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Member Since 12 Nov 2013
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Dh While Pregnant, None (Maybe) After?

25 November 2013 - 07:54 PM

When I was pregnant with my son, I acquired a rash that left my shocked OB scratching her head. It stuck around for far longer than I would have wished. But once it went away, it never came back...I think. I also would get hives, but I'm not sure that was related.

It was AMAZING in its itchiness, redness, rawness, and the shear surface area of my body that it covered.


During my pregnancy, I also had a "sun burn" on my face. Now, this was not a true sunburn. It just came up, stuck around a few days, and left, even though I hadn't been in the sun.

I get urticaria, easily, but I doubt this would have anything to do with DH. It could just be a little overactivity in my immune system, but the hives usually go away rather quickly.


I have not been diagnosed, yet, but have had a favorable response to the gluten-free diet. 


I was wondering if anyone else has heard of this, or read of it. Since I was pregnant, I've had minor rashes, but I've not been able to connect them to food yet. I will keep investigating. I have noticed that I itch a lot, if I've had gluten. I also noticed that a fat bruise on my knee got SUPER itchy after a glutening. This seemed to be beyond the "healing itch."



New Here - Ongoing Symptoms After Glutening

15 November 2013 - 12:49 AM

Hello, all! I'm "new" but have lurked here, many times, trying to figure out what was wrong with me. So, thank you, to the powers that be and the posters for providing this resource. :)


I have been gluten-free since about mid-July. I had gone Low FODMAPs after a particularly evil bout, slipped a few bites of cookie and ended up in the bathroom for several days.


I made an appointment with a GI doc, but as I was suffering from a lack of funds (always am, it seems), I bowed out on the scopes. *sigh*


I couldn't bring myself to eat gluten, except for on the occasion I needed to prove to myself that it is the culprit. I needed this, because the gluten-free diet is so exorbitant, when you don't know what to eat, except for premade items.Every time, I'd get sick. I was at my dad's house, and they didn't have much that I could eat. My stepmother, half-jokingly, said she had the mini Snickers candybars in the fridge. I read the package, picked out what I could have and liked, and munched a few down, just to have something to eat. 


For a time, I thought I was able to have milk, but without gluten in the diet, I was noticing some mild issues with it. I seemed to have a threshold, though, rather than an out-and-out reaction. 


Fast-forward to Halloween.I bought the same package for my trick-or-treaters, but ended up not being at home, since I have kids and took them to their parties. So, I started munching on these things. A few Snickers. some Midnight Milky Ways, 3 Musketeers...regular Milky Ways (totally forgot). I also had a spinach dip the maker's celiac father can eat, and corn tortilla tacos, which might have contained wheat modified food starch or maltodextrin or something. I can't remember. (I think it was Old El Paso.)

Oh, GAWD! I was sick. Not so much in the "running" way, if you know what I mean (a little the first day after), but the OTHER way. BAD! I even took a laxative, which I rarely do, unless it's B.A.D.. I started juicing vegetables. My appetite had dropped so low, the heartburn kicked up. Milk? Forget it. Started juicing fruits (more like making dairy-free smoothies). Mostly liquid diet, as I had cut down even the gluten-free bread products. I was bound up for a week, and not just not going, but hurting and not going, being able to FEEL that stuff isn't getting through. (Aren't these intro's just peachy? O.O ) Had other symptoms, too: backache, fatigue, itchiness, joint pains, dehydration, dry eyes.


My friend suggested the saltwater cleanse, which just seemed extreme, but I was nearly desperate enough. Finally, things started working again.  

It's been about another week, now, I tried milk again. Did okay on a little. Tried more. NOPE! Got a little loose. Now, I'm starting to cramp in the middle of my abdomen. My toilet product is looking strange. Yesterday seemed to be slight steatorrhea, I've also had some strange sensations in my leg, tingling at about the knee, with weakness, and I felt it in the arm on the same side (right), too. So, tonight, I have tummy rumblies (I haven't had milk, but did have a slice of cheese, in a totally DUH moment as I made a gluten-free sandwich earlier--It was provolone, c'mon ;p ). Toilet + Mayo Clinic says possible gall bladder/bile trouble. (Aren't these website maddening?)

Any ideas, besides, "Go see the doctor there is no way you can afford, right now?" I know it's coming to that, but I'm trying to stave it off until I can afford it. And yes, I know how ironic that is.


Thanks. :)

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