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Ursa Major

Member Since 16 Oct 2005
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In Topic: Dr. Wakefield Trial (mmr/autism Possible Link)

16 February 2009 - 04:16 PM

Wakefield seems to be taking the blame for less MMR vaccinations.
People could be choosing not to vaccinate for other reasons. Religous or contraindictions from the vaccine package insert. Andrew Wakefield has not started any new religion or chosen all of the ingredients for the MMR vaccine. (To the best of my knowledge.) In my opinion he can not take all of the blame for statistics of MMR vaccination.
Human Diploid cells (Many religions have issues with aborted fetal "ingredients")
The rise in allergies for humans in general.

You are right. I had never heard of him before looking at this thread. Yet when I started doing research on vaccinations (and KNOWING that my oldest daughter got damaged by the DPT vaccine) after my youngest daughter got her first shot 17 years ago, NONE of my five kids ever got another vaccine.

And my youngest ended up being the healthiest of the bunch.

In Topic: Dr. Wakefield Trial (mmr/autism Possible Link)

16 February 2009 - 02:27 PM

I copied and saved the form, in case I ever need it. No doctor in his right mind would sign that, of course, but it would sure make them realize what they are doing (at least I hope so).

In Topic: Help How Common Is Abdominal/digestion Pain - Sometimes Severe?

16 February 2009 - 02:10 PM

I had absolutely horrible pain before I diagnosed myself. My stomach was so inflamed that wearing a bra or tight pants was impossible, it caused so much pain.

So, not only did I have severe stomach and bowel cramps, but just slightly poking me in the stomach area (just below the rib cage, but also lower) would make me cry out if caught unawares.

Its only been two weeks for you. It took me six months before that pain subsided. Also, I was unable to eat anything raw for those six months. I had to cook all vegetables and even fruits until well done, or they would cause the terrible stomach pain and explosive D within minutes of eating them. That includes salad.

I also couldn't eat any gluten-free replacement foods (bread, cookies etc.) or dairy products for many months.

So, seeing you had the same symptoms as me, you may have to eliminate raw foods as well. They are hard to digest.

In Topic: Probiotics And Parasites

08 August 2008 - 05:22 AM

Hi there
first off i am sorry if I am posting this in the worng thread I am still tring to figure that part out :)

I just wondered if many of you take probiotics to help heal or do you think they are just another expence?

also I have been told I have parasites probably from the years of bowel ups and downs has anyone else dealt with this is it ok to do a parisite cleans with celiac my naturalpath does not seem to know to much on celiac I am trying to find a good nutrtionalistin my area to help guide me right now I am so darn hungry all the time..

thanks in advance for any tips and help you are all so supportive

Many here have done the parasite cleanse by Humaworm, including myself. My naturopath read through the information I showed him, and told me it was better than what he had been using with his patients, and he was switching.

It is MUCH cheaper than any other parasite cleanse I have seen, and very effective. And yes, it is perfectly safe to do for somebody with celiac disease.

You really need to do a cleanse if you have parasites, or you won't get better.

In Topic: Can I Take gluten-free Bread Into Canada?

08 August 2008 - 05:18 AM

When I came back from Germany last year, I brought lots of buckwheat bread and crisp bread back with me, as I am unable to buy anything like it here.

When my nephew came to visit recently, he had a quarter of his suitcase filled with bread he brought for me.

There is no need to declare that kind of thing. I have traveled quite a bit, and NEVER had a problem, other than having an apple taken away that should have been eaten on the airplane (they don't stop you from taking food in your carry on to eat during the flight, unless it contains fluid).

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