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Need A Leave-In Conditioner/detangler

06 March 2015 - 08:25 PM

My oldest has typical "little girl ratty hair".  Same drill as most moms have - she doesn't brush it great, but won't let me touch it.


We've tried Suave detangler - it wasn't good for her hair.  Now we're trying Panten - also not good.


Anybody have a gluten-free one that you really love?  I'm willing to spend more on this because "kid" hair products tend to be junky.



Talk Me Down From The Edge...

21 December 2014 - 10:49 AM

This is about my 8 y/o (also referred to as oldest).


In Fall 2012 she complained all the time about stomach aches.  She would have to get up from the meal to relieve herself - every time, sometimes multiple times.  She went from being really tall (90%) to more average (50%).  The GI ran a panel and celiac came back negative.  We were told that the "pain" is typical of little girls when their reproductive organs are growing and moving and they are unfamiliar with those feelings.  There was a technical term, but I don't remember it right now.


In Fall 2013 her then 1.5 y/o sister was DX with celiac.  (I have some questions about this too since she was basically a baby and used the same blood tests - now I keep reading how unreliable they are, but that isn't my question today.)  So the oldest and middle kids were tested - both had bloodwork come back in that "questionable" area and both had negative endoscopes.  Because the oldest had those other issues (at this point, she had lost weight in over a year, still had stomach pains, still relieving herself every time she ate, etc) we got the celiac DX and called it a day.  She has been 100% gluten-free since 10/2013.


Now we are at today.  Not every time, but still often gets up from a meal to relieve herself.  Which is a key that either we are missing something or celiac isn't the issue.  She hasn't really grown and is so stick thin I doubt she's gained any weight.  The big thing is that the stomach aches are gone.  She told me she can't remember the last time she had one.


Looking back on all this I think I was so completely overwhelmed with my baby having celiac and didn't want her to be alone.  Not that I wished celiac on my oldest, but did I push this?  The kids' GI is laid back and she knew that having a formal DX would help in school for both girls.  BUT, if she doesn't have celiac and just has a gluten intolerance, I don't want this label placed on her.  I mean, if she can go to a birthday party and eat a cupcake then she's not odd-man-out.  Yes, in 3rd grade, it's a horrible thing to stick out in ways like this.


So I'm calling the GI tomorrow at 8:30a to get an appointment. I'd like blood run again - I know that the numbers will be screwed up, but that's neither here nor there.  But, more importantly, I'd like the genetic testing done.  If she doesn't have the genes, she can't have the disease, right?


Our house will still remain 100% gluten-free.  So will lunches and snacks sent from home.  I'm so hoping that the genetic testing comes back negative b/c this added stress is a lot for a kid to deal with.


Has anybody else ever looked back on your path and wondered?  I feel really alone right now and hope I didn't screw up my kid.

Go Picnics At Target

12 November 2014 - 09:00 AM

Many of you may already know this, but I thought some of the newer folks might appreciate the head's up. :)


There are several boxes of Go Picnics that are gluten-free and Target sells a wide variety of them.  If you're walking through the store and you notice they're on sale (in my area the regular price is $3.99/box) grab two boxes.  Then go buy them - for some reason buying two will set off the coupon sensor at the register for another set of two.


For example, my Target had them at $2.99/box.  So I bought two boxes.  The receipt came out with a coupon for $1.50 off two boxes (which takes the price down to $4.50 for two boxes).  Then you can lather, rinse, repeat the process until you're stocked up.  Because I have kids that can use these like "lunchables" I keep a bunch on hand and generally do thise process about four times in a row.  The cashier usually finds in funny and I have no issue taking an extra ten minutes out of my day to save money.  Yes, I buy them, get my coupon, walk back to get more, buy them, get my coupon, etc.


Enjoy!  And make sure you only get the gluten-free boxes - like I said, they aren't all safe gluten-free.

Overthinking The Autumn...

01 September 2014 - 02:51 PM

My husband and I were talking today about our typical Fall activities with the kids - apple picking with the hayride, pumpkin picking with the hayride, climbing the hay bale castle to go through the corn maze, etc. you get the drift.

This is going to be our first Fall dealing with celiac. Is hay a concern? No idea if it's wheat, but I'm in the Midwest so highly likely - we make our wheat cheap and plentiful!

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