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Newbie Questions

06 October 2013 - 06:20 PM



Some background:

I've been having some digestive issues for about a year (diarreaha, gas, abdominal pain). A few months ago I saw a GI specialist, and did some blood tests, a colonoscopy, and lactose tolerance test. All the tests were normal except the lactose tolerance test, which I failed miserably. So I cut lactose out of my diet and have been feeling alot better since.


However I still get stomach aches, diarreha and bad gas maybe once or twice a month. I suspect some other type of food intolerance. I usually don't eat wheat every day so I have been trying a gluten challenge for the last week to see if that provokes any kind of reaction. So far, it hasn't. I had a few questions about it though: After a glutening how long does it typically take for digestive symptoms to appear in people with celiac disease? Also how much gluten to you need to consume per day? I've been eating about 3 cups of cooked pasta each day for dinner. Is that enough? (I've heard 2 slices of bread is the average for a gluten challenge, but I prefer pasta because I like the taste, and dry pasta keeps longer than fresh bread) Finally, are there "levels" of celiac disease? i.e. can the severity of symptoms greatly vary between people with celiac disease?

Thanks alot for reading.



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