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In Topic: Best Leaky Gut Healing Diet To Follow

11 December 2012 - 08:59 AM

I think were haggling over words. Healed vs. Cured. I guess for me cure is defined by evidence. I have arthritis and if my body no longer showed evidence of the disease I would consider myself cured of it. I have a skin disorder that is healing itself...once I have fully recovered from it I will consider myself cured. Likewise, Dr. Haas had patients who were symptom free after returning to a regular diet, which he and they considered evidence of a cure. I think it's a fabulous bit of information worth looking into. If I ever get to the point where I feel my body is healed and I can resume a diet that is healthy (which would be far from the typical american diet btw) I would also consider myself cured of the disease. Ha...hasn't happened yet! I agree with you all who say 'there is no cure' but I would qualify it by saying, "To date conventional western medicine has not recognized a cure for celiac disease"...however that doesn't mean there is no cure for it, or that it is incurable.

In Topic: Best Leaky Gut Healing Diet To Follow

11 December 2012 - 06:40 AM

The operative word is "management" . Not cure.

Until the connection to gluten was discovered by doctors in the Netherlands after World War II, no one really knew what sparked the autoimmune response.

I think it was 1952, unfortunately there is so much more to learn about this disease and we, along with millions of others, are proof that the conventional treatment for Celiac Disease is grossly inadequate. The current conventional treatment for Celiac is antiquated and ineffective long term...There is a real need for more research to be done.

To say adopting the SCD diet after a celiac diagnosis will "cure" celiac disease is simply not true.

Does the SCD help alleviate more symptoms for many people? YES!
And people should try it if they wish to see if it will help.

I am not arguing this point with you at all.

Phew...that's a relief. ;) I think it's likely a very individual thing...some claim they are cured.

I hope you see the distinction I am trying to make here.

Best wishes to you!

Indeed I do!

Clearly there is so much more to be learned about this disease. I'm not sure I actually said "I" believe the SCDiet will cure Celiac, but that Dr. Haas was known in his day as having discovered a cure. The banana diet is fun to read about. In the end the SCDiet was what he concluded was resolving his patients intestinal issues, bananas were not a big part of it, except that eating very ripe ones is on the allowable food list. Elaine Gottshall gives a very good explanation of the science behind why his diet works in her book Breaking the Vicious Cycle.

I wish my drs over the years had been better equipped to instruct me in the area of diet...most of us are left on our own devices to figure it out. So it's a relief to have some practical advice with scientific backing.

Let's not be naive about the popularization of certain kinds of treatments. The gluten-free food industry is a good example of that...over priced packaged foods, many of which could be classified 'junk food'...it's a total money grab. I'm leary of any 'remedy' that is a marketing scheme.

For me personally Celiac disease was not the first autoimmune disease I developed, which I'm more and more convinced was caused by leaky gut syndrome...(but where did the leaky gut come from? did gluten cause the leaky gut or did the leaky gut cause celiac disease?---I lean strongly toward the latter explanation.) The remedy for leaky gut is starving off pathogens with special diet and other means and rebuilding healthy intestinal flora with probiotics. Doing this seems (for me personally) to be reversing all my autoimmune diseases...slooowly. Others have experienced the same thing.

(We seem to have more than one train of thought happening in this thread and I apologize to the original poster if this is veering off into outer space. We could move it elsewhere.)

In Topic: I'm Having A Break Down.. I Need Help Please

10 December 2012 - 09:02 AM

I never realized that the boost meal replacers were lactose free.. maybe I will try them.. thanks!

I hope that works for you. There is also product called Absorb Plus that is very good, tolerated well and more nutritious than boost.

I add celery, carrots, garlic, as well to my broth and strain them out to drink it. Sea salt adds minerals.

I also made pureed soup out of the things I could tolerate to make it easier for my system to digest until things were functioning better.

In Topic: Best Leaky Gut Healing Diet To Follow

09 December 2012 - 08:46 PM

Ya, SCDiet doesn't work for everyone, the author of the modern book on it was a biochemist who spent 12 years studying the science behind the diet. She says if you aren't improving after a month on the diet to discontinue. There are people who just don't respond well to it and you are clearly one of them.

I hope the kefir helps you and that you can find more foods that work...it's frustrating. Don't think I was ever down to 10 foods but close and I've eaten so much fish I should look like one. I was digesting virtually nothing for a time and living between my bed and the bathroom. There are some good supplements out there designed to heal the gut wall...I was on GI repair for a while. Have you tried anything like that?

In Topic: I'm Having A Break Down.. I Need Help Please

09 December 2012 - 07:47 PM

What helped me at that stage of things was sticking with meats, fish and poultry (the most nutrient dense foods) and well cooked veggies (the ones you can tolerate). Make sure to get some healthy oil in your diet as well for calories which means energy (ie. cold pressed olive and coconut oil). If your energy is low adding more oil will increase energy. Start with smaller amounts of the oil and build up to a couple ounces per meal. Ripe bananas (with spots on them) are usually well tolerated. Take bone broths (homemade) as much as you can with sea salt. Keep a food diary and record your symptoms to see what works and what doesn't work for you, stick with it and it gets better.

Also, I have taken whey isolate with no reaction (best to take the ones without sweeteners and excess flavorings and cold processed). Boost and Ensure etc all have dairy in them so those were never an option for me. Whey isolate is lactose and casein free and is normally tolerated by people who have problems with dairy...gives you some calories and protein as well as a bunch of amino acids.

I feel for you...it will get better.

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