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So Happy!

07 January 2015 - 08:57 PM

I have always struggled with my weight, since I was about 8 years old. I was always active in sports or dance...I never ate THAT much, but nothing mattered.  Both of my parents are overweight and so are most of the people in my family. In 2009, I started going to the gym a lot and began to lose weight. I did not change my diet. By exercising alone, I got down to a size 8. Even after I stopped going to the gym, I was able to maintain this pant size, for awhile. 


Pretty much all at once the health issues snowballed on top of me. Skin issues (seb. dermatitis, rosacea) lactose intolerance, extreme fatigue, and about a 60 pound weight gain in a very short amount of time. I was too upset to buy jeans, so I don't know what size I actually went to, but it was at least a 14 if not a 16. We'll say this was late early 2011.


I got diagnosed with celiac disease in July of 2013. I bought my first pair of jeans in awhile - size 14.


After a month of going gluten free, I went down to a size 12.


And that was it. I completely plateaued at a size 12, even after going on a candida diet and avoiding processed gluten-free foods.


Flash forward to October of 2014 - when I started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet strictly. Within about a month, I was down to a size 10. 


Now...today...I decided to try on my old size 8 jeans (for the first time in YEARS) just to see how far I need to go. They fit. They fit PERFECTLY. No sucking in, no struggling to get them to button. They fit perfectly. :)


I am officially back down to the pant size I was before all of this started. I am so relieved...especially because I really need to keep my weight down due to my hiatal hernia. I have a lot of other things to continue to work on, but I am so happy. I can't even believe it, it doesn't seem real. I just had to share this victory with you all. :) 


As for my weight - no idea. I kept swearing I'd weigh myself when I got back down to a size 8, but...I really don't want to :( Lol.

Possibly Contaminated Nutbag?

04 January 2015 - 11:29 AM

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! :) 


Okay so...I have been on a very strict diet since October. I have been cooking a lot more, and since then my OCD issues with gluten/cross contamination have increased significantly, especially since my family/boyfriend still eat gluten.


My boyfriend is very careful about cross contamination, and even decreased how much he eats gluten, but he still eats it and I am still stressed about crumbs/etc.


We make our own almond and coconut milk using nutbags. Today we were making the almond milk, and he accidentally dropped the nutbag in the sink. I immediately got paranoid because he washes his gluten dishes in the sink, and we never really wash the sink. I am aware I might be overly cautious, but my stress/OCD levels are at a peak when I am cooking, and I have never had my blood levels checked to see if my antibodies have gone down (maybe if I saw evidence that I am getting better I'd calm down)


He washed the nutbag out with hot soap/water. Is that fine? Should we put it through the dishwasher? Boil it in water/soap? Should it just be fine as is? 


Thanks in advance!

My Lunch For My First Day Of Work

04 December 2014 - 04:31 PM

I just started a new job, and they had a nice luncheon spread out for us, complete with a sundae bar later on. I knew I wouldn't be able to eat anything, so I brought broccoli/cauliflower in a pyrex for my lunch. 


And I made this discovery:




EEEWWWWWWWWWWW!! I don't care that the worm is gluten free, I dunwantit!!!!  :( I got my money back after work, but man was I hungry all day :'( 

Just Have To Get This Out.

02 December 2014 - 10:37 PM

(I'll try to keep this brief)


I still live at home with my parents, not by choice. I have never had a job that paid very much, and I paid my way through school. I help them pay the bills, I buy my own food, pay for my own gas, etc etc so I am not "mooching" off of them or anything along those lines - just to make that clear.


My mom and I have had a rocky relationship ever since I graduated high school, I'd say. We used to be pretty close, and then she just started to get nasty. A lot of people have asked me if she is bi polar. I don't know if she is or not. Ever since I was 13, I told my parents I didn't feel good. They took me to the doctor but never found anything wrong, so as I got older and kept complaining...my parents started to treat me as a hypochondriac. I mean..laughing in my face, rolling their eyes, walking away from me as I beg them to take me to the doctor. One time I had a severe allergic reaction and begged to be taken to the hospital and my mom handed me a paper bag. Thank God I now have an epi pen. 


When I was diagnosed, neither one of my parents really batted an eyelash. Their lives were not at all affected...I buy my own food, cook for myself, etc etc, which is fine. They didn't (and don't) understand celiac disease and never seemed to care to. 


Flash forward to a few days ago..my mom found out she has diverticulitis. So does her older sister. (Her sister does not have celiac disease - she was tested) Now her doctor is urging her to get tested for celiac disease. She is getting tested first thing in the morning. That is all fine. Here is what is bothering me.


I have been dealing with this for about 1.5 years now. Like all of you, I have some friends that are supportive, and I have some that just don't get it. I have an amazing boyfriend that has been my rock through it, and I found this amazing forum, as well as other online resources. My dental hygienist also has Celiac disease, so when I see her we talk about it. I get a lot of support, just not from my family. Now that there is a chance that my mother might have it, all she is doing is researching it. Okay, again -that's fine. But now she is spewing facts at me and telling me about MY disease as if she knows more than I do. I try to calmly explain to her that I already know all of that, because I'm living with it. She is constantly in competition with me. CONSTANTLY. (Example, she is massively overweight and once compared our weight/body size - who does that to their daughter? Really?)  I wouldn't wish celiac disease on anyone. I don't want her to have it for multiple reasons, but a strong reason is that if she DOES have it, I know she's going to make the whole world revolve around her.  I know her so well - I was at my boyfriend's house and we were talking about it - I told him that she's going to act like she knows all about it even though I've been living with it for almost 2 years...and sure enough, as soon as I walk in the door she starts telling me what she's learned about it and how she thinks she has it. Interesting that she didn't care AT ALL enough to look it up when I was diagnosed, or when I suggested that she (and my sister/father) get tested. She starts telling me about how celiac disease isn't ALWAYS genetic, how this that and the other thing...nothing I never heard before. I am LIVING IT. If she was telling me all of this to help me out when I was first diagnosed, I'd be fine with it..but she is telling me all of this to try to one up me and act like she knows more about it than I do. Really? 


When I tried to tell her my experience and give her advice/tips, she got nasty and told me I'm not the "Mayor" of celiac disease, acting like "How would YOU know anything?" She is quite honestly one of the nastiest people I have ever dealt with. She once told me to go "f" myself because I got her a plate she didn't want (No, she wasn't kidding around)


I just landed a job that is so close to my house. I have 3 months of training, and then I plan on moving in with my boyfriend some time after that. He lives about 40 minutes away, so I will be gaining a very large commute to work...but I do need to get out of this house. It's a toxic environment. I know that if she is diagnosed, I can't even help her...because she won't believe a word I say. She thinks she knows everything about everything. My point of view is worthless, despite the fact that I am living with this. She is hard enough to deal with as it is, but if she gets diagnosed...wow. I know that living with her will be even more of a living hell. And of course my dad and sister will faun all over her when they didn't give a crap about me. She absolutely has to be the attention of the universe, so I know she is going to make us ALL miserable. She is convinced that she has it. I don't know if she does or not - but I can't believe she is already spitting facts at me as if I've never heard of the disease. I am so tired of her, and of this situation. 


I actually think that the genetics are on my father's side, because his aunt had alopecia along with tons of other food allergies, and she couldn't eat wheat. (As far as I know she wasn't diagnosed with celiac disease, but that sure sounds like it) she died of cancer about 10 years ago.


This felt pretty good though...one time my dad was teasing my bf and he said "Yeah, she didn't have celiac disease until YOU came along" And my BF was like "Well maybe if someone didn't ignore her for 13 years it wouldn't have gotten this bad" (he...doesn't have a filter, lol) 


I just needed to get all of that out. My mom has serious issues, but for some reason they are mostly dumped on to me rather than my sister (they are a lot more alike than me/her are so that could be a reason) I really can't stand her. She is a huge part of a lot of my stress and the less I have to deal with her, the happier I am. Sad, but true. I'm really not sure what to do about it. Talking to her does not work. She is the type of person who will start loudly singing or humming over you if she doesn't like what you are saying. (Or she will loudly and sarcastically yell "YEP! YOU'RE RIGHT. MMHMM" and not listen.) I cant talk to my father either. I talk to friends and my boyfriend, but it's just venting like I am now. Nothing works. I try not to say that I hate her, but...


Does anyone have a close relative, or friend like this? Self-centered, judgmental, egotistical, spoiled, etc? Her personality is just so nasty. She is already unbearable but I know if she does have celiac disease, she will be beyond unbearable. The one thing that would be good about it is that MAYBE I would stop waking up to a huge pile of breadcrumbs right where i sit at the table. (It's honestly like she does it on purpose...) we have designated seats that we sit at to eat. She has more recently started sitting in my chair, and every day I wake up to a pile of dirty dishes and bread crumbs. I have told her, multiple times, that even a crumb could make me sick...and that is what I wake up to. Constantly. I sometimes eat only one meal a day because I am too stressed about cross contamination with all of the crumbs everywhere. (Literally, everywhere) 


It's really disheartening when the most toxic person in your life is your own mother, especially since I know she inexplicably blames me. She is a miserable person and I wish I could just cut her out. Her older sister pretty much hated their mother, and I'm wondering if they had a similar relationship. 


Sorry for the vent everyone. I will be getting out of the house soon enough...but it's just sad. I feel like I don't even have a mother. And my dad is just kind of there. I literally have conditioned myself to not need my parents, but it's just...sad.

Turkey Breast For Thanksgiving

25 November 2014 - 01:26 PM

Any tips? This will be my first time cooking a turkey. I do not have a crockpot, or slow cooker, or etc yet. Would a large Pyrex dish work? 


I think I am going to use this recipe: 




Also, should i make it sometime tomorrow and just heat it up before eating it, or should i make it the day of? I would have asked all of this sooner, but I was originally planning on eating the turkey my mom is making. I know that she won't take cross contamination precautions, so I feel I need to either do this myself, or not eat turkey. I will probably just use the pan drippings as "gravy" - LOL!


Thanks in advance :) 

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