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In Topic: If You Are Dairy Intolerant, What Are Your Symptoms?

12 May 2015 - 08:27 AM

I don't know that my experience will be that helpful since I didn't know I had an intolerance to dairy for most of my life and I imagine that the noticeable symptoms differ in different age groups. But the symptoms that I now recognize to be from dairy intolerance were; sinus problems (usually congestion), fatigue (not debilitating, but I had a noticeable energy boost when I gave up dairy), and diarrhea. For me, the GI problems would typically take 12 or more hours to develop (which is why I didn't realize for so long that they were linked to dairy). 


I'm not sure this statement is true:

"While allergies do run on a spectrum, if the person doesn't need to carry epi pens because they could die from exposure, allergy isn't the correct term.  IgE allergies are diagnosis with testing that isn't all that accurate and clinical presentation.  If the Dr. isn't sending you out the door with a script for epi's then it's an intolerance.  Same treatment in avoiding but obviously very different results from exposure."


You can be allergic and not be in danger of anaphylaxis. If exposure to something gives you a histamine reaction that includes hives larger than 3mm, that is considered an allergy according to the allergist I met with a couple of months ago. So while I am allergic to grass because it can cause me to break out into hives, it is not considered a life-threatening allergy and I have no need to carry an epi-pen. I have a dairy intolerance. I have a grass allergy. Clear as mud? lol

In Topic: Suggestions For A Gluten Free And Dairy Free Breakfast. Please Post

12 May 2015 - 08:03 AM

I struggle with this one as well because I don't have time or energy to cook anything in the morning either. My usual breakfast is nut butter on gluten free bread. Nutella has milk in it, but Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Butter is similar and dairy free. (http://justins.com/p...azelnut-butter/) Otherwise peanut butter is an option if you don't like your breakfast to be too sweet.


I also came across a happy find just last weekend when I noticed that the simple truth gluten free toaster waffles happen to also be dairy free. (http://www.simpletru...estyle-waffles/) You'd never know about the lack of dairy from the front of the box, but the ingredients list on the back shows no dairy. I topped mine with some earth balance spread and maple syrup. Yum.


If you're willing to use a blender, you could also whip up dairy free smoothies using any of the non-dairy milks and yogurts that are now available along with whatever fruit strikes your fancy.


There are also gluten free/dairy free granola bars.


If you're really avoiding all forms of cooking but need some protein in the morning (and are tired of nuts), many grocery stores sell hardboiled eggs.


That's all I can think of. I hope it helps. :)

In Topic: Celiac Type Forum For Dairy Intolerance?

30 April 2015 - 07:18 AM

If you find a good forum for dairy intolerance, please post a link to it. I would be interested in that also!

I have one friend who has lactose intolerance and does well by taking something before eating dairy. It's a pill of some kind. I don't know what it is called though.

In Topic: Question About Gliadin Iga Result

29 April 2015 - 12:24 PM

I had more blood work done. Unfortunately the only celiac tests run were the TTIgA and TTIgG tests (which still confirm that I don't have celiac). I don't think I will ever manage to get the gliadin tests rerun. I don't think I'm even going to try. I do plan to go gluten free again and see if it makes any difference with my remaining gut issues. Going dairy free has really helped and I feel like I need to at least try to be off of both for a bit to see if gluten is the missing piece of my ibs puzzle.


I prefer to avoid the withdrawal symptoms so I plan to go off gluten slowly. That also gives me more time to find alternatives that are both gluten and dairy free. I have a strong sweet-tooth and I can foresee dessert being a problem. I've grown too reliant on chocolate oreos :(  My other major hurdle will be the fact that I don't cook (and have zero interest in cooking). I'm doing my best to get over that particular problem. It's been more of a challenge recently because my anemia has killed my appetite and made me even less inclined to try to prepare any foods.


What's that saying? Some mornings it's just not worth chewing through the restraints. Yeah, that about sums it up. Plus there's wondering if the restraints are gluten-free/DF. Lol 

In Topic: Dairy Sensitivity Question

25 March 2015 - 08:55 AM

I have now had it confirmed that I have a dairy intolerance as opposed to a true dairy allergy. After having hives for a week (from an unrelated cause), I finally saw an allergist who did some skin-prick tests on me. While some of the food test areas did appear red, none of them developed a weal of 3mm or more. It was pointed out to me that I have very sensitive skin because the control test of saline also turned red (which it shouldn't have).


He did say that, since it isn't a true allergy, it wouldn't kill me to cheat and have dairy once in awhile. I will keep that in mind, but for now I'm still staying away from it.


While I was there I tried to ask the doctor about the meaning of just a positive IgA test when the rest of the celiac panel was negative. He wasn't familiar with the test I was asking about. All he could tell me was that there is no test for NCGS. So I'm still stumped on that one.