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Ursa Major

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In Topic: Gluten Free Chicken? No Such Thing

10 August 2015 - 12:02 PM

First off I just wanted to say, I'm not one of these whackos suggesting eggs have gluten, ect. The following is a real issue and I hope everyone takes it seriously.

Keep getting glutened from chicken and think its the added solutions? Could be, but there is another problem. The problem comes from the slaughter house. It doesn't matter if its a huge tyson factor, or a local farm. As they are slaughtered, there are guts, undigested wheat feed from the stomach ripped open, intestines, ect -not to mention the wheat already on the feathers and skin from rolling around in feed. The tables are absolutely contaminated with wheat. After they are rinsed, they look clean, but the powderous feed is already imbedded in the porous skin. At this point the chicken is reeking of gluten on the skin, and partially absorbed through the areas of the meat (the skin is not air-tight after being cut!). The inside of the chicken is lubricated with undigested feed (gluten) (from the removal and clinching of intestines -squeezes out undigested feed[gluten]) As the breasts, thighs, and legs are cut the knife will cut through this core at some point, contamining all cuts of meat. The unfortunate thing about this too is that gluten free chicken broths, are not 100% gluten free and may contain way more wheat than you would think. I personally I have tried progresso gluten free broth and I reacted within an hour or so.

So if your fed up with all of the factory brands, don't be suprised when you get glutened from a chicken at your local butcher.

Some folks think they are having a "chicken allergy" but I believe it is because of this issue. Obviously this is only going to effect supersensitve people, but if you really are celiac, you might want to think about cutting out chicken anyway even if you don't react to it.

Its hard to accept, and some of you may be in denial. However this is a real issue and I hope a lot of people find this post and it helps them.

I have been thinking that I get glutened from my chicken meat for a while now. When googling, I came across this post. 

I made chicken soup a couple of days ago, with all fresh ingredients, and a whole organic chicken from our butcher, as usual. And again, as usual, I am sick today, and have stomach and bowel cramps and diarrhea. 

There is no way this is another coincidence, it has happened too many times. Thanks for your post, it explains a lot. I guess I'll have to stop eating chicken, which is pretty sad!

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