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Member Since 04 May 2014
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#917797 Gallbladder Issues Related To Gluten Intolerance?

Posted by on 26 May 2014 - 12:42 AM

What scares me to death is how much we have going wrong with us, and the Medical Community barely knows what is going on!


So much pain and suffering on this board...I keep praying for all of you!

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#917790 Igg Against Ttg 18 Month Old Babies Results....

Posted by on 25 May 2014 - 09:49 PM

The blessing for the very young is that they heal VERY fast once you know what is wrong...I know it's hard, but keep the gluten in until all the tests are done!

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#917786 It Was Supposed To Be Over At Gluten Free! Help :(

Posted by on 25 May 2014 - 08:35 PM

WHy do people keep saying "3 weeks" Ive been gluten free, and paleo for five months! And I feel WORSE


AnnaChristine, the 3 weeks, 6 weeks references that are being confused with your original posts are from other people on the thread trying to tell you how long just a single dose of gluten can set you back, and that is if you are stable.


You aren't stable...you don't even know which foods you are reacting to, or how bad your system has gotten screwed up.  Taking lots of supplements is hard on the Upper GI, and the damaged Upper GI will absorb only a little of them.  The Naturalists and Nutritionists would tell you to take some of the basic minerals and vitamins you are missing, and keep raising the dose until you absorb something from them.  Your Upper GI isn't absorbing much from what you eat.


As to your foods, Paleo is wonderful, but your body is screaming there is something not being fixed just by going off of gluten, dairy, and everything that is any fun to eat.


Your body is telling you that what you are eating is not working, and that your supplements are not doing the job either.  You must simplify what you are eating and absorbing, so you body can rest and heal.  Yes, you need to stay off gluten, and dairy, and anything not produced by a plant or the animals that eat the plants for the time being.  But you are not listening to your body.  It doesn't like something that you are doing, and there is a lot of things besides gluten that can irritate your insides.


What are your main symptoms...the top three symptoms that are making you miserable?  Is it Diarrhea and Bloating...Constipation and Bloating...Stomach cramps?  What is it that you can isolate as a problem?  What foods can you get down, that will stay down, and not give your symptoms?  If you are eating a wide variety of food, you cannot tell what is triggering your symptoms except the knowledge that gluten is a big cause.  Fine, you are off gluten...you don't eat processed food...you have a seperate kitchen, so there is no cross contamination.


So something you are eating is hurting you on top of your Celiac.  Or something you are not eating is a problem.  But until you narrow down your food list, and eat the exact same foods every day for a while, you cannot figure it out.


It would also help if you ate a single food at a time, and waited for a reaction before eating something else a couple of hours later.  We react to food quickly because we have messed up digestion, but you cannot locate a pattern if you keep changing what you are putting inside your body every few weeks.


You keep adding things by supplements, and you don't know if there is something in there irritating you either.


Please, go back to the beginning.  Choose a handful of things to eat for several weeks, or even months, and don't change them.  Take your vitimins and minerals.  Avoid gluten of course, and anything you think will be bad for you, but stop throwing everything at your body at once, trying to get it fixed.  Simplify what you eat, eat it over and over, and listen to your body. 


We all want to pick you up, and get you fixed, but we can't.  Only you can fix you...we can tell you what to watch out for, or what we did, but you are the scientist AND the guinea pig.  You have to get logical and practical about this, and stop trying to magically fix yourself with a potion!  You body needs time to heal...and you need to take the time to study yourself.


It will get better, you will get well, and you will have done it.  I will help you.  Everyone here will help you. But you have to do it, and now that you know what you have been doing isn't helping you heal properly, you have to find out what else is the problem!


Start over, keep it simple, and repeat until you figure out which of the foods you are eating is hurting you.


And many hugs being sent to you.XXXXX

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#915698 It Was Supposed To Be Over At Gluten Free! Help :(

Posted by on 11 May 2014 - 01:10 AM

Thank you, I like hearing stuff like this(: ANd thank you for not jumping on the band wagon and telling me I'm getting cross contamined when I even got a blood test to prove that wrong.

It's just... I'm only 17 and these symptoms appeared so suddenly. My doctor even said that the healing process would be quick for me due to my age and the minial damage done to my intestines. Yet, I've been gluten free for over 4 months and I feel worse...
Do you know of any complications from Celiac Disease that could still be causing me suffering?

Everything related to any autoimmune condition will get you new flare ups of problems that come out of no-where.  They aren't complications, in the meaning of something getting worse.  It's a good deal more likely that other parts of your body were suffering for a long time from lack of good nutrients and kind treatment to your body.


It rather depends on what syptoms you have suddenly showing up, in combination with any other symptoms you already had; the way the stress is hitting you (and we all beat ourselves up so much during the anger and grief of finding out something is really wrong with us, because down deep we are blaming ourselves for what happened, even though we may have done nothing to make it happen.) It's about knowing if you have been sleeping, and how long, who you argued with, and what about, what you ate, and how you felt; and so forth.


In a couple of years, you will have a track record to look back on, and see all the problems, and how they act on each other, and what you can do, if anything, to make it better.


But at 17 you don't want to hear that it will take a long time to figure out your version of the disease, and what other surpises your body has in store for you during the healing time.


I am not a diagnosed celiac disease, but I have everything that seems to resemble it, or lead to it, or from it.  At 19, all of a sudden I started vomiting, and couldn't stop.  6 days in the hospital, and fluids, and a pill that helped control excess stomach acid helped, as did the valium...but I could keep nothing much down, not even the pills, and had constant dry heaves and diarrhea until there was nothing in me.  And then even water would make me sick.  I lived on sips of Diet Pepsi, until I could keep some mashed potatoes down.  It was two years before I could eat much of anything...potatoes, oatmeal, some crackers...and no one even mention celiac disease...no one had heard of a gluten free diet in 1974...no one ever seemed toknow anything for most of us older people.  At 59, they still don't really know what's going on with me, and I keep reading, and trying to see what new thing fits my list of symptoms, and try something new.


For me, going gluten free...this is the next thing to try...and having lived without gluten before, it's no hardship in comparison to pain and nausea.


What are your symptoms?  What happens first, and what next?  Is anything the same from day to day?  Because it's not just what you eat...it's what you feel, and how that makes your body put out a ton of chemicals to mess with you further...being lonely, feeling depressed, feeling like your life is ruined, and hating it.


There is a lot to control in your life that has nothing to do with your kitchen.  Even if you do gluten free perfectly, your mind is going to have just as much an effect on you as celiac disease, as are the people around you.  Everything you lose is going to have a physical effect on you...and every patch of boredom, of anger, of grief will stir your body up...and make you feel worse.


You need to start listing everything...a journal, not of what you eat alone, although that helps, but how you felt, and what you thought, because in just a few more months, you might have enough information to see a pattern of something.


And at your age, a grief counselor might be important.  You have lost everything that you know, and expected, and desired. The old you died, and the new you is a complete mystery except for the memories of being 'normal'.  Fortunately, no one really is normal, so you don't have to worry about that, but how to do your new life takes a new set of rules, and they are not all in a diet book.


You will have to design a new life, and a new you around what is happening, and that's a bit overwhelming for any of us.  I didn't know I had a life long condition, nor that there was help somewhere.  No one has ever really known what I, or many others here, ever had wrong with us, until it was screamed into there faces with a ton of proof, and most of us had more of a handle on life than you have just now. You are really young, and young bodies heal.  My niece, at 35, was symptom free from celiac disease in about a year. 


I still continually try new ideas...something new pops up every few years, and sometimes it helps.  Going gluten free will help me...I know that.  But it won't give me back the 40 years of trying to find out what was wrong, or the time I spent grieving over it, hating myself, and hating my life. 


You know what is wrong, and what to do.  You just are not really aware yet that you are going to have to keep doing this year after year, until you get it right.  You have to begin to control how you thing, and what you feel...there are techniques that you can learn...thought replacement, to calm your mind, and get a better attitude, and then a better life.


A grief counselor can help you deal with all the reality you got shoved into your face, and help you cope with how impossible it all seems.  But it isn't impossible...just hard.

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