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In Topic: Lung Nodules/deposits And Celiac

22 July 2009 - 08:55 PM

Dear JodiC:

My father has celiac desase and recently he has developed caughing problem and breath shortage. He was told last monday that the nodule looking things in his left lung are not real nodules and that they are probably related with his celiac desiase. He was forwarded to a lung specialist by a general surgent who said that.

I recognized you wrote this note in October 2006. I am wondering what the doctors decided after they checked
what happened to your nodules and how your condition is now. It would be mostly appreciated if you can share your experiences and any suggestions with me.

Many thanks in advance,


Hi everyone, I was hoping maybe someone on this site has been diagnosed with lung deposits and has Sjogrens. My doctor thinks that these deposits may be related to celiac in some way. In Sept went and saw doctor for some routine follow-up CT scans and pullmonary function tests. Figured all would be fine until the results came back showing multiple nodules in both lower lungs that were either lymph nodes or cancer. Had an abd/pelvis ct w/contrast to rule out enlarged lymph nodes in those areas and relook at the bottom of the lungs. This was done 2 weeks later following a course of antibiotics ( which she just wanted to see if they would work for the persistant cough I have had... it didn't). Anyway the CT results came back unremarkable for both the pelvis, abd, and lymph nodes.. however there was some atelectasis of both lungs now seen. ( This is partial collapse of the lower lobes). I'm assuming this is not serious since my doctor didn't even mention it, only the radiologist did??? Through all of this my lungs have been the only part of my body that wasn't affected and now even they aren't working properly. I as diagnosed with sjogren's though I don't know if it is primary or secondary. With regards to the deposits in the lungs they want to do a wait and see approach to see if they continue to enlarge. They are currently 3 mm and need to be at leat 5mm for biopsy. (it took only 9 months for them to develop as of Dec 5th, 2005 ct was completely negative for anything and by Dec 16 I was diagnosed with Intersestial lung disease and some bronchial wall thickening. (At the mayo clinic). Back home the Rad says there is no evidence of intersestial lung disease or thickening only the deposits. I don't know if Mayo was wrong or just missed them????) I have some chest pain due to this along with edema that is qute marked. Doctor wants me to do a 5 day trial of Prednesone but the thought of steroids scared me. Has anyone had to use them? I guess what is bothering me the most is the wait and see. I can't get it out of my mind what could possibly be going on while waiting. I know with Celiac and other Auto-immune diseases that our chances of cancer are increased. So of anyone out there had experienced anything like this you input would be ery much appreciated. I am a mother of 3 and have to think of them. I just feel so lost.

Thank you

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