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#841881 Best Leaky Gut Healing Diet To Follow

Posted by on 09 December 2012 - 01:08 PM

There is no "cure" for Celiac Disease.

If there were a cure, it would be front page news. And we'd all be dancing in the streets.

Can someone heal a ravaged and leaky gut? Sure, but you still have Celiac Disease and you should never, ever ingest gluten again--or you will spark the autoimmune response once again.

Well apparently it worked for Dr. Haas' patients...and those who continue in that kind of treatment today. I offer the information for those who are interested in researching it for themselves, not to start an argument.

As for the myth that "coffee cross-reacts with gluten"? Sorry, there is no scientific evidence for that--and again, the celiac centers would tell celiacs "do not drink coffee". if it were harmful in any way.

I'd be dead by now if it were the case.

Some people find it abrasive to the gut, but that could be because they are not healed.

I was offering that as an explanation for my relapse, and for me personally coffee is not good. Others clearly are not bothered by it. I happen to respect the views of doctors of various disciplines and personally have been helped more by those who are not MD's.

As for people who suggest raw veggies and juicing fruits and veggies....well, some celiacs also have secondary fructose malabsorption (as I have) and we cannot possibly tolerate that large concentration of fructose. I lost everything both ways after drinking juiced produce and had horrible stomach cramping. Why did I even try it? Someone said it would miraculously heal my gut and I was willing to try anything to get out of the pain I was in.

I'm sorry you had to go through that. I've mostly read that raw foods are hard on the intestinal tract and should be avoided until things are healed up. It is important to research and discern. I find the best sources of information come from those with the diseases I have who have been successful in finding ways to heal..and have stayed healed long term. All of the resources I mention in my post were written by people with first hand experience with healing themselves. To me that gives them credibility.

Not everyone can follow a strict diet--whether is it SCD, GAPS, Paleo, primal, or any other exclusionary diet.

Not sure what you mean by this but first you have to be convinced it's what you want to do to try to get well...for me it's not hard to make dietary changes, but I'm very motivated to have a life and this is giving me my life back...so I willing go out on limbs. I'm not saying anyone should jump on the bandwagon with me, just offering up my experience and some resources to look at if you want to.

Raw kefir may create explosive diarrhea in some people who are also not healed enough.

Yes, any probiotics need to be started slowly. They create a little war in there for a few days trying to get rid of the bad guys. ;)

And no celiac who has been malabsorbing nutrients and suffering from malnutrion and various deficiencies should ever fast.
Your body was in starvation mode before diagnosis. You need to eat.

I agree...fasting isn't something that I've ever seen anyone advocate for healing this stuff.

Bone broths are rich in collagen and gelatin and have various beneficial effects on gut healing and immunity. They can provide a cheaper and better way to help seal the gut than any number of supplements.

Yes! Bone broths are very good and I try to have them often. Always better to take real food than supplements. One of the things I appreciate most about the SCD diet...no pushing supplements of any sort...just healthy diet specifically geared toward healing.

This is something that an individual figures out based on their reactions, not on what someone else says is "the best".

Entirely true and this is part of what I've done with the advice I've received...not all the foods on the scd diet list work for everyone...you fine tune it to what your body can handle.
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#841829 Best Leaky Gut Healing Diet To Follow

Posted by on 09 December 2012 - 08:00 AM

Oh, and wine and gluten-free cookies, for some reason.

I personally think that's an awesome plan right there...lol...course I'm kidding.

The topic is 'best leaky gut diet'. I personally believe that leaky gut syndrome underlies almost all gut issues as well as a number of other autoimmune diseases. What's worked best for me in combination with an scd diet (please never assume you can eat everything on any list--our internal ecosystem is unique to each of us and some foods work for some and not for others) is probiotic foods...not the pills in a bottle, although they can be helpful too but are inordinately expensive and low in probiotic power in comparison to homemade probiotics. Let me explain.

I have had celiac disease for many years (over 20). A gluten-free df diet helped for a while but my health never really turned around, I just maintained a degree of ill health and was managing for many of those years. Then I had over exposure to extreme stress emotionally/psychologically plus was in an environment that was gluten infested (and didn't know it)...airborne gluten btw. This turned things for the worse, I had some improvements and got out of a stressful marriage which helped some, but a year ago my entire body was descending into hell (pardon the expression but seriously!). I had some exposure to mold and bacteria in water that I think tipped things over for me. Let's just say I developed a very intimate relationship with the bathroom.

Long story short...after a year on a diet that was grain free, dairy free, sugar free, and with many other food intolerances eliminated, I lost inordinate amts of weight but my health started to turn around...even was seeing another autoimmune disease improve. I ate mostly fish, poultry and veggies that were low carb as well as lots of coconut oil and olive oil. I was taking a small amt of probiotics as well...mostly from a bottle and some other supplements to heal the gut ie. l-glutamine, gelatin.

I reintroduced decaf coffee which in case you aren't aware coffee has a protein in it that is similar to gluten and many people with celiac react to it in the same way they react to gluten. I think the coffee made me relapse...after a month or two of the coffee my body was going backwards fast and digestion just stopped happening. I didn't connect it to the coffee until I read about the cross reaction with gluten.

Zoom ahead...less than two months later (took about a month to see a big turn around) on an SCD diet (important) and large doses (i built up to this) of homemade probiotics, I can eat many things I was intolerant to a few months ago, my intestinal tract feels and acts normally (the first time in 20 yrs???) and I can feel my body regaining strength by the day. I am convinced that it is the probiotics that are the key, but the diet is also an essential part of it. Why?

My theory, and it's substantiated medically, most gut issues and many other health problems are the result of opportunist pathogenic invaders, ie. yeasts, parasites, molds, bad bacteria overgrowths, etc.

The SCD--Specific Carbohydrate Diet (GAPS is build on it) was designed by a Dr. Haas a famous NY Dr who is known for curing Celiac Disease...he worked for 50 yrs with patients (was a pediatric doctor who worked with celiac patients). He was still actively working in his 90's. Wrote a book called Management of Celiac Disease that was published in the early 50's(?). He advocated eating a special lactose free (homemade) yogurt along with the diet which together starved the pathogens and over time (1-2 yrs) many of his patients were able to return to a more varied healthy diet and be fine. Elaine Gottshall the author of the SCD book Breaking the Vicious Cycle, went to him with her young daughter 8 yrs old who was literally dying of Crohns disease...they were ready for radical surgery when she found this dr. and his diet cured her...the dd is still around today and living a healthy life. Elaine carried on Dr. Haas' (and his son Dr. Haas) diet and spent 12 yrs researching why it worked...she is a biochemist. Then she devoted the remainder of her life to helping people get well. She died in 2005.

I am using homemade milk kefir (just started this today), water kefir, kombucha tea, yogurt and I'm experimenting with fermenting veggies.(You don't have to do all of these things...many people do fine on one good homemade probiotic like yogurt or kefir. After 23 yrs of ill health, with more than 10 yrs of extreme limitations and bodily dysfunction (living on disability and practically being a recluse) I'm starting to feel like 'normal' and 'functional' might again be words that describe my life. Diet alone won't do it, the probiotics are absolutely essential, and stress-reduction, exercise, etc. of course all play a part as well.

Books I have read: lots on celiac disease that were not all that helpful over the years (I was a religious adherant to the gluten-free diet), The Leaky Gut Cure Karen Brimeyer...very helpful (still following her diet with a few minor moderations), Listen to Your Gut by Jini Patel Thompson...very indepth and helpful...still reading it, Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottshall...essential for everyone to read...I'm following this diet currently, some books on Paleo diet, which is similar, The Healthy Urban Kitchen...great information and good recipes (not all fit my diet), Sally Fallon Nourishing Traditions, and want to read Body Ecology Diet. I would really like to read Dr. Haas' book but it's out of print and expensive to buy used. I'm a little irate that there was a medical Dr who found a cure for Celiac but his work is largely ignored in the medical arena and still today most doctors are oblivious. It seems if there is not a prescription medication to give you they don't know what to do with you. On the other hand, a 3 min call with a naturopathic dr. got me researching leaky gut syndrome and lead me to the answer.

Sorry this is so long but I wanted to share what has worked for me.
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