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Turkey Breast For Thanksgiving

Today, 01:26 PM

Any tips? This will be my first time cooking a turkey. I do not have a crockpot, or slow cooker, or etc yet. Would a large Pyrex dish work? 


I think I am going to use this recipe: 




Also, should i make it sometime tomorrow and just heat it up before eating it, or should i make it the day of? I would have asked all of this sooner, but I was originally planning on eating the turkey my mom is making. I know that she won't take cross contamination precautions, so I feel I need to either do this myself, or not eat turkey. I will probably just use the pan drippings as "gravy" - LOL!


Thanks in advance :) 

How Much Can One Person Take? I've Reached My Limit...

20 November 2014 - 02:43 PM

(This is sort of a vent - I'm very upset right now and I need to get this out)


I don't have health insurance because I got laid off in late July due to "lack of work" (even though I kept asking my boss for more work) since then I have applied to countless jobs and been on a ton of interviews. I FINALLY, today, received a job offer (after 2 phone interviews, a face to face interview, and passing a 1 hour online assessment) got offered a great job that is close to my house, has great benefits (from day 1) is full time, etc etc. I accepted the offer, but my employment depended on a few contingencies....background check, etc etc...and drug testing. Of course I agreed to everything and I headed right down to Quest Diagnostics for my urine drug test. 


I have never been able to pee in a cup. When I went for my sleep study and I needed to pee in a cup, I held it for over 12 hours to try to get in the cup. Every time I tried to pee in the cup, I would stop peeing midstream. The woman at the hospital finally gave me a styrofoam bowl to put in the toilet to pee in. That worked. I then just transferred the pee into the collection cup. I have never had to do a drug test for any of my previous jobs. I was hoping that I could pee into a urine collection bowl at Quest. Nope. They needed me to pee directly into the cup.


I spent, literally, 3 hours at Quest trying to go in the cup. I cried a lot, called my boyfriend...doctor, the agency who sent me for the test, and my recruiter. No one could help me. Finally after a lot of struggling (and almost passing out) I was able to get the urine cup filled with a substantial amount of urine...only to be told that the sample was useless because I couldn't get all of the pee out in under 5 minutes. It was a MIRACLE that I got that much pee in the cup at all, but now I have to apparently get that much pee into a small cup in under 5 minutes? 


Apparently what I am dealing with has a name - it is called  Paruresis...and it used to be much, much worse. For example, I used to not be able to go in public restrooms if someone else was in there with me. I couldn't pee if someone was talking to me, etc etc. Now I am fine with all of that. I can even go #2 in public restrooms...I couldn't do that until I was 25/26. I think this all has to do with OCD, because my other OCD tendencies have all improved, except now I'm OCD about cross contamination. But now this is holding me back professionally. This will not be the only company to demand a urine drug test. 


Drinking water doesn't help. I had to pee the entire time I was there. It's not that I don't have to pee, it's that my body literally can't pee. I did manage to squeeze a lot out at the end as stated, but that didn't matter because the cup had a temperature gauge on it. 


Officially, the urine test doesn't expire until Saturday afternoon. The lady at Quest told me I could come back tomorrow, but it specifically states in the email from the company I am trying to work at that if I leave the center before completing my test, it's the same as failing. I don't know what to do. I am fine with coming back tomorrow and trying to do it again...but it specifically said in the letter that we can't. 


I have never even smoked a cigarette, and now I'm sure everyone I tell this to is going to think I'm a major drug addict. I would be fine submitting to all of the other tests - blood tests, hair test, etc. I don't want to miss out on this great opportunity. This is going to sound over dramatic but at this point I am just so beyond done. I'm tired of being positive. 


20 November 2014 - 07:09 AM

My boyfriend bought me a blender yesterday :) It was supposed to be a surprise, but he forgot that Kmart sends me e-receipts in the mail...imagine my horror when it thanks me for shopping there when I was nowhere near the store! Lol.


Anyway, I believe it's a Hamilton Beach, and he told me it's 700 watt. He just asked me to ask you guys if that strength is fine for most recipes...I really don't know myself, but I am assuming it's fine. I definitely want to make almond milk, and probably fruit smoothies at some point. MAYBE my own nut butters, but that might call for a food processor or something stronger.

Can You Clean Gluten Out Of A Food Processor?

17 November 2014 - 06:29 PM

I've had so many questions lately, as I have done so much more cooking/baking on my own and I am getting extremely overwhelmed. 


I know glass and stainless steel are the best for cooking in...I use Pyrex for a lot of baking and I recently bought a set of stainless steel pots/pans. 


My boyfriend got a food processor from his parents. He wasn't sure if it was used or not - but when we took it out to use it it had crumbs/dust in the top and brown stuff down the sides (looked like soda maybe? Not at all sure)


I do have slight OCD (that has definitely gotten worse in terms of worrying about cc) so I didn't deal with it and we put it away. I am fine hand washing or throwing the parts in the dishwasher (assuming they are dishwasher safe) but I am not sure if that will be enough to really clean it. I know food processors are expensive and I don't want to just give it back if there is a way we can use it. My boyfriend still eats gluten so I think that is part of the reason I am finding it difficult to relax while preparing all of this food, and trying to prepare it safely. 


What is the general consensus? I have no idea how old this processor is, how many times it was used, what it was used for - etc. I'm not even positive if it was used, but it is definitely dirty. 


My BF said he thinks his mother got rid of it because she tried to use it and it wasn't strong enough.


Thanks in advance!

Craving Fish - Need Advice/help

17 November 2014 - 12:40 AM

Okay so...I really don't like fish. The only seafood I ever really enjoy (and rarely) is shrimp, and occasionally fried clam strips (pre gluten-free days). That's it. I haven't even had tuna since I was like 12 years old. I did try mahi mahi awhile back when my coworker brought some in, it was okay. It was like a chicken/fish hybrid but I wasn't too enthralled with it. 


The other day I was with my boyfriend at S&S and I smelled baked fish, and for once it smelled really good! I wanted to try it. Then, my dad was making tuna and that smelled good too!


So since I've randomly been craving fish, I figured it's because my body is trying to let me know it is missing something. I googled what it could mean to crave fish, and I saw a few different results: possible iodine deficiency (which would make sense...I use Celtic sea salt instead of table salt, due to candida - and there is no iodine. I don't get iodine from other sources either, since I don't really eat processed food) or hypothyroidism (possible, but I'm hoping this isn't the case) I do sometimes get some salt from sources, such as canned black beans or fresh deli salsa (both list 'salt' as ingredients) I love potatoes and apparently potatoes are a good source of iodine, but the diet I am currently on does not allow potatoes. 


Although the best case of action would be to discuss this with my doctor, I currently do not have health insurance. I am trying to do all of this on my own (with the help of the forum) I think my minerals have iodine, so I should start drinking them again. 


Since i don't really like fish, AND I can't just buy processed fish even if gluten-free...I need tips on how to prepare it myself. I want to at least try it. I've never made it before...what is the best fish to get...salmon, etc? Which is easiest to cook? Any simple recipes with limited ingredients? 


Thanks in advance! :)