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Member Since 05 Nov 2013
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#911892 Being Pressured Into Eating Gluten/ Gluten Addiction?

Posted by on 09 April 2014 - 05:16 AM

If you were taking your Adderall for AD/HD and you are now no longer taking it, this can adversely effect your will power/impulsiveness as well as remembering what you can eat. I have ADD and take Concerta for it. I know I am a complete air-head with out it and would probably accidentally gluten myself consistently. If ADD or ADHD is the reason for taking the Adderall then please consider the fact that your brain is missing some chemicals that help you function like everyone else. Its a chemical imbalance in your body. 


I think you may wish to see someone to see if you have depression. A lot of us have it not just because of what gluten does to you but because we have to deal with restrictions, people questioning us, being ill etc. etc. etc. I have had to deal with depression for these reasons and I can tell you that getting help is well... helpful. It can really change things for you, as it did me.


I know you don't get terrible gastrointestinal symptoms but that doesn't mean it effects you any less. You need to realize that if you continue to eat gluten, it could kill you, a lot earlier meaning less time with your child. 


I think getting a formal diagnosis would help with other people, you can also write off additional food costs. Try getting the test for the genetic marker, this in addition to the positive biopsy results might be enough for a doctor to get a formal diagnosis. You need to just set boundaries and make sure you always have food on hand. When leaving the house it needs to be a priority. Tell people no, then firmly no and then if they continue to bother you about it you need to realize that your health isn't worth it. No one would want someone recovering drug problem/smoker around people who push it on them, you shouldn't be subjected to it either. A good line, if you need one could be,"Would you so persistently push a chocolate bar on me if I was a diabetic?" Some people may never accept your illness and you need to accept that and make sure you put your health first when around them or limit your time with them (obviously, not really possible in some cases).

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#900034 Am I Accidentally Glutening My Daughter?

Posted by on 17 December 2013 - 08:21 PM

Hi, Judging by the time line of my health problems, my celiac disease showed up around your daughter's age unlike her I wasn't diagnosed until this year (6ish months ago) mainly because mine was largely asymptomatic.  Or I didn't have the standard symptoms that people/Dr,'s associate with Celiac disease. (I wasn't pooping myself/wasting away etc.) I even have had big issues with scalp psoriasis. I really glad your daughter's Celiac disease got caught so early, I really wish mine had too. This doctor sounds like they know nothing about celiac disease, take your test results and run!


I can guarantee you if I was eating your daughter's food right now I would probably not be doing to well. For example, my boyfriend touched his keyboard, wiped his mouth and then kissed me which glutened me. I've trained myself to never touch my mouth without washing my hands first. I can't have anyone touch anything and then continue to prepare my food.


If you are using the same nonstick pans for her pancakes and the gluten ones then hers will contain gluten. Please read up about cross-contamination. Here are two very good sources.




I'm glad you found this site, its a huge help :D Best of luck on all your gluten free adventures.

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