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In Topic: Tortilla Press

05 January 2014 - 08:50 PM

I use Bob's masa harina.  The secret seems to be getting just the right amount of water in the dough - not too much, not too little, but more than I thought at first.  I "fry" them on a dry pancake skillet (non-stick) - they cook up very fast.  They're a crapload of work - I make them about once a year because of that - and you have a very short window to eat them before it's not worth the trouble of having made them.  But they are SO MUCH BETTER than anything store bought.

In Topic: Having Trouble With The Grocery Bill

29 December 2013 - 08:56 PM

We found out our daughter has celiac disease about 6 months ago and have made all the necessary changes in our diet. Eating gluten free has been a positive change for our whole family and we've enjoyed finding new foods to eat instead of bread, pasta, etc. Unfortunately I am having trouble keeping our grocery budget under control (especially difficult during holiday season) and still keeping everyone happy and fed. Specifically I am looking for any ideas as far as affordable protein foods. Would love any advice on how folks shop and specific food ideas that are celiac-friendly but will allow us to continue paying our mortgage. ^_^


Eggs, beans, lentils, and things that mix up the protein well - chicken soup, salmon cakes, chili.


What sort of stuff are you usually making?

In Topic: One Year In With Celiac 8-Yo Daughter. Feeling So Sad.

25 December 2013 - 11:22 AM

It gets better.  12 years of gluten free, and it's fairly rote by now.  Especially if you set your house up as a safe place, and you've gathered alternative recipes and adjusted the types of food you eat, your house becomes a safe place and you DON'T have to think about food all the time.  It's a huge habit change.  You probably didn't worry about thinking about dandelion blossoms in your house all the time previously, because they never were there.  Same with this.  Give it time, and it will get better.  You'll have the most important safe place, and the others will get easier to navigate.

In Topic: Contamination From Toys?

08 September 2013 - 07:03 PM


Sorry, I am fairly new to this and would like some advice, please.


My 8-year-old son has severe gluten intolerance as well as several other food intolerances (incl. egg and sesame, likely sulfites), some still unknown. We are still struggling with regular abdominal pains and can often not be sure if it is caused by gluten or another food.


Recently after a whooping 3 pain-free days he had a bad period of daily pains. I could not find anything different in his food but noticed that prior to the "bad days" we had his friends over whom I served chicken nuggets (with wheat and all). I am quite sure they did not wash their hands afterwards, although asked to do so. :(


Could the contamination from their hands on books and toys (stuffed animals, legos) be sufficient to cause these issues? My son does put toys as well as his fingers into his mouth sometimes.

Or am I overly anxious here?


Thanks for any feedback!


Yes, that could certainly have been the culprit.


For what it's worth, my daughter (who doesn't have to be gluten free) must wash her hands after eating anything with wheat before she comes in contact with me (the gluten intolerant one), or ... well, anything but her plate. :)  And I serve her and anyone who comes to my house completely gluten free foods.  No child or adult (outside of my husband, who gets to try all the failures too) has ever complained about it.

In Topic: Headache Relief For 11-Year-Old - What Meds Are Safe And gluten-free?

08 September 2013 - 06:59 PM

If they are tension headaches, the meds aren't going to help a whole lot.  Massage (you can learn how to do it), stretches, plenty of sleep (hahahaha!), and heat/ice (alternated) can help.  Ibuprofen (advil - which is safe) can help a bit if there is associated inflammation.

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