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Trader Joe's Pink Himalayan Salt In Grinder

29 December 2013 - 09:41 PM

I was sad to read on the label of the Trader Joe's Pink Himalayan Salt grinder that it is processed on a machine that processes wheat. :-(  I guess I now have to read the label on things that should be a no brainer.




Sick, Shocked And Scared

28 November 2013 - 03:40 PM

Over the last 28 days, I been in the ER 4x and hospitalized once. It all started with what I thought was a heart attack and me being whizzed away from my home and six year old in an ambulance. When released from the hospital the last time, I was told they suspect Celiac disease but weren't sure what's wrong with me. They suggested I go gluten free and that if I felt better, then I'd know what it was. Since being home, I received the blood tests which were all negative but with liver numbers five times what they should be. I'm awaiting the results of Celiac genetic testing (I have five family members on my mother's side that have Celiac disease). I am also seeing a liver and GI specialist next week. No one knows what is going on, least of all me.


This has been an absolute shock since I've never been ill before and have not been able to work since the "attack" early this month. Also, after going gluten free 12 days ago, I took a Tylenol Extra Strength for a mild headache and joint discomfort which instigated a new round of "heart attack" symptoms and subsided the next morning but left me with what feels like a spike through the left side of my head. Do any of you share a similar story or have similar symptoms? I'm thinking I want to forgo the endocopy and liver biopsy to see if the gluten-free diet helps and causes my liver numbers to drop. Have any of you had success with this? Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. I've outline my "symptomology" below.




Sick, Shocked and Scared


One year prior to November 1st “Attack”:

Loss of menstrual cycle

Hair loss & shaking hands

Frequent bruising

Memory Loss

Crashing fatigue after school (three months prior)

Frequent stomachaches after eating (or some radical bouts of food poisoning) & gas

Irregular stools: constipation to diarrhea, blond to dark in color.

Excessive coughs, colds and flus


November 1st “False Heart Attack”:

Started with a mild concentrated chest pain and a feeling of unwellness.

Increased temp, a numbness down left arm, shortness of breath, irregular & increased heart beat.


After November 1st :

Intermittent chest pain and shortness of breath (only three large “attacks” - # ER visits)

Numbness in left arm and both hands (nearly unusable left arm on Sunday ER#2)

Numbness of varying levels in feet

Loss of large motor skills

Loss of fine motor skills

Very slow movement

Slow thought & mental confusion

Memory loss

            Ex: At 4th emergency room intake, I heard the clerk state that my mother would have to have me sign the intake form. After she was seated next to me, I asked her when I would sign the form. She then told me that I already had signed it. It came as a total shock to me.

            Ex: I had difficulty remembering my address right after the attack. I would search my mind but couldn’t remember it or misstate it.

Frequent Urination

Nausea and dry heaving (primarily the first four days after Nov. 1st

In ability to walk (primarily the first week after Nov. 1st)

General malaise & excessive sleeping (12 to 14 hours)

Involuntary full body spasms, leg reflex spasms while awake, involuntary jaw clenching

Seeing and feeling like I’m moving (when not) increased when eyes are closed

Some Kidney discomfort

A feeling of being perpetually hung over

No sleep (or sleep cues) for a few days after Nov. 1st then excessive sleeping

No hunger cues (can eat some but not much)

I was unable to eat for several days after Nov. 1st (stared feeling better)


Oddities I previously forgot to mention:

Water tasted metallic or poisonous the first few days after Nov. 1st

Urine smelled like feces the first few days after Nov. 1st.

When the chest pain and shortness of breath are present, the numbness seems less

I have clarity of thought and some energy for gross motor but then “crash” afterward.

Glutened By Tylenol Extra Strenghth

27 November 2013 - 09:19 AM

I've been gluten free for 12 days. Last night after my second outing since the hospital I took one Tylenol Extra Strength for a headache and joint pain. I was finally feeling better overall but very fatigued before last night.


After taking a tylenol, I have chest pain, shortness of breath, pressure in my chest, panic, fear to sleep, stomachache, nausea and numbness with stiffness in my left hand. I had previously read that Tylenol was gluten free on a gluten-free meds website. After the attack I re-read the bottle and read "Starch". I then found the following links.






I'm a mess today. Just like I was in the hospital 13 days ago. I'm scared that I've gone back to stage one. I hope it wears off soon so I can feel better and start feeling my left hand again. Anyone have the same experience?




Was on a limited gluten diet prior to hospitalizations.

Blood tests came back negative for gluten antibodies.

Genetic test pending.

Appt. with GI doc next week. (Nervous about a scope.)



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