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In Topic: Canned Pears

Today, 01:50 AM

For canned pears I think it is worth it to pay more for the name brand.  I usually buy the kind in light syrup or in juice, no artificial sweetners.  I know what you are talking about with the weird hard crap that some brand pass off as pears.  Like, really, you sell this?  LOL...  you could probably sprinkle sugar on them and put them in the fridge for a while to improve the flavor.  


Also, here is a recipe page I dug up. Looking at some of the stuff I found, you can use them in any pear recipe where you cook them, kind of like canned vs fresh peaches.  http://www.allabouty...ed-pear-recipes

In Topic: Fear Of Getting Another Auto-Immune Disorder

Today, 01:45 AM

I certainly understand the fear of something else going wrong.  I am almost 30 and pretty much have the body of an 80 year old, lol.  I have Celiac, Lupus, and Common Variable Immunodeficiency, and the way I cope with my fear of things going out of whack is to just take care of my current problems to the best of my ability.  I am so anal retentive about eating gluten-free I am probably the model Celiac patient to the extreme.  For my other issues, I do treatments and medications on schedule, eat right, etc.  Also, pay attention to your body and don't hesitate to get things checked out.  Better to have a false alarm than to sit on something until it is really bad.  

In Topic: Bad Constipation; Wheat Bran Only Thing That Helps?

Today, 01:39 AM

With only being gluten-free for a week, it is going to take more time for things to change for the better.  In the meanwhile, maybe she can try whole prunes instead of just the juice.  I have bad constipation because of medications I am on, and I usually eat 5 prunes a day for regularity.  A psyllium fiber supplement can help, too.  Staying hydrated is important as well as avoiding foods that can contribute to constipation, like junk foods, cheese, etc.  Basically, any food that doesn't contribute to GI health needs to be minimized until the problems are under control.  Fruits(dried fruit packs a good punch), veggies, nuts, whole grains,  not too much fatty meals like meats or dairy.  Air popped or a fat free popcorn is really good for the go.  Steer her towards whole, naturally gluten-free foods and away from the packaged stuff for now.  A lot of the packaged gluten-free foods are still junk food.


I can understand her being terrified of laxatives, as they are not good for long term use in the most part.  Docusate sodium is a more gentle one that acts differently, doesn't have the cramping stuff like exlax.  Miralax/Restorolax is in its own category and doesn't work like the other pill laxatives... you can tell her it is like a slippery cocktail that helps things move along through.  It doesn't mess with things chemically and cause dependency like some of the stimulant laxatives.   If she is very constipated it will definitely be uncomfortable while her system gets itself cleared out, and then a daily maintenance dose can be figured out, and then you can decrease it and eventually discontinue use if it is tolerated.  Enemas can help clear out acute constipation, definitely not a long term solution, but for this and any problematic backups, it can help clear things out.  They may be weird, but they are easier to tolerate than those stimulant laxatives and all that cramping and pain.


It is also interesting that their bloodwork both was negative.  It may be worth checking to see if a total IgA and IgG level was drawn on either sibling, because if those are low, they can cause false negatives in the blood testing.  I am so sorry your family has to deal with things like a waitlist, and I understand and support the sister just going gluten-free now.  I think that is a good decision.  If she starts to think it isn't helping and wants to eat gluten again, try to get her to stay on it for as long as possible, because when someone is undiagnosed for a long time, it can take a long time for their intestines to heal up.

In Topic: Avoiding Cross Contamination!

Today, 01:20 AM


My son has celiac, I do not and I am addicted to bread. I sacrificed my bread for my son :)  When we eat out, I get gluten. When I am at work, I get gluten. Our dinners are pretty much completely gluten free except pasta night when we cook together. He likes leftovers


You are an awesome mommy :)  My husband does the same... he can get his gluten fix out of the house no problem.

In Topic: Gluten Free, Tapioca Free, And Potato Free

Today, 01:19 AM

Well man, I was searching for one out of products I know, and can't track one down.  Will look more tomorrow to try and hunt something down!