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In Topic: Chef That Wants Your Feedback

17 December 2014 - 05:27 PM

Ooh boy! I am excited for this. Gotta prepare.


-runs in place, shakes out hands- OKAY! Here are my ideal situations:


- More SOY free gluten free meals available...both in restaurants and stores. A lot of people with celiac disease can't have soy either, and we are already limited by gluten. For example, a lot of gluten free pizzas seem to have soy (in the crust). I have found a few places that don't, but a lot of them do. There is a restaurant in one of the casinos near where I live that has GIG certified pizza that is also soy free! I was super excited. It was made from rice. In addition to soy, a lot of people with celiac disease have issues with dairy and corn, yet almost all gluten-free products are filled with dairy, soy, and corn.


- I would love to have a stuffed crust gluten free pizza. I've never seen that!


- I wish restaurants offered more gluten free options in general. Usually it's pizza and burgers without the bun. Fries are usually contaminated because they fry them in the same oil as breaded foods. I've yet to see a restaurant offer gluten-free mozzarella sticks or quesadillas. I have tried a calzone though (also soy free!), and it was amazing. 


- Different sizes for gluten-free pizzas. I would love to order a gluten-free party pizza and freeze it...it'd last me for ages. Even though I'd pay more, it'd be worth it. 


I'll add more as I think of them!







In Topic: Body Odor

08 December 2014 - 09:47 PM

I can't really help you on the skin thing...I sometimes randomly have armpit odor (before applying deodorant) and sometimes I don't. It's like it just depends on whatever my body wants to do. I also use an all natural, aluminum free/antiperspirant free deodorant, so I could still be detoxing.


But as for the breath...here is what my story is. (I am not a vegetarian, but I only eat chicken and turkey occasionally - no red meat or pork and rarely, RARELY seafood) After dating my boyfriend for a couple of months, he told me that I have bad breath. Um. What? I go to the dentist every 6 months. Never had a cavity. I brush my teeth every day, twice a day. Never once had anyone else tell me that i have bad breath, and I figured if I had bad breath, I'd 'know' it, wouldn't I? I brushed it off and assumed it was due to eating garlic or onions occasionally. Nope. So then I went crazy trying to pinpoint what foods could be causing my bad breath. I found out that whenever I ate large amounts of dairy without taking my lactaid pills (I am lactose intolerant) that my breath seemed to be bad (I would 'test' it with him) my breath would be bad even if i went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth right before. So I gave up dairy and hoped that would be the end of it...as it was extremely embarrassing, especially with my diligent dental hygiene. But no...it would still be on/off bad. Really bad at times. Salsa and salad dressing also triggered it. I finally went to the doctor and he told me I had acid reflux/GERD. He gave me samples of Pepcid to try. That made it worse. I was really getting frustrated.


Finally, I went to a naturopath and he discovered that I have a hiatal hernia. He adjusted it for me...and then all symptoms of bad breath were gone. I even was able to eat a rather large amount of dairy without the bad breath returning...but unfortunately the hernia slid back. I don't want to keep getting this adjusted (and I don't want to have the surgery) so I am trying to lose a good amount of weight and then have it readjusted. I also realized I have low stomach acid (which causes GERD - not high stomach acid) so eating apple cider vinegar temporarily raises my stomach acid and prevents/stops bad breath. For example, I can eat a marinara sauce with garlic in it if I have a salad along with it using homemade apple cider vinegar dressing. No bad breath. If i eat too much fat, it also triggers bad breath (like if I eat a lot of almond butter) so I try to either lower the amount of almond butter I eat, or eat it around when I eat apple cider vinegar. 


I really want to find permanent solutions to get rid of the hiatal hernia. I know weight loss/management is a good start. I gained about 60 pounds in a 2 month period when all of my health issues hit me. I was severely bloated (and still have bloating issues periodically, but less frequently and not as bad) at my smallest (before everything escalated) I was a size 8 - I am now a size 10. (getting close! :) ) I feel a size 4 or 6 might be my best bet to keep a smaller weight and prevent my hernia from coming back. It is extremely frustrating. I really don't want the surgery, since the hernia can still come back after the surgery and obviously other complications can arise...I'd rather just do it naturally and have him adjust it for me again. So on his end - it could be low stomach acid and/or a hiatal hernia. I never would have guessed that was causing my issues.


I hope you can figure out what is causing his bad breath issues! It is extremely embarrassing and disheartening to deal with it. I was mortified. I still am - I have enough to deal with as it is!

In Topic: Just Have To Get This Out.

08 December 2014 - 08:54 PM

Update: Just found out today that my mother does not have celiac disease. I am not at all surprised, and I am very relieved for multiple reasons. Phew. Thank you all for the advice/for listening. :)

In Topic: My Lunch For My First Day Of Work

04 December 2014 - 06:33 PM

^ Right? Eeeeeewwww. Hahaha

In Topic: My Lunch For My First Day Of Work

04 December 2014 - 05:15 PM

Due to my strict diet, and all of my limitations - I pretty much cook everything from scratch...so when I can save time and buy something that's easy to make (pretty much never - just frozen fruit/veggies), I grab it. I bought the Stop & Shop brand frozen broccoli/cauliflower blend that you steam right in the microwave. So needless to say I didn't wash it or inspect it, I just threw it right in. I've never had an issue before! 


Thanks for the tips though, since I apparently might need to start buying fresh broccoli if I want it. -sigh- I can't eat it raw, so I will need to learn how to cook it. I like it best when I steam it in the microwave first, then my bf grills it. I like it really mushy and soggy, and kind of burnt >_>


Blessedmommy - Omg. Lol. That sounds disgusting. I know worms are natural, and that there could be worse things...but it totally skeeves me out. Food in general grosses me out more and more. I wish I could go on a water diet for like a year and heal completely. What would you suggest in general - SHOULD I be going to a farmer's market to buy fresh broccoli?


bartfull - Dare I ask, but are you saying there are always worms in broccoli? -gulps-