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In Topic: Daycare And 504 Plan

20 May 2015 - 12:45 PM

I would also caution leaving any food there for daily use unless it's individually wrapped/labeled.  The though of a butter tub in the community fridge would cause me heart palpitations all day long!  lol

This.  100%.

In Topic: Daycare And 504 Plan

20 May 2015 - 12:16 PM

Yep, get some food in the kid.  What about letting him pick some mom-approved junky food to eat along with his lunch?


I have a friend that would send in a treat at every lunch.  If any other food came back and the treat was gone she would stop sending in treats.  Sounds fair, right?  Until I had two kids that were struggling to not lose more weight.  That first year I was so focused on calories and fats.  My little stick children needed to get bigger.


Don't forget, you get him for dinner.  You can make that the most nutritious meal of the day.  It's ok.  I promise.  One day he will grow and you'll be amazed.  My 9 year old gained NINE pounds between her 8 yo and 9 yo well visit.  NINE!!  That would be a lot for an "average" kid, but when you're starting with these small kids with celiac...  I did a happy dance in the doctor's room. :)

In Topic: Daycare And 504 Plan

20 May 2015 - 11:19 AM

Oh, one more thing.  When my oldest was in Kinder I wanted the perfect amount of protein, fruit, veggies, etc.  Now I just pack stuff without caring as much.  If elementary kids don't love what's in the lunch box it all comes home with them.  I'd rather she get some calories more than being hungry.  This might be the end of the school year talking, though...

In Topic: Daycare And 504 Plan

20 May 2015 - 11:17 AM

It's ok to be nit-picky. :)


I have made a school lunch for my elementary kid every. single. day for the past four years.  I'm really over school lunches.  But they're easy enough to get a good spread of food.  My older kid helps me pack.


I send a snack for the younger kid.  In KMO the other kids are given a center-provided snack and hers is sent from me.  She's the same age as your son.  So, she's always been "different" and it hasn't bothered her yet.  I truly think it's easy to overthink it as parents in that regard.  In fact, my girl loves carrots and asks me for them almost every day - while her peers are eating goldfish, graham crackers, junky food.  Since she's getting something she loves and picked out she's happy.  Twice now a little friend tried to snag her carrots instead of eating her own food (which is why I keep extra shelf-stable foods at school for her).  Ask your son what he would like and he might just love getting his favorites instead of worrying about it not being the same.

In Topic: Daycare And 504 Plan

20 May 2015 - 10:29 AM

I have two kids with 504 plans (current 3rd grader that got hers at the start of 2nd grade - and current *public school district* Kids Morning Out that starts *public school district* Preschool next year).  I'll only talk about the younger kid right now.


We met to put together her plan the Spring before she started KMO (she was 2.25 years at that time).  I had meetings with the upcoming teacher and aide, head of program, school nurse and Health Services Director for the district.  The Director of the building never attended anything - she had no need to.  Other than the Health Services Director (who puts together all 504s in the district), I had all the people I needed in the room.  We started off by them asking me what happens if she has gluten - I didn't sugar coat anything and might have embellished a little bit as I felt I was speaking for future kids with Celiac in the school too.  Then they literally asked me what I wanted and we discussed them point by point. 

* No food not from me or approved by me

* My kid is assisted with her food first and has a set spot at the head of the table (easier to not have other kids touch her food)

* All supplies were checked and safe from the school district person that does that (not sure of his title - but the man is a beast and gets to the bottom of all ingredients directly from manufacturers)

* Unrestricted bathroom acess



All this to say that I'd have a sit-down with the people that really matter in this scenario - teachers/aids/nurse/etc.


Like Stephanie, I wouldn't trust a cafeteria to feed either of my kids with Celiac.  For example, you have a gluten-free toaster - labeled and color coded and sharpied to high heaven that it's only for your kid - and a sub comes in, throws a regular waffle in, and that toaster is now not safe.  Or tub of butter gets a quick swipe from an unclean knife.  I send in all food.  Period.  Breakfasts from me would be - individual yogurt with granola, oatmeal in a thermos, cereal, etc.  Remember, meals are chaos and they're trying to feed lots of kids at once.


I'm not sure if you can get a formal 504 for a non-public school daycare, but you can always type up your requests and go from there.


Good luck.  It gets easier dealing with this stuff as they get older.

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