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Member Since 03 Dec 2005
Offline Last Active Dec 11 2006 03:32 PM

Topics I've Started

'roid Rage

25 September 2006 - 03:48 PM

I just got diagnosed with Lung Fibrosis (long sad story!.....) and I was just informed by my doctor today that after they run some tests they are putting me on prednisone. A LOT of prednisone!

Um, here's the deal. I have heard a lot of stories about people just losing their sh!t while on Prednisone. It's a steriod and therefore you experience a "roid rage" not unlike being on anabolic steroids. I DO NOT WANT to be in a 'roid rage. I'm sick enough as it is and I don't care to lose all my friends, alienate my family etc. in addition to everything else.

And I have this horrible feeling that it's going to be bad. I'm pretty irritable as it is and am very sensitive to mood altering substances. I have already called some of my friends to tell them that things are going to be bad in the next few months.

Does anyone know of any method or drug treatment that will counteract the emotional effects of Prednisone?


Which One Of You Did This?

18 January 2006 - 12:13 PM


How Can You Tell If You Haven't Been Glutened?

11 January 2006 - 09:19 AM

Due to this nasty case of Rosacea/acne/eczema that cropped up on my face this past month, my dermatologist put me on a powerful antibiotic called Dynacin. The Dynacin is clearing up my face much to my satisfaction, but, like most antibiotics, it has the side-effect of causing me some pretty major diarrhea.

Now honestly? I'm vain. As long as my face looks good, I don't really care how many times I have to run to the bathroom on any given day. However, I'm worried about what would happen to me if I glutened myself.

You see, my gauge for "glutening" is the condition of my BMs. If my BMs are normal looking and well formed, I know that I am on the right track, dietwise. If my stools are loose or a funny color, I check the day's foodlog for any foods that might have glutened me and keep an eye out for other symptoms -- canker sores, irritability, joint pain etc. So now that everything is diarrhea -- and there's a plausible non-glutenous excuse for that diarrhea -- I feel like I don't have my trusty "compass." The other day I felt unusually grouchy and irritable and I wasn't sure if I'd glutened myself accidentally or if I was just in one of those inexplicably bad moods that has nothing to do with my diet.

What do you all do to determine your gluten-free status besides look at your poop?

Shadybrook Farms Ground Turkey

22 December 2005 - 07:27 PM

So I made this awesome turkey meatloaf a few nights ago (Lay's Stax instead of breadcrumbs etc. -- gluten free, all the way) and I got this weird feeling in my gut after I started eating it. I went and retrieved the package from the Shadybrook Farms ground turkey and noticed that the label said that it contained ground turkey...and NATURAL FLAVORING! My internet access was down but the symptoms just kept coming so I assumed there was something wrong. My internet goes back up. I log onto the Delphi forums and apparently Shadybrook Farms Ground Turkey is safe. Instantly, my symptoms recede...like magic. But then again, maybe it was just time for them to dissapate.

So is the Delphi info out of date? Or did I psyche myself into a faux-glutening? (Or did some evil fairy sprinkle breadcrumbs into my mouth while I was sleeping....) Anyone else with a bad experience with ground turkey meat from Shadybrook farms?

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