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In Topic: Mysterious Symptoms..any Suggestions?

16 June 2015 - 06:10 AM

Gallbladder? http://www.healthlin...lems-symptoms#1


Let me correct one thing you said about Pataprozole as this is a medication I also am on and have been for a long time to treat acid reflux. It's a proton pump inhibitor type acid reducer and doesn't need to be taken before meals. It's not an acid neutalizer. I take 40 mg in the morning after breakfast and it works quite well for controlling my GERD. It is also used to treat peptic ulcers.


I sympathize with you in your frustration about the inattentiiveness of your physician. Changes in the medical delivery system here in the USA have caused primary care physician patient care loads to increase dramtiacally. Now, the doctor has his hand on the door knob as he talks to you, trying to hurry the interaction along in order to get to the next patient.

In Topic: Something Going On In Addition To Celiac Disease?

13 June 2015 - 05:52 PM

The reality is, I don't feel well, and I need some suggestions as to what sort of doctor I should see next// any other suggestions. 
Here is the list of symptoms I have: (I am twenty years old and I am female)
-Panic attacks 
-depression/anxiety INCREASED
-difficulty walking up stairs (recently I also fell while going up the stairs, but typically it's just heart palpitations and out of breath when doing stairs)
-body goes numb when jogging even if I only jog for thirty seconds
-no appetite (have lost fifteen pounds and I wasn't overweight before)
-pain in my legs when walking around occasionally (it shoots down the entire leg, sometimes both legs)
-two instances in the past month of a new rash showing up on my thighs and then disappearing
Diagnosis I already have:  (and because of celiac disease I am gluten free dairy free)
Celiac disease
Tests I have already had within the last year which ALL came back NORMAL:
Nuclear stress test
Echocardiagram of my heart
thyroid levels
vitamin levels
CBC (complete blood count)
Amylase/ lipase levels 

Please help me get to the root of these issues. I'm happy to answer any questions if additional information would be helpful.

And these symptoms appeared after you have been trying to eat gluten-free? Or have these been present all along?
Is there a chance you have been significantly exposed to some environmental toxin, perhaps in the work place?

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