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#503789 "Super Sensitive" Celiacs.....

Posted by on 20 January 2009 - 08:03 AM

A few months ago, I had stool testing for food intolerances by Dianos-Techs and was glad I did. It showed that I getting gluten antibodies still and that I was allergic to egg whites. I'd been making my own mayo with eggs so this was a shock. I thought I was fine with them. It came back positive for candida and some kind of digestive immune system problem too ...

Genova is another lab that looks at food intolerances .. does Enterolab look at all that too ?

I've finally concluded that I feel better if I stick to the low carb Paleo diet / low oxalate. I was on this and was feeling much better but then around Thanksgiving, because I was feeling so good, I decided to play around with grains, etc .. Now I just have to undo this ... <_<
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#266818 Fritos

Posted by on 06 February 2007 - 10:40 AM


This is just a legal disclaimer. If I was their attorney, I would advise them to say the same thing. Technically, "gluten free" will not have an actual definition until 2008 (i believe). Even then, it will allow for 20 ppm of gluten and under to be gluten free.

It does not make economic sense for these companies to switch to gluten free dedicated lines (at least not yet). I don't blame them. In fact, I am glad they disclose how they make them so I can make an informed decision on whether to buy their product or not.

furthermore, if they use the same lines for different products (some gluten free and some not), they had better issue this disclaimer (for liability reasons).

Eating out and non-dedicated lines are part of the risks associated with being Celiac. It sucks, but that's business/life.


See, I believe it does make economic sense for them to produce a gluten-free product on a dedicated line. I certainly don't want eat the first batch made on that line after they have made something with gluten ... :ph34r:

Anyone new to the diet may not respond to these, but later on probably will. We appear to get more sensitive to gluten the less we are exposed to it.

Until, I am certain I will not be glutenned and spend the next few days jerking and on the toilet, I'm not going to eat these ... They lost my $2.79 ... :lol:

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