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In Topic: Smptoms

10 May 2007 - 09:49 AM

Hi all! I posted here about a year ago when i started experiencing many symptoms that seemed to be similar to that of celiac disease. I have had many tests including blood tests for celiacs and they have all came back negative. I had an endoscopy though not through to the small intestine and colonoscopy which showed nothing. I was experiencing a great amount of tingling down the backs of my legs and an MRI scan of the spine, neck and brain revealed no problems at all.

Over this period i lost over 2 stone in weight (UK) and felt extremely ran down all of the time- constant tiredness. Another symptom was extreme pain in my bones and joins.... down my wrists and arms and in my legs. when this first started i constantly had D everytimje i went to the toilet for about a month before stools then became watery and quite a lot of the time now float in the toilet (sorry about the detial). I have also experienced shingles and recently keep gettin pain around my chest area and breastbone and back area (Im 20 year old male).

Over this period of extensive tests the only positive tests i have had was a white cell scan of my stomach area which revealed an area of potential inflamation in the small intestine and this was followed up with a barium follow thorugh which was clear. I keep asking my doctor about the possibiliy of celiac and she said that because the blood tests are clear it is not a possibility although she has just referred me to a small bowel specialist.

Sorry to go on for so long, but i really can't take feeling like this much more. I keep having periods of feeling well then suddenly rubbish again and again. My family and doctors think i have gone mad and keep being tod i have chronic fatigue and IBS. Anyone got an opinions on my issue ( any help would be well appreciated)

Thank you
Chris (UK)

I did not know all of this stuff was food related until I fasted for 5 days and never felt better in my life! I still could not get well even on celiac diet as my immune system was so messed up. I now cannot eat anything that is artificial-colors, flavors, preservatives, etc. My white cells attack my joints when I've eaten something bad and of course when we have so many things wrong all the docs think we are crazy, mine did too. I was ready for suicide and had all those barium tests that showed nothing wrong. Elizabeth that is on the show The View found she was celiac when she was first on the TV show The Survivor and had to fast for 3 days. Everyone else was weak and she felt wonderful. It is not that hard to fast and I would start there. Shingles is an immune problem too.

In Topic: A Used Breadmaker

10 May 2007 - 09:12 AM

My foster mother offered me her breadmaker it has been used very little. Will it be ok for me to use as long as I clean it out? I'm suppose to pick it up later today.

Most of us live with gluten people and have to share the kitchen. If we can wash and share the dishes and silverware I don't see why you can't clean the breadmaker. I'd put the basket thru the dishwasher.

In Topic: Lets See Who Can Answer This One?

10 May 2007 - 09:04 AM

2 weeks ago i started on the gluten free diet. The only problem i was having then was constant stomach bloatness with a dull pain, and sometimes a numish side of my face. 2 days ago i have been starting to feel very strange in my head and hands. I feel very empty and almost as if i have the shakes on the inside. I keep looking at my hands to check to see if they are shaking but they arent. When i pick things up it almost feels like i have no control with the items i have picked up. This all feels very strange and almost like im drunk. the only thing different i might have done is starting taking vit B compount and some calcium. I have never had these symtoms before the gluten free diet.

The only problem i started off was a sore stomach and no it is all going wrong. my stomach no longer hurts as much on the diet.

Can someone explain to me what on earth is happening to me. it almost feels like i have no control over my hands.

Are you eating anything new that you had not eaten before the gluten-free diet? This could be a food intolerance or a yeast die-off if you've eliminated sugar and flours. You could try fasting or eating things you are not now eating for a few days (at least 3) to see. We all seem to get the strangest symptoms, I now have what feels like water sloshing in one ear, I've had this off and on before and when I had a doctor she never could see anything in my ear. I have not had gluten but I have lots of food intolerances. I've had the drunk feeling and once slurred my words all day. Thought I was having a stroke! I'd give it another week and if still doing this see your doc.

In Topic: Half Moons On Fingernails

09 May 2007 - 08:58 AM

whoa. this post hit me like a load of bricks. i've been wondering why i only have half moons on my thumbs. i seem to remember having half moons on my fingers at some point :).

when you said lines on your fingernails, do you mean raised ridges that follow the growth of the nail? i developed those a couple of years ago. hmmm...what else can you tell us about this?

i've made a few posts about my energy/stress issues, but here's a quick recap:

tired all the time
easy startling
crying when startled
inability to deal with stress (feelings of being overwhelmed and wanting to cry or hide)

this may sound odd, but these things don't feel psychological. they feel chemical, or hormonal. my rational mind knows the the depression/anxiety/stress reactions are silly, i just can't convince my body of that.

anyway, this might make some sense, especially since both my grandfather and my sister have pernicious anemia.

Wow, someone else crying alot! I have all of your symtoms but have been able to get control over the crying (someones for days straight) by eliminating sugar and simple carbs. I can now eat some if I eat with fiber and protein. Otherwise, can eat chips, potato or corn, and burst into tears in an hour over absolutely anything, even watching the news! I spent 6 months on a psychiatric ward when I was 16 (I'm now 60) and no one knew it was the candy bars I was eating all day to make myself feel better. They put me there as I would slit my wrists and cut myself to get the hurt out. Your rational mind is right on, but it is not silly, it is an imbalance.

In Topic: Weight Loss Suppourt Thread (shannonl) And Any Others Who Want To Join

09 May 2007 - 08:36 AM

Im in need of a suppourt thread and I hope others are as well. Im hoping to post what I eat, struggles,and accomplishments and of course questions are always welcome.

Today I had-

2 boiled eggs
2 mangos

Tuna mixed with onions and celery wrapped in lettuce
green beans cooked in olive oil and lemon juice

Chicken noodle soup made with tinkyada pasta with carrots and celery

Snack- 2 Peaches, a little chicken
Im trying to keep a certain level of calories but its hard since Im really limited on my diet of what I can eat. Im trying hard to keep it varied but Im limited. Water is all I drink right now. Im also starting glucophage again due to having pcos. I havent been on it for a while so Im keeping track of my blood sugar as well to make sure it doesnt go to low due to me not eating many carbs anymore.

I'm new but would like to chime in! I'm too skinny as I don't eat enuf carbs, so need help too. What you ate today sounds wonderful, was your snack before 8pm? I understand our body does not digest after that until the next morning. Also, don't know tinkyada pasta, I don't think I've seen it at my healthfood store (Oregon) but will check again. And what is pcos and how do you test your blood sugar? Thanks, K.

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