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Gluten And Soy Free Cooking Spray?

18 October 2014 - 03:53 PM

Does this even exist? My boyfriend's mother just gave us a brand new waffle iron, and I want to try a recipe for SCD approved waffles. You need to spray the waffle iron, but every cooking spray I've seen has soy in it. Has anyone seen anything different? Could I just brush the waffle iron with olive oil? 


Thanks in advance!

Just Want To Share This Small Victory!

16 October 2014 - 10:23 AM

I posted a thread a couple of days ago about my boyfriend, who was battling a nasty cold. He started feeling sick on Saturday. I ended up staying over until Monday night, and left Tuesday morning.


During this time, we spent a lot of time cuddling and watching movies, and we had to share a bed (we used different blankets) obviously I did not kiss him during this time. 


I just wanted to announce that I somehow did not catch his cold, and to me that is a huge deal...as for awhile I was getting sick ALL the time. I wasn't sure if my immune system would be able to handle this or not, I was very paranoid about getting sick, but I didn't want to leave him. (He has vasovagal episodes sometimes, and he blacked out Saturday night and didn't tell me until Sunday morning, so of course I was paranoid about leaving him while he wasn't feeling well...)


I don't know if it's because I'm on a very strict healing diet, and I'm only eating really healthy food or what, but regardless, I am super pleased that I was able to be a good girlfriend and take care of him, while not getting sick myself. 


Take that, celiac!  :ph34r:

Help Please! Going To Make Soup For Boyfriend

11 October 2014 - 09:48 AM

My boyfriend isn't feeling well, so I decided I was going to make him some soup. I picked up Pacific Chicken broth, a package of soup greens (includes parsnips, turnips, dill, parsley, leeks, carrots, celery, and onion), chicken breasts, and noodles. A good girlfriend I try to be, a good cook I am not (yet). Can anyone help me think up a really quick and easy way to cook with these ingredients? Can I just chop everything up and throw it in the broth to cook for 30 minutes or so? Should I bake the chicken first? I know to cook the noodles first before adding it to the broth, that is not an issue...but everything else?  I already tried looking up recipes and I wasn't finding anything useful.


Please and thank you! 

Seborrheic Dermatitis - Any Idea?

14 September 2014 - 03:33 PM

I started having issues with my scalp, forehead, and the back of my neck a few years ago. At first I thought it was just dandruff, until it spread to my forehead. I soon got diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis. I have tried MANY different methods/"cures", and what not - and nothing has worked. When I was diagnosed with celiac disease a few years later, I thought that giving up gluten would clear it up. It didn't.


Since I am dealing with candida and issues with histamine, I have changed my diet drastically. No sugar, no soy, no dairy, and I am eating all foods with low histamine levels. (Lots of grilled chicken and vegetables, lots of water. No fruit - except rarely organic blueberries, raspeberries, and blackberries) I just recently (and successfully) reintroduced organic, no sugar added almond butter. I don't eat any other nuts. I swapped sunflower products out of my diet and added pumpkin seeds in. I only use olive oil for cooking, and even bought celtic sea salt for seasoning, no other seasoning is used...except sometimes I use table salt when at my boyfriend's house. 


Has anyone else dealt with seb. dermatitis? What has worked for you? I will list everything I have tried throughout the years:


Prescription Shampoos/topical treatments:

Ketocazanole Shampoo - seemed to cause more build up

Another antifungal shampoo, I can't recall the name 

Mometasone Solution - This will actually work if I apply it regularly, however, you are not supposed to for long periods of time, and once I stop - it comes right back.

Cortisone (prescription strength) - saw no changes. 


OTC Shampoos/Conditioners/topical treatments:



Head & Shoulders (various)

JASON Shampoo/Conditioner

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo (made it worse - later found out wheat is an ingredient. I also have a wheat allergy)



Natural Remedies:

Coconut Oil 

Derm-Essentials for Sebborrheic Dermatitis 

"No poo" - Baking soda as shampoo; Apple cider vinegar rinse for conditioner 


Dietary Changes:

Gave up gluten - slightly improved

Gave up soy - no change 

Gave up dairy - no change

Candida diet (no sugar) - no change

Low histamine - no change ** Note, between the candida diet and low histamine diet, I have pretty much given up all nightshades. Potatoes are not allowed on the candida diet, and eggplant and tomatoes are too high in histamine. 


Currently, I use Dr. Bronner's soaps as shampoo, and their conditioning rinse as a conditioner. Both are organic and gluten free, and contain no chemicals or additives. I also use the Dr. Bronner's soaps as a body soap, and rub the back of my neck. Although I can't see what it looks like, it tends to feel less scratchy/raised after I use it, possibly because it contains coconut oil. I do still apply organic, cold pressed coconut oil to the back of my neck and ears. It helps a bit. 


My boyfriend saw the back of my neck today and noted that it looks the worst he's ever seen it. :( To me that makes no sense, considering my diet is much better than it has been in the past, and all of my hair care products are gluten free/organic, chemical free, etc. Not sure where to go from here. I have seen 4 doctors about this. One told me it was "trial and error". 2 keep trying to push me the same products that are proven not to work. Nothing is working, I am so frustrated...and i know I must be missing something. 


Does anyone have any advice on what helped them? 

Experience With Bone Broth For Healing Gut?

27 August 2014 - 09:17 AM

Hi everyone! I've been so frustrated with my ongoing digestive problems, that I started to really consider drinking/eating bone broth, as I've heard it is really great for the digestive tract. I found a company that makes their own brand, that you can order online and I'm really interested in trying it. They go into detail about the process/ingredients and it matches every description I've found online. I don't want to make my own for a variety of reasons, one of course being that I don't believe I would make it the right way due to inexperience. They say their broth has been used by GAPS clients and others just looking for ultimate health benefits, and they seem to have a lot of good reviews.




I want to try it, but I was wondering first if anyone had their own positive/negative experiences with this. I know Gottaski mentioned that it is very good for healing the gut, which made me even more interested...but I was just curious if anyone else has any other testimonials. Thanks in advance!