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Preschool Mother's Day Craft Made Me Cry...

08 May 2014 - 06:43 AM

My twins are in preschool and I volunteered the other day and noticed they made colored pasta but forgot to inquire about it. My son has NCGS but thus far I haven't restricted play doh, pasta crafts, etc but he reacted so this morning at breakfast I asked what it was and if they washed their hands well afterwards. My daughter wouldn't tell me and was extremely hesitant to answer what it was and it hit me it was a mother's day craft. I told her if she didn't want to tell me she could tell her dad and she did in front of me, which was super cute. They made mother's day necklaces out of dry pasta! The school and teachers know I have Celiac. I volunteer weekly there and I was very sick and when I was finally diagnosed they asked me all kinds of questions. I know pasta on the skin can't be absorbed but putting a pasta necklace on is just too much for me if it touches my lips while going on I will react. I cried realizing that my kid's made this for me and they wouldn't understand why I couldn't wear it. They know mommy is "allergic to bread and pasta" but at 4 that's about all they can comprehend. My mother's instinct tells me to just wear it and deal with the issues but the anxiety that is induced about wearing a ring of gluten around my neck is huge. I sent a tupperware box to school with instructions to place necklaces inside and wipe down the outside of the box and place it in my daughter's book bag only. Our entire house is 100% gluten free I can't have CC or crumbs from a shattered dry pasta floating around in my kids book bags.

This is the first time I've cried over my diagnosis. In fact I've often considered celiac the autoimmune lottery winner of diseases but this hurt so bad. Am I overreacting?

Sometimes People Say Such Stupid Things The Only Way To Handle It Is To Laugh!

22 April 2014 - 06:51 AM

My future step-niece in-law is gluten free due to an intolerance allegedly. She's not someone I would want to be friends with if it weren't for me marrying her step-fathers brother but she's family. Anyhow since I have celiac and my son is ncgs we brought our own food to Easter lunch. My fiancee went over to her to offer her some gluten free brownies since his family is not gluten free and don't really understand what it is. Anyhow FI told her we had brownies that were gluten free from non-wheat flour or something along those lines and her response was "Oh I can eat wheat just not gluten". After he came back  (I didn't know why he went over to her at this point) I walked over to offer her our desert and she was eating a grocery store bought cake and looking at the lid and told her mom that she didn't even think the cake had wheat in it. It's a yellow cake from the grocery store bakery what does she think flour is? At that point I turned around without saying anything. When FI told me what she said it felt like a palm to face moment. I really don't know what she thinks gluten is and I think she must have the must brain dead doctor if he really told her to go gluten free but wheat was a ok. She said the doctor suggested it and then tested her celiac panel after going on her version of gluten free...

Also my future sister in law told me gluten free instant mashed potatoes where the worst mashed potatoes she had ever had. I told her I usually just made mine own and she asked how I was able to get the gluten out of potatoes. For someone who has no clue I cut her some slack but really it's in the news all the time even I knew fresh fruits and veggies were gluten free before I even understood what celiac disease was!


What kind of mind numbingly hilarious Easter conversations did you have?!

A Warning About Ground Beef Ground In Store At Meijer

20 February 2014 - 02:09 PM

My son and i got glutened by Laura's vegitarian fed ground beef because it was ground or reground in the meijer store and was either cross contaminated or had filler added. I called the store they confirmed they grind the beef at the store and had no clue what gluten was nor were they concerned about it. I then called Laura's headquarters to find out that they are owned by meijer and that cross contamination happens in the store and to be safe i should buy the prepackaged kind since its guaranteed gluten free. She told me the meijer meat counter workers dont always care or understand! Normally i only shop at whole foods and this has never happened but yeah lesson learned the hard way. I hope to keep someone else from enduring this painful mistake. I am very sensitive to trace cross contamination so i dont know if filler was added or it was just ground on a contaminated machine but my suspicions say filler was added since my son who has ncgs reacted and this is the worse glutening i have ever had.

Gluten Free 5 Weeks Some Symptoms Getting Worse

11 February 2014 - 09:40 PM

My biopsy was on the Jan 3rd and I went gluten free that afternoon. The results came back positive on Jan 7th. I am super strick "psycho" gluten free. All food, cookware, utinsels, spatulas, bakeware, strainers, cutting boards, spices, medications, beverages, appliances, tupperware, personal hygine items, etc products have been replaced or verified gluten free through the manufacturer and I have cooked all three meals every day since Jan 3rd for myself with the exception of one which I didn't get glutened by. The problem is my unintentional weight loss which was the biggest cause for my screening and diagnosis got worse within 10 days I had lost 7 pounds I finally stopped losing after about 2-2.5 weeks with a total loss of 8 pounds (from a already small 114 on biopsy day to a 106 at my lowest) and I have not put anything on and kept it. My D before Gluten-Free was sporatically bad now it's several times a day nearly every day and my abdominal pain which came only once a month or so at the severe level was constant for 2 weeks post Gluten-Free diet and now is occurring a few times a week. It's so severe I cry and occasionally spike a low grade fever around 101 or so. I have horrible gas and gas pains with a lot of distention. Every time I am able to get up to about 109lbs (since the initial Gluten-Free weight loss stopped I hover around 106-107 on a daily basis) the diarrhea hits full force and the stomach pain gets to the tear inducing level. I've been seriously thirsty drinking about 2000mL+ a day of water and still getting dry mouth and dehydration headaches while urinating completely clear. I have a strange rash on my ankles that is not DH it looks like mild vasculitis but honestly I have no clue what it is. I take probiotics via kombucha and coconut yogurt, I'm 100% dairy free in addition to gluten free and I eat a naked gluten free diet (i.e. I don't eat processed food often). My GI has me scheduled for a colonoscopy in 2 weeks and I'm so nervous there is something scary going on like Crohns, colitis or worse. I do have pernicious anemia, the autoimmune type where my body creates intrinsic factor anti bodies so I cannot absorb b12 even after I heal from celiac damage, but it's compelety under control via b12 shots. I'm just at a loss while I have more energy from the Gluten-Free diet, my acne is sort of clearing up, and my lightheadedness is subsiding some things are getting worse its pretty frustrating. Has anyone dealt with this and what, if anything additional, was going on?

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