more common in blonde / blue eyed people (that would describe my looks)? Does this sound familiar to anyone?





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