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Labs And Testing

10 July 2008 - 07:59 AM


I am looking for opinions on my situation. I am 31 and have been stuggling for about 10 years with various symptoms including hair loss, acne, loss of muscle tone, fatigue, anxiety, bloating, fragrance/chemical sensitivities, eye issues, etc....as well as glutamine deficiency, low iron stores, and low vitamin D. My cholesterol is also very low.

I was first tested for Celiac in 1999 through Smithkline Beecham Clinical Labs if anyone remembers them. The endomysial screen was a high positive. Biopsy was negative. Doc figured not Celiac. I have since had follow up testing through Quest, who took over Smithkline Beecham and every test from Quest is negative over the years.

I did test positive for the DQ8 gene through Quest. I know the endomysial test is very specific and cannot be positive with anything else.

My question is do you think it's possible I'm not gettng a positve result now from Quest because they are completing the test differently or have different ranges then when I had the positive from Smithkline even though Smithkline essentially became Quest?

I am having another round of testing done but do not want to use Quest. I want to try another lab to see if I get different results. I was thinking of trying Lab Corp.

Anyone have any suggestions for labs to have blood drawn? Any other thoughts or suggestions on this would be appreciated. I find it frustrating. I am thinking of requesting another biopsy since the one I had done was in 1999. If I didn't have the gene I would probably let this go but I want to know what's wrong with me.


Gluten Free Food Website

09 November 2007 - 05:23 PM


I happened to see an old post regarding pre-made soft pretzels. I found a site recently that sells them:


They have breads, cookies, cakes, bagels, pretzels, mixes...etc.

I just ordered my first bag of soft pretzels tonight so I don't know if they are good but I am hoping so!


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