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In Topic: Are There Various Levels One Can Tolerate Gluten Without Symptoms?

24 January 2009 - 06:59 AM

Yes .. I have a friend who can get by with being CC'd on a regular basis, but when it finally hits, he knows he has to back off all possible gluten for awhile. He appears to be very insensitive to gluten where as I get CC'd / sick very quickly.

But, it would be hard to know what extent you've been CC'd if you're eating gluten-free foods since our standards for Gluten free aren't in place yet. Eating out is always a huge risk ...

In Topic: Starving/always Hungry

24 January 2009 - 06:51 AM

So since my diagnosis in September, obviously I am way more careful about what I am putting into myself. My problem is I am always starving . No matter how much or how little or how often I am always hungry. When I eat, no matter how much I eat I am still hungry. I never even remotely feel "full" or close. I am already over my ideal weight, and am miserable just trying to not gain any more. In the process of getting my thyroid checked but really getting more frustrated than anything. I do exercise regularly, both weights and cardio. Any ideas?

It could also be a blood glucose problem.


What are the symptoms of hypoglycemia?

Hypoglycemia causes symptoms such as

dizziness or light-headedness
difficulty speaking

In Topic: "Super Sensitive" Celiacs.....

20 January 2009 - 08:03 AM

A few months ago, I had stool testing for food intolerances by Dianos-Techs and was glad I did. It showed that I getting gluten antibodies still and that I was allergic to egg whites. I'd been making my own mayo with eggs so this was a shock. I thought I was fine with them. It came back positive for candida and some kind of digestive immune system problem too ...

Genova is another lab that looks at food intolerances .. does Enterolab look at all that too ?

I've finally concluded that I feel better if I stick to the low carb Paleo diet / low oxalate. I was on this and was feeling much better but then around Thanksgiving, because I was feeling so good, I decided to play around with grains, etc .. Now I just have to undo this ... <_<

In Topic: "Super Sensitive" Celiacs.....

17 January 2009 - 08:47 AM

It could be the fiber in the oats too. I have a few freinds who use oats as a laxative. Flax meal is good for this too.

I started on the oats because I wanted to make oatmeal choc chip cookies for a celiac mtg. I used Bob's choc chip cookie mix and this and it turned our really well .. be sure to add some water too. I used 6 tblsp ...

Then I just got carried away.

In Topic: "Super Sensitive" Celiacs.....

17 January 2009 - 03:02 AM

The oats went down really well. They gave me a full calm feeling in my stomach that I'm not getting from the other foods I'm eating. I'm mostly Paleo so I'm mostly eating meats, fruits and veggies.

I know I overdid it though ... I've always like the taste of oatmeal.

Good tip on the Sunbutter. I have soy issues too but forgot about it when I was eating this.

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