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In Topic: Best Fodmap Book

Yesterday, 01:42 PM

Together with Celiac I also have IBD and although I am now officially in remission since i have been gluten free GI recommended I go on FODMP diet in order to deal with some other intolerances and problems I also have - this book was recommended to me: IBS free at last! By Patsy Catsos is a good guide to the FODMP elimination diet - it looks like it is devoted to IBS but also deals with celiac and IBD and I have found it extremely informative. Hope this helps!!

In Topic: Bread Maker And Deep Fryer Recommendations?

24 January 2015 - 03:28 PM

Thank you!!   gluten-free bread recipes would have been my next forum topic question.   The reviews for this book on Amazon were VERY good.  We are going to buy this book.  I am excited already.
I am hoping to make our own gluten-free bread on a weekly basis.   I just thought a bread maker would make things easier.   I am under the impression, that with a bread maker, I would just threw bunch of ingredients together, push a few buttons, and fresh bread comes out.   Right?

Before celiac, I used to make all my bread I a bread machine.. It was wonderful! As you describe, you just had to put all the ingredients together and press the button and 2 hours later, there was the bread!!! With gluten free bread, you need to buy one that specifically makes gluten free - if not, the gluten-free four will break it- if you do buy one just follow the instructions to the letter and put the ingredients in the right order and hopefully your bread will.appear!


In Topic: Asda Packed Almonds

17 January 2015 - 03:01 AM

Also Holland&Barret have a great selection - I usually stick with plain versions of nuts and stay clear of fancy nut presentations like dry freezes or roasted with chilly, etc- our Costco is also about 30 minutes away I go once a month or so an buy a lot of stuff ( I have a big family and it is worth it for me) they have only recently started to stock gluten free products- the were recently also promoting gluten free coconut flour -you can also buy things online and have them sent home... They should probably pay me for promoting them, hahaha

In Topic: Asda Packed Almonds

16 January 2015 - 04:13 PM

Sorry, I meant COSTCO

In Topic: Asda Packed Almonds

16 January 2015 - 04:09 PM

I am assuming you are in UK? Do you have a Cotco nearby? I have lately found that they have started to sell gluten free almond flour- it is reasonably priced and has a great texture and taste.