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In Topic: What's In Your Purse?

23 February 2015 - 03:41 PM

Oat cakes gluten-free, tangerines, rice cakes, nuts, tuned fish (mackerel, tuna) , boiled eggs..

In Topic: Bread Maker, Does It Matter If It Has A Gluten Free Setting?

16 February 2015 - 02:48 PM

If you eat a lot of bread, then it makes sense to have one. I for example, find it easier to keep flour in the cupboard and make the bread when I need to, than having to go to the shop to buy fresh bread- also where I live it is very difficult to find nice fresh gluten free bread... It always comes from a packet and tastes awful!! Even toasted...

... Ah , I nearly forgot... Every bread machine is different and you have to make sure you always stick with the instructions of your own machine as often recipes don't work with different machines...

In Topic: Bread Maker, Does It Matter If It Has A Gluten Free Setting?

01 February 2015 - 04:37 PM

No, it doesn't- you actually DO need a bread maker with ht egluten free settin because the dough rises at different rates than normal bread - also if you just use a normal bread maker without the special setting they break down very quickly. When making your bread you should follow the instructions on how to add the ingredients, quantities, etc to he letter. You will then enjoy your bread success! Good luck!!

In Topic: Question About Symptoms Taking The Gluten Challenge

29 January 2015 - 01:02 PM

I second mamaw's advice!!! I was told to do an 8 week challenge- I was extremely ill throughout, sore tummy constantly, spinning dizzy head, blurred vision, ringing ears, joints to die for- I could bearly get out of bed every day, face full of sores, palate one enormous ulcer, you name it, I had it!!! Had I spent another week eating gluten items I would have ended up in A&E... But I really went for it- I was told to eat two slices of bread a day.. But I really had everything I knew I had to say bye bye for ever- baguettes freshly baked.... Baaagels.... Cupcakes.... Cakes, everything,,, I had something gluteny at every meal and I certainly felt it every time and the effects were cumulative I got worse and worse.

. When I went for my endoscopy I could barely stand up- they saw the damage in my intestine and I was diagnosed there and tren as having celiac diseƱase and told to go gluten free ASAP!- unfortunately my blod tests we re negative - but they did only one test instead of a full panel - and my biopsies were also negative! So the other GI consultant who saw me said I was fine.... I see someone else every time I go to my GI appointment and everyone seems to have a different opinion... No one asks anything relevant like do you get any rashes? I even had to remind my GI that I actually had ulcerative colitis and 60 per cent of us are deficient in the antibody they look for.. And so on...

It looks like I wasted 8 weeks of my life and did not get much further... I am one of those who also get DH rash in addition to everything else ( but not too badly I have to add) and the last time I got severely glutened I took a photo of it to show my next GI... I am not doing another challenge- I am waiting for better diagnostic methods...

Now, enough of my ramble....! My advice to you now is eat as much gluteny stuff as you can and really have all those treats you know you will never have again... Make a list of of all your symptoms and make sure you report them to your doctor-Take photos of any rashes that come up - find out if anybody in your family has problems as Celiac tends to run in families and in general I wish you GOOD LUCK! You are going to feel like s........

Ley us know if you need any help hugs, etc

In Topic: Best Fodmap Book

25 January 2015 - 01:42 PM

Together with Celiac I also have IBD and although I am now officially in remission since i have been gluten free GI recommended I go on FODMP diet in order to deal with some other intolerances and problems I also have - this book was recommended to me: IBS free at last! By Patsy Catsos is a good guide to the FODMP elimination diet - it looks like it is devoted to IBS but also deals with celiac and IBD and I have found it extremely informative. Hope this helps!!