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Fiorucci Foods (Italian Deli Meats)

21 June 2014 - 10:03 PM

I recently picked up some Fiorucci pepperoni paninos at the store, they are little sticks of Mozzarella wrapped in pepperoni, pretty good.  The label looked okay, but I wrote them asking the gluten-free status of their products and got a reply  on June 17, 2014 that all their products are gluten-free.  They have salami, pepperoni, Prosciutto, pancetta, etc.  Apparently they are east coast based, but I bought my stuff at HEB in Texas.  Leaving this info here for others, since there was no current info online.


If you are reading this and a long time has passed since June 2014, you need to re-contact the company as ingredients can change with time.

Bakery Pipe Explosion Covers Home In Flour- Every Celiac's Worst Nightmare!

19 May 2014 - 12:16 PM

An elderly lady that lives next to a bakery got her house covered in flour when a pipe burst.  All I could think of while reading it is THAT would be my worst nightmare, just burn the house down, please!



Braum's Ice Cream And Dairy Stores- gluten-free Products In Grocery! :)

01 February 2014 - 10:04 PM

-This post was made on February 2, 2014.  If you are reading this a few years down the road, please re-check gluten-free info with the company.-


If you live in the Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, or Missouri, you may know about Braum's. (Burger place that serves ice cream and has a grocery side to it-all the dairy is made at their own farm in OK)  And I grew up with Braums, so good!  I miss their burgers.  Everything is great quality.


Obviously the restaurant side isn't going to offer too much at a burger and fry kind of place, but they have a grocery side where they sell a little bit of everything and have really good quality products, milk and ice cream, and groceries.  We went in there the other day, and I usually go in and get the soft serve frozen yogurt in a cup while I oogle at the sundaes that are scooped with a shared scoop as the gluten containing ice creams, but as I was walking out I saw a HUGE SECTION OF gluten-free PRODUCTS in the grocery area!!!!! :D


They had a ton of Udis stuff (more than any other store around here), King arthur flour and chebe mixes, some glutino stuff, and a few other things.  At really good prices, to boot.  $2.99 for Chebe mixes impressed me-Usually at least $3.70 around here.  They sell some meat, fruit, milk and cheese-things that are naturally gluten-free, but they also have a few other things like dips and such that I am not sure of, so I wrote them today to ask about gluten-free stuff on the grocery side, labeling practices, and went ahead and threw in the "anything I can eat in the restaurant?" question.  The only thing addressing gluten on their website says gluten containing ingredients will be listed prominently on ice creams (which they have a bunch) and any ice cream that doesn't have gluten containing ingredients in it is safe.


I will definitely be stopping in here often, so I wanted to spread the word since, to me, it was so unexpected and decent prices.  I have only been to the one local one near me which is newer and larger, so I have no idea if this was a chain-wide rollout but with the prices I think it may be.  I will share any additional information I get when they hopefully write me back!

Russo's Frozen Pizza

08 January 2014 - 06:42 PM

... is the BEST darn thing I have put in my mouth since my celiac diagnosis! 


I was at Kroger in the Fort Worth, TX area today and decided to splurge on a gourmet looking gluten-free pizza to cook when I got home.  It is called Russos, and has the CSA logo on the back.  http://nypizzeria.com/retail.php is the website but you may have to email them to see where you can buy it.  But I HIGHLY recommend picking one of these up if you see them.     If I hadn't already picked apart the label before buying it, I would have dug it out of the trash to make sure it was actually gluten-free.  The meat one "mulberry" they call it, would be a decent meal for two people with a salad on the side.  And SO SO SO SO GOOD!  Don't look at the fat/nutrition facts, just eat it because we deserve pizza that doesn't take like crap... haha.


gluten-free Hamburger Bun Idea- Think Outside The Bun!

06 January 2014 - 08:40 PM

So, I read an article linking to this original post:



And I thought, holy crap!  That looks delicious and (minus the gross food glue dunno whats in that)  gluten free.  Think of the possibilities... Like those baked cheesy bacon potato skin thingies used as a hamburger bun.  Mmmmm.  Or two twice baked potatoes used as a hamburger holding device.  


I think next time I go to Chik Fil A and they aren't busy, I am going to ask them to do something for me.  You know those addicting waffle fries and you sometimes get one that is the size of the carton... I am going to ask them to find me two of those in the bag of frozen ones, so I can make a chicken and french fry sandwich.  The manager and a few staff members at the one near me recognize me as "celiac girl".  Oh, I am totally putting that ranch dipping sauce on it.  Who cares what the mess is.  Does Chik Fil A sell bacon for their sandwiches?  It would make an excellent addition and hold in the sauce.


Now I really want to get a waffle fry cutter, go buy some giant round hamburger shaped potatoes, and make myself a waffle fry bun hamburger.


I have been really hungry today... can you guys tell?  Half my town including us had no power all day so I sat around reading stuff on my cell phone until it died.  I couldn't wait to come post this.