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teebs in WV

Member Since 05 Dec 2005
Offline Last Active Oct 20 2009 05:12 PM

Topics I've Started

Raisin Rack In Westerville, Ohio (columbus Area)

05 December 2006 - 04:23 PM

For those of you in the Columbus area (and Mamaw over in PA), I was at the new Raisin Rack store yesterday. The shelves are not completely stocked yet - there were boxes in the aisles with employees working feverishly to complete the task. I wiped out some of the Tinkyada they had on the shelf (they had more in boxes though) :P . It feels much more spacious than the old location across the road.

The best part was the deli - I didn't check it out the last time we were at the old store. My fiancee was hungry from not eating anything all day (he was at the hospital with me) and while I was loading my cart with Kinni-toos, Tinkyada and Ener-G Papa's Loaf, he went to the deli to get a sandwich for himself. He tracked me down - so excited - that they would make a sandwich for me on gluten-free bread! This was the first time that I have ever eaten a gluten-free sandwich away from home! Wow - what a feeling! It was pretty good too!


Anyone Diagnosed With Primiary Biliary Cirrhosis (pbc)?

19 November 2006 - 10:09 AM

I had my GI appointment Friday and as I anticipated he now wants a liver biopsy, specifically to determine if I have PBC. (This is what I have suspected my liver problem is and it has taken since my first appointment in June to finally get to the point of a biopsy).

I searched this board and saw a few postings from a couple of years ago, but I am curious if any active members have been diagnosed with this condition?



Tinkyada Pasta - Which Kind Is Best?

18 November 2006 - 11:24 AM

I finally found some Tinkyada pasta and could not decide whether to buy the Organic or the type with rice bran. For those of you who are loyal Tinkyada customers, which type is the best?

Raisin Rack In Westerville Rocks!

18 November 2006 - 11:21 AM

I am in gluten-free heaven! Yesterday, after my GI appt in Columbus, we journeyed up to Westerville to check out the Raisin Rack. I printed the map that is on their website but it was not a very good one for those not familiar with the area. Needless to say we took the scenic route(s) :lol:

I bought four six-packs of Bards Tale (#1 priority), some awesome bread, Tinkyada pasta (which I have never been able to find), KinniToos (that are leaving little chocolate crumbs on my keyboard), and tons of other things. There is not much variety where I live and I thought I had died and went to gluten-free heaven!

Thanks Mamaw for the great tip!


My Own Personal Awareness Campaign

04 November 2006 - 05:02 PM

I am finishing my Bachelor's Degree and just have a few more classes left (yippee!). I put off Public Speaking because like many people, I have never been comfortable speaking in front of a group of people. I just had my last class today and thought I would share my experience with you.

We had to do three speeches - a demonstration, an informative, and a persuasive speech. For my demonstration speech, I showed the class how to make gluten-free peanut butter cookies. They were very curious about my diet. I gave them a little information on Celiac Disease, but not alot since the speech was to be focused on how to do something.

Naturally, when time came to do my informative speech, I decided that I had to select Celiac Disease as my topic. The class is adults ranging from mid-twenties to sixty and they were very interested in hearing about it. Even after I was finished some of them came over to me to ask more questions and talk about it a little more.

Each morning someone would bring something to eat, and of course there was never anything there that I could enjoy. This morning, our last day, one of the women baked cupcakes for the class. The amazing thing was that she also made some candy that she made sure was gluten-free so I could have something to eat also.

I was very touched by this gesture, and even more amazing to me, as I was about to put the candy in my mouth, my professor tried to stop me - she asked if I was sure that it was OK for me to eat!

I know this is a little long, but I really wanted to share this with all of you. I think the more that all of us can try to educate our families, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances, we will find our world to be a much better place for Celiacs to live!


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