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In Topic: Newbie To Coeliac Disease - From England. Please Help!

27 September 2013 - 10:32 AM

Hi everyone,


My name is Lauren, I'm 19 years old and I was just hoping for some help.


After 1.5 years of tests, new medications and hospital visits, I was finally diagnosed with coeliac disease in July of this year (2013). Since then, I'm been following a gluten free diet but I've been struggling with it. I have been trying out different brands of gluten free bread and even making my own and I still can't handle the taste of it. It's taking me some time to get used to a gluten free diet and it's getting me quite down because I don't know anyone with this condition and none of my friends even really understand it (my housemate - I live at uni, which also makes it hard. Student budget and all - has kindly offered to make me a gluten free cake for my birthday and my other housemate has offered to help me learn recipes which is VERY lovely of them!!) and I just need someone to talk to who has and understands the condition.


I am a member of Coeliac UK and have the food directory and a lot more information that comes with it - I was also given a lot from my dietician. It overwhelmed me quite a bit and going gluten free has been a huge change for me.


If anyone can help me or just talk about how they are managing with it and reassure me that it does get easier that will really be appreciated!


Thank you!
Lauren :)


I was diagnosed October last year and has spent the last year learning to live with celiac disease. The bread: You get used to it, I thought it was horrible the first months, but now I almost can't remember what "normal" bread tastes like. Another thing I found difficult was being the "difficult one" when eating out, but as someone said to me: If you feel like you are being difficult asking for special food, just think about how it's going to be easier for the next celiac eating in the same restaurant. :)


A few tips:

Baking: Doves gluten free self raising flour (very good for fairy cakes that tastes almost just like "normal")

Pasta: Doves farm gluten-free pasta

Baguettes: Schär has got some good ones

Bread: Fria (frozen, I toast some each time I need bread)

Travel: Toastabag - reusable toastbags that makes it safe for you to use toasters everywhere


I hope this was of some help to you.


- Heidi