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Member Since 14 Jan 2006
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Topics I've Started

Endoscopy & Biopsy Question

20 February 2006 - 02:57 PM

I had an endoscopy done yesterday and the specialist told me it was normal. I really couldn't find out anything else, other than there was alot of activity in my small intestine.

I'm worried because although I'm still waiting for the biopsy results (which will probably be in on Thursday/Friday), if there was no 'visual' evidence of damage then wouldn't it be unlikely that the biopsy would show any damage?

Is the flattening of the stomach villi something that can be seen with the endoscopy or only biopsy?

I'm just so disappointed right now and not sure what to do. I've been sick since late 2003 and after I had a blood test in September which showed 2/3 positive tests for Celiac's (Anti Gliadin IgA and Anti Gliadin IgG) I really felt sure that this was what was wrong with me, all the typical symptoms seemed to be exactly what I had been going through.

Advice - Blood Test Results & Tropic Sprue?

15 January 2006 - 12:55 AM

Hi everyone,
I'm a 22 year old from Australia, I've been reading this message board for a few months now. I've had stomach problems since late 2003, I had been quite bad for a few months and had gone to my doctor so many times but with no real diagnosis or positive outcome. I recently came down with Glandular Fever in September last year and had a few blood tests carried out. My iron levels were low and I think a further test was conducted, my doctor told me I had a positive result for Celiac's Disease and referred me to a specialist who I have just seen this week.

I hadn't seen my test results until my specialist appointment. Two of my levels were positive (although one was only slightly so) and another was negative. My levels in order were 200 (which he said was quite high, and I think this was for tissue transglutamide?? Not sure of the name - but it was supposed to be between 0 and 19 I think), my second level was 21 (where normal was 0 - 19/20) and my last level was within the normal range, a 5.

Does this sound indicative of Celiac's? I'm also wondering if my results could have been affected by the Glandular Fever at all, I hadn't been eating properly for a few weeks and when I was having blood tests I was really only eating jelly and icecream.

Also, the specialist said that there was something called Tropic Sprue that is seen in people who have lived overseas? He thought this was unlikely as I had lived overseas for two years, but I was 6 & 7 years old so it was a long time ago.

I'm booked in for an endoscopy on April 24th, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm also interested to know about people with similar results (positive & negative) and their outcomes after endoscopy.

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